Wednesday: Tigers at Indians

As expected, Quintin Berry gets the leadoff spot.


  1. Quintin Berry, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Brennan Boesch, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Doug Fister


  1. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Carlos Santana, C
  6. Michael Brantley, CF
  7. Johnny Damon, LF
  8. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  9. Jose Lopez, 3B

P: Zach McAllister


Santiago has been getting on base lately. i would have him leading off but no biggie.

Aaaand there ya go. Predictable as the sunrise.
I’d put Santiago up top and you’d still have him, Laird, and Berry (hitting 9th) together to try some “small” ball, then you let the big boys do whatever it is they do. When it comes down to it, you’ll probably see Berry come up in a situation where you wish Santiago was there.
And if Berry does get on firstbase, Rod will immediately start up with “taking the bat out of Cabrera’s hands.” Also as predictable as the sunrise.
Yeah, I’m pretty sarcastic right now.

If, 24 hours from now, the Tigers have taken the final two games in Cleveland, everyone will be in a much better mood.

can’t disagree with that!

I will still hear drumming in my head, however.

Ever been to the Cleveland ballpark, Evan? The first time I heard that drum there I actually thought they were piping it through the PA. Strangely enough, when they have a big crowd and it gets going, the drum is kind of lost in the general uproar. On TV, however, they water down the crowd noise and that drum comes through like a process server pounding on the door. The key is to keep them from getting man into scoring position. That shuts Adams up some time. Or use the mute button during those times.

no i have not ever been to the Jake…or whatever they call it now. I plan on visiting many other stadiums when I am older – but currently I’ve only visited the White Sox stadium and I thought it wasn’t anything special.
I think i will start using the mute button tho – good advice.

Q. Berry has been a leadoff hitter all season for Toledo. JL is perhaps leaving him where he is comfortable. I’d bet that Q. has seen the pitcher that Cleveland is starting tonight earlier this season at Columbus. It’s possible Q. hits well against him. Let’s see what happens. As long as JL has the 2B and C positions batting 8th and 9th, I’m not going to complain. Let’s see how Fister does against the Indians eight left handed hitters as that might be a bigger concern.

Okay, good point re Berry (we already have a Q). Coke will be needed tonight. Wonder if Below can go two days in a row?

I got curious and researched it. Berry did not hit him but Worth had two doubles off the guy!!

“El muchacho de la película” Cabrera wil be walked no matter what Berry does. While I agree with Rod on this one, Acta is scared by Miguel ,he hit 400 plus last week ,and gave hin the free pass three times last night.
Last year, there were complaints about Miguel hitting only singles. Once Magglio was benched , he began hitting doubles. Magglio was an anchor there for Miguel and Fielder would be the same. There is no reason to worry about the SBs by Cabrera but every time Fielder hit a single , the DP will be settled like in the Fielder, Deer , Incaviglia times. The solution could be Peralta in the 5th spot or wait until Young begin hitting(he will). And Fielder must relax a little, he is hitting less than 200 even with a higher OPS when ahead in the count than behind. He is swinging at bad pitches trying to hit when he is been given the BB

Good points, El Tigre. Acta will pitch around Cabrera everytime, so Prince has to not take that personally and just do his job. Victor wrecked Manny’s strategy countless times last year and had a lot to do with that 10-game win streak against them. It got almost funny after awhile.

Great 1st AB by Fielder. Those millions have been so worth the endless singles and weak groundouts he has supplied.

Wow is Fister getting squeezed! Is the home plate ump an Indians fan?

Bad decision by Cabrera there to tag up. And another crappy at at by Fielder.

Cabrera error in running. Young’s hit could have driven Miggy in. Boesch swinging at first pitch. Indians’ pitcher count very low.

Don’t worry. Young wouldn’t have got that hit if Cabrera was still on base. No doubt in my mind.

Our offense is offensive—and not in the right way.
Fister throwing well and are they gonna leave him winless still?

Fister in the way to a Cy Young caliber season without a W in his record. He must fell like Felix

Wow if the Tigers weren’t driving me to drink enough this ump is throwing me over the edge.

First hit, first run.

Kinda find it interesting they gave Berry a double on that but, good for him!

Well that lead lasted a whole 3 minutes. Fister served that one up on a tee.

