Marte throws three scoreless innings with Hens

If the Tigers were looking for one more good outing from reliever Luis Marte before making a decision on him this week, they’ve got it. The right-hander who would’ve been on the Opening Day roster before a strained left hamstring sidelined him threw three scoreless innings for Triple-A Toledo on Monday morning.

Marte tossed the final three innings of the Hens’ 3-1 loss to Syracuse on a schoolkids day at Fifth Third Field. He scattered a walk and a hit with two strikeouts while throwing 22 of his 35 pitches for strikes.

Manager Jim Leyland dropped a pretty good hint about Marte when he talked about the rehab assignment last week.

“If everything goes right, he would still probably not be available up here until Friday,” Leyland said. “So I don’t know how that’s going to play out. But that’s the course for him right now. His next step is Toledo, and that’s a big step.”


good news, albeit, I want someone to fill Daniel’s bullpen role (i.e. in 2011 vs. lefties: BA .174, WHIP: 0.91). Marte can replace Putkonen ASAP and Villareal when AL^2 comes back.
hows daniel doing is the article i wanna read lol.

well ultimately Marte would be replaced by AL^2, actually. Unless ones argues AL^2 is so good against both lefties and righties, that Marte would more of a traditional middling inning bullpen righty (assuming Doc Oc is a true righties specialist and occasional 8th or 9th inning guy).

Coke and below should stick. I wouldn’t mind seeing another lefty out there and let the best 2 of 3 among Marte, Q and BV. Balester won’t be here much longer and either will Putkonen.

Read an article about the Tigs needing a 2B man. Some nostalgia re Polanco but obviusly Placido’s days are on the wane. Age injuries.
Was talked about going and getting one like Kelly Johnson.. Not many Canos, Pedroias or Kinslers around but there is a guy out there I wish we did have, and we once did. Anybody remember him?

Omar Infante??
— Bob

Fernando Vina? jk jk

Ramon Santiago?

Lou Whitaker?

Yo Bob!!

ramon santiago, don kelly and andy dirks don’t really have good records against ubaldo…..but Miggy, Alex, Prince, AJ and Delmon do!

Omar Infante problems began with Trammell. His attitude was questioned.
Years later,when Placido Polanco got injured , he was replaced that day by Pudge not by Infante . He sealed his destiny the next day when he hit a HR in the 9th to win the game but almost lost it with an error . After been replaced by Nefti Perez he had the right to fell it as an insult and wanted to be traded. Out of Detroit as many other he finally is delivering.
During the Hot Stove , two 2B were available Aron Hill and Johnson but are 260 hitters. Hill a 987 fielding average and 17, 3 WAR ( Inge 16, 3). Johnson 981, WAR 14.3 over only 7 seasons. Detroit were never linked to them even if were mentioned as a fit by many. Scutaro was also availble, but he was traded supossedly to punish him for leaking the story about chicken and beer ( He was trying to protect Francona)
Raburn WAR 2.1
The thing is as Leyland has said you cant have a Golden Glove in every position . And you must add, neither a Silver Slugger. The team needs to balance offense and defense. Players like Adam Everett and Laird win game avoiding runs. Everyone wanted them out of town but Everett gave a well above average defense. That you have only 7 hitters in the lineup? Put them to bunt. Any player in thet mold will be booed out of town
I have not been able to watch to many games this year, local Tv broadcast the game with most venezuelans unless King Felix, el Gocho Santana or el Toro Zambrano are pitching ot there are two venezuelans starting againts each other. So since the Tigers are no more the Team Venezuela there have been few games in local tv, And Fox and ESPN have broadcasted only two games each( they were playing Boston and El Titán González and we receive the mexican signal and the Evil Empire). So I can not speak properly based in a few games and the highlights at but Raburn and Kelly have been playing good defense(In the only game with Kelly I watched , he was extremely bad. He was lost there but it was a bad night) So no problem there but why are they in any other place than 8 and 9 ?

how do you remember all of this stuff? Another reason I like this blog, to refresh my memory!

