June 10 game at Reds is now a night game

If you’re one of what will likely be many Tigers fans making the trip to Cincinnati in a few weeks to see the Tigers visit the Reds, you might want to look over your Sunday plans. ESPN has picked up the series finale on June 10 for Sunday Night Baseball, meaning what was a 1:10pm game is pushed back to 8:09.

It’ll be the Tigers’ first Sunday night appearance this season. Detroit wasn’t on the original slate of games ESPN announced during the spring, but the network left open a block of dates in June so that it could pick the best game given the way teams are playing at the time. While the Tigers are hanging around .500 right now, they still have a contending team with star power, as do the Reds with Joey Votto.

The move should’ve impact the Tigers too drastically. The next day is an off-day for them in Chicago before they begin a three-game series against the Cubs at Wrigley Field.


Truthfully we were probably going to make the drive, however at this point I don’t feel like I want to spend one more dime that I have already committed to this farse of a team. Not an enjoyable watch right now.

Well that sucks.

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