He could not believe he has that thing called run support and lost concentration

Still a QS.

Funny what speed can do. Berry and Dirks and Dirks also uses his speed to save us a run before the 2 run bomb by Haffner.
Bad pitch selection Dougie.
2 runs aren’t gonna win ya many ball games so let’s get to hitting the baseball boys.

The pitch ,was called by Laird or JL?

Well–great to see Dirks play like this and be able to run again. He has a higher ceiling than originally thought.
Miggy needs to come through for his team. We need someone to step up to the breach and lead the way.

Ball four…

He did come through he walked Meals is a blind ~>€£<~#%^€!

Freaking doesn’t now a strike from a ball has been squeezing Fister all freaking night and calls that pitch to Cabrera a strike! What a dumb >€^%#}{|>€£¥=+^%<!!!!!

Fister doesn’t deserve to lose. And lose he will. The Tigers (and Miggy had a bad at bat IMO) let the opposition up again to get a breath. Seemingly when they have done this, and they have many times this year so far, the other team takes advantage.
Disappointing at-bat by Miggy.

He walked? First three pitches were so far out, and the fourth was outside, what can he do. Sure. And now he f’s over Fister again on that non strike call to Fister. Good for Llyod. This umpire is a piece of crap

should have taken another pitch

Ya probably but he did his job, and the umpire has shown his obvious bias. Again another ump gets away with whatever. They are like tenured teachers who can do whatever they want, don’t have to do a good job and continue to keep their jobs.

That’s absolute crap that our bats refuse to support their pitching staff. When will this stuff ever end? 40 games in? 60 games in? 160 games in?
Fister has to be wondering why he can’t pitch for a team that can actually put runs on the board.

My god, bases loaded. They better get a hit.

Honest to god bases loaded and nobody out and you couldn’t scratch out a single run! Tigers in a nutshell! Same story different night.

Just Pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!

That sums up the season…. Im done

It would certianly be nice if Mario didn’t sound so happy about it.

Absolutley stunningly pathetic. 3 of the worst at bats all evening.
Seems like our guys save their worst at-bats for bases loaded.
This is beyond belief.
This is team with the word choke written all over them.

Any doubthey score this run?

Lol of course

Must be nice a have a damn team that can hit and field. Prince is a waste of space and has done practically nothing to help this team.

Cant blame Prince solely…

I can certianly blame him for not hitting and I can certianly blame him for bouncing a ball which he had plenty of time to throw! He is a big fat disappointment and is laughing all the way to the bank!

Yea but he is notthe reason we are losing.

I give up on these sad sacks. A sack fly oh my god I wonder if the a-hole tigers took note of what that was?

We need more andy dirks…..

OMG, it’s so depressing.

Too many guys worrying about things like balls and strikes…. Just do your jobs…. This reeks of the wheels falling off.. 2 strike count pitch is close swing…. Management needs to stop giving them excuses and start holding them accountable.


Miserable! Don’t get me wrong that was a strike to Dirks but he didn’t give that pitch to Fister all damn night! This umpire is horrible! The Tigers are horrible and an emberessment to themselves, owner, and fans. Pathetic bunch of losers!

I got nothin’.

Wow, Unable to watch and by the notes on this blog, I didnt miss much except for more of the same.
2 for 12 with RISP and 10 LOB????
Same ole, same ole. The only thing different is the date on the calendar. And if these pantloads do not wake up, the calendar will pass them by and they will wonder what happened.
Very disappointing.
— Bob

Did not watch the game. So Avila is a ph and is called out on strikes? Why not hit Fielder 3rd and Cabrera 4th? SOC! I am not giving up! Go Tigers! Fire Leyland!

I guess I do have something. FSD did a much better job tonight with the postgame. C-Mo actually addressed what is happening with the team right now without sugarcoating it. I mean, I don’t need them to wallow in misery but I did appreciate the realistic take on the situation. I complain about FSD so I should also compliment. Good reporting tonight.
As far as the team goes, we paying customers can only wait and see if things begin to break better. My frustration level hit overload last night and the automatic shutoff kicked in, so that’s over with. Now it’s just wait and see. Maybe it turns around, maybe it doesn’t, but there’s four more months of baseball either way.