Cursed with good memory. Its not that good when you can remenber the run for the playoff in 1987 like it was yesterday but also the meltdown

I forgot about Omar. But thats what I believe is wrong with the management of this franchise. You need guys like Infante or Rhymes or maybe even Sizemore. Heck, if these guys were given the chances that Raburn or Inge got, maybe we wouldn’t be looking for a second baseman now. This organization keeps trying to fit a square peg in a round hole in hopes the guy will hit 20 HRs. I’d take a .270 hitter that plays good defense and can move runners over or get them in from third with less than two outs. St.Louis won a World Chmpionship with a guy named Schumacher..

Heck Omar and Santiago were basically the same guy back then….I mean they filled the same role at least. Management picked everyones favorite santiago and now – being questioned. What we really need is to hire captain hindsight as our new coach, president and hitting coach.

Sure, Evan, every team gets rid of guys that turn it around with someone else. But it’s the seeming infatuation that this team has with trying to get a big stick at second that they give up on the type of player that can win you games in other ways.

can you give me two examples of what you are talking about…..because since polanco….it’s just been so bland…..i don’t remember trying any big sticks at second. Carlos didn’t work, Raburn works in the 2nd half (warning: below average defense), Rhymes overused his twitter (but i wanted him to stay), Inge was miserable….am i forgetting a big stick?

If anyone thinks we have guys who turn it around post-tenure…….then let me introduce you to the Royals and Indians.

Not hinsight on my part. Polanco was our man. I always liked Infante though.
Not that we should have kept him—just wish we had him. And if he were available he should be considered as much as anybody. That being said, not sure how well the “fit” would be with JL.
Regardless, if Raburn doesn’t become the 2nd baseman next month—they will have to get another.

My friend who is a Phillies fan calls Polanco “his man” as well. Remember, they traded Polanco to us in the first place. Plus, they overspent on him. Also, while on the subject of Polanco, he got moved to 3B and even with Utley hurt all year have not moved him back to 2B. Ever wonder why? Freddy Galvis tearing it up at .235?

Tomorrow we start our second important series of the season against the division leading Cleveland Indians. We don’t need to sweep them but it would be nice to take two of three and then head to Minnesota. With Porcello, Fister, and Verlander
starting the games, we should have an advantage over the Indians. However, our much maligned bullpen needs to hunker down and help carry us to these two important wins. The injury bug has hit our bullpen very hard this sesson. So far we have had ten relief pitchers toe the rubber for us this season. We hope that Luis Marte will be number eleven sometime in the next week or ten days. The bullpen is the one area on our team where we need to build some depth. DD and our manager have had a chance to evaluate some young talent and probably will get more opportunities this season.

man i wish they played every day my life is way empty without a fresh tigers game.

I always liked Infante a lot and thought he never got enough PT. He was expendable after the Renteria acquisition and the trade for Jacques Jones should have been a good one. Jones inexplicably fell flat in his face in Detroit.
Funny that 2ndbase came up here, as I just got done watching Polanco and Phillies-Nationals. He was at .288 before lining out to end the game. The Nationals announcers were scared to death of Polly with the game on the line. In the two and a quarter seasons he’s been gone, we’ve tried Sizemore, Rhymes, Guillen, Raburn, Inge, and Santiago. Who am I forgetting?
I agree wholeheartedly with Ed’s view on Detroit management getting too many “sluggers” and not enough ballplayers to round out the team. That facet is sorely missed many many times.
The problem now with Raburn (and you can add Delmon to this) is if you replace them, you’ve had to survive their non-production while not getting the production they add later in the season.

I should add that I don’t think 2ndbase is near the problem that many people make it out to be. Too many guys not getting it done to think that fixing 2ndbase will fix the team. 2ndbase is just one of many issues.

I think you got all of the 2B. Sizemore not panning out has really hurt, he was thought of highly by the “experts.” Still don’t know why we gave up on him so soon. (Injury prone? Fielding?)

