Leyland: People have a right to be upset

Some interesting remarks from Jim Leyland in his pregame chat with reports, a lot of it centered around the fan criticism over the slow start. Long story short, he understands it, and he’s not going to blast it. Here’s the roundup:

  • “We’re in one of those situations where there’s so much going on, where there’s so much negative talk about us right now, and rightfully so, that you just have to stay the course. And that’s what I do. I don’t alter my routine. I don’t alter the players’ routine. I just don’t believe that’s the approach to take. I just stay the course and keep doing what you do.”
  • “It boils down to simple stuff: Come to work, do your job, try to do your job well each day. That’s no different than you guys’ job. We’re in the limelight a little bit more. But it’s just coming here and doing your job. It’s not a matter of some rah-rah speech. It’s not a matter of some negative stuff. The one thing I won’t let happen is be negative with myself and the coaches. I’m a positive guy. I stay positive.”
  • “I’m a grown man, and I’m a realist, and I think that if you’ve seen me over the six years that I’ve been here, I get a little snippy once in a while when I think that people are unfair. They’re not being unfair right now. I can take it. I’m a man. We have to take it. We’re not performing well. We haven’t performed well.”
  • “We have to take that. We have it coming right now. You’d better have broad shoulders. Does anybody like it? No. But do we expect it? Yes, I expect it. We got it last year, and we turned it around and that changed it. It’s one of those things basically that if things don’t get better, it heats up even more, but if you start winning games and you get back into that, people start feeling good again about the Tigers, and that changes as well. I’ve been around long enough to know how that works. That’s part of this business.”
  • “You don’t snap at reporters when you’ve got it coming. Right now, I have nothing to come back with, because we haven’t been very good. Simple. You’ve got to take it when you’ve got it coming, and right now we’ve got it coming. It’s pretty simple.”
  • “Oh, I’m ticked off, believe me. I’ve been ticked off a few times this year. But I can tell you this: It’s changed. The yelling and screaming and throwing stuff like I did 20 years ago, that doesn’t work anymore. Forget it. It’s a whole different society, whether it’s your kid, my kid, ballplayers, whatever, that doesn’t work anymore. You talk sensibly and you make your points, and you get firm when you make your points, normally in a private conversation. But that doesn’t work anymore, all that rah-rah stuff and throwing stuff, that doesn’t affect guys at all. That doesn’t help anybody hit a slider. That doesn’t help anybody throw one over the plate. So you grind your butt off.”
  • “If people are waiting for me to start throwing stuff and start yelling and screaming, to put on a show for the media, I’m not going to do that. That’s not going to happen. I’m not going to put on some phony show. The simple fact is we’ve got to get better, start winning some games. Then the negative talk will turn back to positive talk, with the exception of some people that are going to be negative no matter what. … But right now, the people have a right to be upset.”


In defense of Jim, and take it from one who knows, soldiers don’t charge into battle for the officers. They do it for their buddies. Likewise, team leaders are the ones that make it go.
From my own perspective, it’s not losing games that’s so irritating, it’s the poor play when you know they can do better. You get beat, you get beat, but we’re giving them away.

“That doesn’t help anybody hit a slider. ”

I love Jim Leyland.

Has anybody given any though to the possibility that Delmon may have encountered a bridk wall? The contract year, the non-poitional player, the “incident”?
Maybe he is too preoccupied and affected by this. He may not come around and it may be one of those baseball mysterious sub-performances that will occur.
With all the crap spewed by JL above (he offers no solutions only repetitions) he might consider giving Peralta a chance to hit in the 5 hole and drop DY where maybe there is a little less pressure. Just a thought. Maybe both will respond!!!!

Dang those typos! “Has anybody given any though to the possibility that Delmon may have encountered a BRICK wall? The contract year, the NON-POSITIONAL player, the “incident”?

The yelling and screaming and throwing stuff like I did 20 years … Sparky Anderson said to a venezuelan broadcaster back in 1980: ” today is not the dog that wag the tail, but the tail that wag the dog”. It was hard to do 20 years ago already. Today,just look at Angels, Mickey Hatcher got te axe because Pujols is unable to hit( Aybar also felt the rage of the “star”.. pitty JV wont like him in the team).
$214 m mean Fielder wont be DH where he belongs ( until Vmart is ready)but will be playing the worst defense in 1b in MLB. Last year he was so, Miguel was better but still was second anyway and can help the fielders unlike PF.
In the end is easier to fire one than fire 20…

According to commenters at Twins´ blogs , DY was their Raburn.. dont hit until July

Unbelievable – oh so close to also striking out everyone in the lineup at least once.

Great game. JV terrific. Good hitting. No errors.

Loved every minute of it! Go Tigers!!!!!!!11

Synch and momentum finally?

Well just left game oh so close…………………………..

Remember when the men were men and not these petunias their acting like these days. Remember when a manager would get involved in an angry shouting match to send a clear message that he gives a rats butt about whats going on. This state your point crap from jl dont cut it in my book. Show the fans you care and stop kitty footing around like a schoolboy. Grow a pair and give it what you got.

Leyland has got it right. Although I don’t always agree with his strategies or his lineups, the players PLAY for him. Thank God for JL’s experience and patience as well as DD’s machinations and temperance. This will all work out… AND if it doesn’t, please forward the Yankee Fan Suicide Hotline phone number to me because I will need help from those who have been there.

Darn—great game for JV and for the club..
Thought it was a mistake to throw so many curve balls to Harrison and probably should have thrown that pitch in the dirt if he was determined to throw it. Thought for sure he would throw a high hard one..
Never mind–it was a heartbreaker for JV I’m sure, but what a wodnerfu leffort.

I was screaming (quietly) for JV to bust Harrison up and in on that pitch, then go back down and away. He’d been diving out over the plate and that would have stood him up some. Even as it was, Harrison still flailed at that last one but the pitch was up just a little too much. One of the best pitching performances I’ve ever seen but it didn’t stop me from telling him what to throw. 🙂 Good game tonight.
Even in the midst of all the excitement, those great Tigers fans took time out to honor Raburn with a round of boos in the 8th inning.
I looked up Delmon’s stats yesterday and it appears he never has a good April and May but starts hitting in June. I would have posted that but I was in no mood to talk Tigers at the time.
Tough one tomorrow since we mysteriously can’t solve AJ Burnett.

A baseball manager has only so many moves he can make…shuffle the batting order/rotation/pen roles, bench a player, shuttle a guy off the roster, bark at the umps, make players accountable for their mental mistakes. Not much else.
The Dirks-Boesch flip flop in the order has been a good move so far. Raised a question earlier in the offseason about who would have a better year, Dirks or Cespedes. Cespedes had the early lead, but Dirks closing the gap in a hurry with Cespedes DL’d.

This would be a better team with Cespedes on it. DL or not.

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