Thats exactly what i posted yesterday. but after fielders little league flub of the day i think we need to put him at dh untill he learns how to play a position. Sorry excuse of a firstbaseman. Just awfull. Bench the bum if he cant play the game.

I missed the game too…..thankfully. So I don’t know who was to blame for the offensive effort or if everybody chipped in. I’m not trying to put the blame on Prince but I don’t like him hitting in the 4th spot. (the way things are going) He’s too much of a free swinger. I’d try dropping Miguel to the 4th spot and bat Prince 5th. Hit Berry/Jackson 1st, followed by Santiago 2nd, Dirks 3rd. Those guys could create the run opportunities, supply some speed, and Dirks could supply some power but mainly a good bat in the all important 3rd spot( especially with Miguel hitting behind him). Cabrera would be less likely to wind up in an intentional walk situation, and with the increased chance of having 2 guys on.(in the first inning anyway) Prince could be his free swinging self in the 5th spot, supplying at least some protection for Miguel. It makes sense to me. When something isn’t working time after time you have to try something different.

I’ve thought about the same thing DB. Switching Miguel and Prince around. But I just can’t see Prince batting 3rd. He’s too much of a free swinger. Miguel would normally perfect hitting 3rd but Prince is no protection for him because he’s a much easier out. (He ain’t Norm Cash- .361) Hence, Miguel gets pitched around. The way Fielder swings, would it really help him to have Miguel hitting behind him? I’d bat him 5th and use the best option possible batting 3rd, other than Cabrera, which is AD right now.

Yowza, I thought Guillen looked bad at first base!! I feel bad for Mr.Illich. He’s got to be thinking, “I’m payin’ this guy how much for how long?” Gotta say I’ve never seen a guy with the power reputation that Fielder has, hit so many weak dribblers the opposite way—did he do that with Milwaukee?

I can’t believe Milwaukee could have been happy with his 1stbase play if this is how he looked there. He’s playing the position like a DH, which is unfortunate considering our previous 1stsacker was pretty good over there.
As for the lineups, it’s mainly a non-starter of a discussion when so many hit so little. I think I’d switch it up for a game or two just to try something different. Heck, I made ME my cleanup hitter once and that was ridiculous. Of course, Santiago can’t be included because Raburn will be back Friday.
Can’t remember the last time I saw someone bunt for a double. That was our one break in the game.

There was a Milwaukee fan who wrote here a while back and made it clear that his first base play was questionable.
Rich, I know Raburn will be back in there. My thought with Santiago is that he does have some bat skills that could be maximized if he were batting 2nd.

Doesn’t matter what they do with the line up, the players will figure out a way to screw it up!

Despite the defensive gaffes, still, this team left at least 10 guys on base. I can live with a so-so defense, but you gotta drive those runners in. We haven’t been able to do it. Mecifully, I have to work today. Hope JV pitches a perfect game. Hope the Tigers win.

Last night was a huge disappointment, we are having games served to us on a platter and we are pushing it to the floor. My 5 year old could have made that throw to home, and likely could have stopped it too – both of those guys are to blame, they had him dead to rights. When you play good, you get good breaks, that is how it goes. when you play bad you get bad breaks, that ball off of Coke was a bad break, another foot towards him we have a different ball game.

The one compliment I have of Fielder last night was his hustle to first on that ball he hit right into the shift. As big a man as he is, he does run.

Bases loaded, no outs, we score zero. Prior inning bases loaded, we score zero. Those at bats were so ineffective it was not even funny. sure, Miggy should have walked, but guess what, the ump made his call and you have a job to do still. The human element of baseball is alive and well, and we better learn to deal with those and move forward.

Other than one pitch, Fister was impressive again. I like Coke, but I did not think Fister was ready to come out when he did – he looked ticked.

He had a right to be ticked. He was handling those LHB pretty well. He pitched a solid game , made a mistake, and was unsupported by his teammates. He has pitched pretty much as well as anybody and has been unrewarded with a simple “W”.
Yeah, he had a right to be ticked.

Like B.Inge always said , The Tigers are here just to have fun. Well I hope its fun to look like a bunch of no energy chokers who have had the crap beaten out of them by every decent team they have played this year. Leland needs to go. Maybe sending the team down to double A ball would help them. Doubt it. There is no excuse for playing this bad. Do not be surprised if they play like this all year

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