Thursday: Tigers vs. Twins

Just finished up talking with Austin Jackson, who was getting treatment on his abdominal strain. He said it got a little more sore after resting on it last night.

“It’s definitely stiff,” he said. “I can’t imagine we’ll try to push it.”

Jackson believes it remains a day-to-day issue. If they can have him spend the day getting treatment and potentially have him available Friday against the Pirates, they’ll make that trade-off. The downside is that it leaves them with just two players on the bench today.  Backup catcher Gerald Laird is one of them. Ramon Santiago is the other.


  1. Don Kelly, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Brennan Boesch, RF
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Ben Revere, CF
  2. Brian Dozier, SS
  3. Joe Mauer, 1B
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. Justin Morneau, DH
  6. Trevor Plouffe, RF
  7. Alexi Casilla, 2B
  8. Drew Butera, C
  9. Jamey Carroll, 3B

P: P.J. Walters


I’d like to see delmon have more than 2 hits today – only because it hasn’t happened this regular season yet.

AND does anyone know what is the deal with the “flare” or “roman candle” type things they (i think the grounds crew) were shooting off into the air (over the playing field) from home plate, last night?
was it to scare the birds?

Ya it’s the birds. This time of year they go out there between every half inning.

That’s correct, Evan. Heather asked around a few years ago and discovered this method, which seems to work. But I swear to this day that those birds helped JV get that first no-hitter.
Anyway, just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, they get worse. My take is that they should leave Jackson out and shoot for a return in Cleveland, and hope he hasn’t lost his groove. That’s as optimistic as I’m going to get with this.

just saw the video of Will Rhymes getting hit in the arm and then passing out – glad to hear the bone is ok and sorry he had to go through that. I passed out once due to pain and have come close a few times, I always tell my husband to be near me if anything happens, my body prefers flight as to fight and know the feeling. You don’t see it too often, they were all probably wondering what was going on.

The question today is, can we combat the usual batting problems we have with AAA call up pitchers?? Especially if he is a typical touchy feely pitcher the Twins seem to like and the type that typically gives us fits. I have all the confidence in Fister, but hitters???

Well that first inning for Fister looked like it was going to rather ho hum, wound up getting a little hairy with a lot of pitches thrown. I thought the Twins couldn’t hit?

Just wanted to put my 2 cents in after reading Dan’s last comment. The problem as I see it with this team is that they just don’t mesh well as a team. Dan mentioned having a sparkplug type of guy for 2nd base. Maybe they had one in Sizemore. Or maybe they had one in Rhymes. We’ll never know. Certainly Polanco is better than what we have now. The way this team is built, the idea seems that management wants everyone to be able to hit the three run homer. That’s ludicrous for Comerica. I think Dan has been saying this for some time now. It would be great to have a Kinsler or Cano type, but those kind are few and far between. Continually putting a guy out there hitting .125, just because he shows some power once a month just doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to put this all on Raburn, certainly there is a lot of blame to go around. I think managements’ inability to get a good mix of power and speed keeps this team from being good.

Fister isn’t looking himself today. That pick off was big because it could of gotten real ugly. The rumor coming in is that e twins can’t hit and ont hit or power! Lots of hits and a lot of power hitting so far. Lots of doubles down the line?

Rod and Mario seemed thrilled for the Twins and their offense! I don’t want Hawk like antics but it would be nice to have some allegiance. They get just as excited for the other teams as they do for the one they are supposed to care about!

Plouffe doesn’t hit—but he likes to against us.
I don’t see us being able to cobble enough runs today to come back. They appear resigned and listless already early in the game.

I agree. Pitch can’t hit hit cant pitch. In this case neither is going well. Let’s face it this team is just not good at all.

And lots of homers. Pouffe a .138 hitter? Twins with worst record in baseball? Nothing is right with the Tigers right now, for sure.

Appearently all it takes to get your offense going is Tigers pitching!

well at least we are good for getting other guys out of hitting slumps.

I think Rod and Mario have no choice, am guessing Fox would not like them crying all the time and complaining about their team. Radio guys get a lot more leeway. Then again, can you imagine calling a game and not being emotional about your team?

Ya but they were ready to throw a ticker tape parade for Morneau. There has to be a finer happy medium and in my opinion they are to giddy for the other guys.

ticker tape – good one!
maybe someone on twitter should ask Rod why he is so happy for the other teams? I follow him but have never posted myself – have no idea how – but a good one to see how he responds!

Leyland’s grade should be a D. Where is the emotion? Who is the leader? DD better step up to address the bullpen and 2nd base

what the heck is up with our fielding? Might as well just hand them the ball game – we surely have not done ourselves any favors the last few days with all of them – 4 last night and 2 already today? And we have been no hit through 4 innings? I have to turn this off of my computer, putting me in a grumpy mood at work!

Of good another freaking error and another run! What the heck is up with these guys. Can’t even explain my disappointment and anger with what is going on with every single person on this roster. Fielder was simply lazy with catching that throw.

Well all I can say is we’re not going to get no hit or shut out. That’s the only positive thing I have to say about this.

we can come back today – don’t think we can’t for a second.

It looked like Seatle was going to handle the Indians today, but hike game not over they tied it up in the 8th! 😦

Santiago!! Crap another whimpy AB. He along with others surprisingly bad this year. Rally killer!

Top of the eighth. Need a ZERO up on the board for the Twins.

Tigers pitching doesn’t have a single 1-2-3 inning? Weird with Fister pitching you just dont expect that.

How is “Q”?

When –post All Star?

Can we snatch victory from defeat right now!!!!!!!!!!!