Evan, you ask for two examples, then you name the two square pegs they’ve been trying at second in Inge and Raburn. Obviously they were hoping for Inge to return to the player he was when he hit 20 plus homers . And with Raburn, he’s not being played cuz he’s a defensive wiz. Guys like Infante, or Rhymes, or even Santiago will win you more games over the long haul than waiting for some second half guy to start contributing. Like El Tigre says, these types of players do the little things that help you win. In my opinion, that is what is lacking with this team, a cohesiveness that makes for a really good offense. This group seems to be an all or nothing group that can’t manufacture runs unless everyone hits. They’ve got some boppers— what they need are some tough minded scrappers to go along with them.

hah well you already have one. santiago. :p

and i would contend, that raburn and inge were both players who had no role…..and we had no 2B…..which led to shoving a octangular peg into a rhomboidal hole. We never actually went out, and got a legit – or semi legit – slugger to fill the 2B role.

delmon literally fell into our hands…..he has/had potential……..but he is NOT a fit for this team. This might be totally silly – but it’s not far off – if delmon didn’t have a position (e.g. the DH role was filled by a switch hitting x-catcher named Vmart) and he was hitting……..they might slot him in second. Heck they put captain cement glove in there for the past 2 years.
what i am saying is they haven’t cared about the defense at 2B….but rather used it as a place to put a “bat” that has no defensive position (with inge and raburn).

Sizemore and Rhymes were simply prospects in the nature of what you are talking about (scrappy, can slap the ball into play, can run, can bunt, etc.) but they didn’t pan out. Carlos is just another example of what I was talking about….inge/raburn

You’re right, that is totally silly. Raburn and Guillen both came up as 2ndbasemen and Inge has played infield all his life with the exception of when he was stuck at catcher. How is that using it as a place to put a bat?

mmmmm, well that is a good point. However, I would argue raburn should be considered a MLB caliber OF not IF at the MLB caliber. And Guillen and Inge were not 2Bmen when asked to play there. Neither did a very good job playing defense at 2B either IMO.

Miguel last 10 days: 372( 437 for the week) 9 RBIs
Prince 317 ( 467 for the week) 8 RBIs
Boesch 324
Young 270
Peralta 267
Dirks is cooling down, he was due to regress, and Jackson is missed but
they are coming around.
Soon batting wont be a problem.

It was initially a good idea to plug Guillen into 2ndbase, but the injury in Yankee Stadium destroyed his range, and quite possibly his career. Thanks again, Brett Gardner. Inge would have become a useful defensive 2ndbaseman in time, but had no real spot on the club any longer. Raburn actually holds his own there IF he’s hitting. He does get better defensively with more reps. He’ll never win a Gold Glove for sure.
Onward and hopefully upward. I think we might have somewhat of a slugfest in Cleveland tonight.

I agree with those statements about Carlos, Brandon and Ryan.
With some luck Delmon continues hitting tonight!

Well. the thread was on Marte so I guess I will comment on that first. The Tigers have not had a good bullpen this year. How many games have we lost after leading in the 7th inning? All Leyland wants to talk about is the golden guy that drives in runs, especially with 2 outs. JL either takes a pitcher out too soon or leaves him in too long. They never gave Sizemore a chance. So what if Rhymes mouthed off on twitter. And Infante, he played SS and when we got Guillen he went to 2nd base. JL never liked him. Go Tigers!

saw a video recently of Polanco’s 2000th hit…did it in style with a HR.
2b has been the obvious hole in the lineup but it might not be a month or two from now with current options there. seems unclear to me what direction the GM will go to reinforce the roster at trade deadline. injuries between now and then will determine.
hopefully Jackson and Valverde are ready for this series.

missed my boys last night, back in action with a huge series. This will be a nice test for us

If the season ended today, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Texas would be in the postseason and the Rays and Jays would play the one game wildcard. Meaningless, sure, but interesting to note at the one quarter mark of the season.
It remains to be seen how the extra wildcard will effect any deadline deals.

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