Delmon MUST be placed further down in the lineup. If I were the skipper I would bat him 7-8 depending on the matchup. If he isn’t hitting in the 6 – heck maybe he will in another spot – then you can put him back in the 6 if that’s best.

Nope. Because they cannot manufacture a run or put the bat on the ball. And when they do it is a DP. All we do is hit solo homers. Just like against Texas in the playoffs.
It is sad but I just called what was gonna happen.
So frustrated.
— Bob

Bad AB by Fielder (take a couple not one you swung at was in he strike zone and he wasn’t exactly throwing strikes). And another double play ball! Two innings two chances and they lay a turd out there! Geez! My head hurts yet again!

C’mon—we all KNEW DY was going to hit into a DP—the surprise was that it was not on the 1st pitch.
Horrible AB by Fielder. He had a 2-0 pitch to salivate on then gave Perkins life.
Again—a club that has trouble cashing in on opportunities.

Leadoff walk to the Twins–now. Any guess where he will end up?

Avila is becoming a late inning strikeout specialist. Boesch 1st pitch swinging uppercut..
Villareal did the job but he won’t for long unless he starts mixing in his slider more. He would be real tough to handle if he had a changeup.
Our guys tense right up with men on base.
Almost at the point where I don’t want to watch anymore

Appearently the ump wants to leave that no way in hell was a strike out to Avila in the 9th.
Gotta a say I didn’t see a sweep like this. Maybe us sweeping them but not this. Just goes to show ya the Tigers in no way shape or form a good or even averge baseball team! They absolutely stink and as I’ve said a dozen times they embaress themselves, their owner manager and GM.
Season tickets for sale!!

Do I hear the fat lady singing?

I like Ramon but letting 2 good pitches go by and then swings at one in the dirt for a DP? I would sit Delmon for a week. Who is coaching these guys?

This cannot continue. Sparky always said you dont know what you have until the 40 game mark. So even if we win the next two (two in row would be like finding a lost artifact), we are a 500 team. That is unacceptable. Not for the expectations that were put on this team.
Something drastic needs to happen soon. If they crap the bed again this weekend against the Pirates, something needs to happen. After that they are on a tough 10 game road trip. At that point, we will be over 50 games in.
JL is not to blame for most of this mess. Players have to do their jobs. And they are not. But you are not going to fire 25 players. 6+ years is a long time to listen to one voice. Maybe it is getting old. I really do not think JL knows how to motivate his teams out of funks. He is definitely a wait and see guy (aka: Hope & Dream).
This team should have taken the big win from Tuesday and springboarded it into a strong 5 game homestand against inferior teams. But they didn’t.
I still stand by my position that JL cannot manage a team with high expectations.
The season is quickly turning into a car wreck and we are the carnage that every national media outlet is slowing down to stare at and comment at. And they are loving it. They should be embarrassed with the results.
— Bob

And if today didn’t stink enough, the Indians come back twice to win today! 😦😦😦

2008 – I think about about a week or 2 away from giving up😦

Yep, maybe it is time for a new manager, but don’t see DD up for that. I agree, the same old voice and style of managing gets old and ignored.

They’re not worth commenting on. Maybe they play better later, maybe they don’t.

Very polite baseball. Which equates to about 500. Need a spark or some urgency…

Lame duck? JL is hired for the year

Funny how so few teams in baseball are able to match expectations on the field. The Yankees seem to be the exception but would hate our team to develop the same arrogance that probably is needed.
The season is definitely at the crossroads and turning ugly. Not sure when Mr I last saw the team but just as his awarding JL an extension lifted his managerial burden last year, he needs to make a visit soon. No question this is JL’s team with DD for some time not making any changes without his blessing.

I missed it, had to work. 2008 all over again.

Consider yourself fortunate!

Hey, look at the bright side, 3 home runs means free curly fries from Arby’s! The Pirates have scored the fewest runs in the Majors. Hopefully we will score a few more than them. Going to the game on Friday! Go Tigers!

Like the Twins had the fewest? Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Pretty po’d

Fielder helped us lose these two to the Twins, with his glove. Not good. DD said Fielder wasn’t a good fitr. $214 million should have been spread around to other team needs {2B, 3B, a started and middle reief. Too late!!

I knew Fielder’s 1stbase play would be an issue, but I’m surprised at just how bad he is. I tried to think of a poorer defensive first sacker and couldn’t think of one without going back to the 1960s. He’s a butcher over there. He’s been in the show for seven years so I don’t see him getting any better. I can’t stand to watch this for another 8 years, especially since that’s my old position. It’s painful.
Funny how people boo Raburn who shows up and does whatever is asked of him, but they lay off Delmon who only started a drunken fight and got arrested, while hitting about .220 for us. In the 5-hole. Watching these games, especially the home games, has not been fun. I’m beginning to wonder why I do it.

It’s painful to watch for sure. People are saying just because it got better last year it is going to follow the same formula. Just not seeing any light right now. I agree Rich the so called fans that are becoming so fond of booing are picking their scape goats, right now it is Ryan before it was Inge. Others are getting a free pass, there are few without blame here.

Alleged, Rich. We don’t know if he started the fight.

The challenge of being discombobulated! Go Tigers!!!!!!1

Team is definately not the word to sum up the tigers currently. I would bench fielder a day just to send the message nobodys safe if they dont contribute or at least try. I think we may miss the big latin influence that guillen ordonez and cabby and santiago had bringing the team together in years past. We have a pretty mixed bunch currently and it isnt blending.

Idk, this team may need a different type of manager. just my opinion, though.

Ack !

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