Jackson still day to day, could miss few more days

The fact that Austin Jackson said his abdominal strain didn’t feel any better Thursday than when he first suffered the injury Wednesday night wasn’t much of a surprise. If anything, it figured to feel worse once he had a chance to rest and some soreness settled in.

While he’s taking it day by day, though, he’s acknowledging the possibility that this could take a few days to get better and not risk aggravating it into a more severe injury.

“It’s pretty much still day-to-day,” Jackson said after the game. “We’re going to see how it feels tomorrow and kind of go from there. I really didn’t expect it to feel any different today, just because it happened last night. Getting up early, it was a little stiff. That’s pretty much what I expected. …

“I think it’s just going to take a few days to really get a good idea of how it feels, start moving around and twisting and bending, things like that.”

He wasn’t sure, he said, whether he’ll make it back this weekend against the Pirates.

“It just depends on how it feels when I come in each and every day,” Jackson said.

As for closer Jose Valverde, he said he felt better Thursday, but wasn’t sure whether he’ll be available Friday. He wants to pitch, but he doesn’t want to risk aggravating his back and turning that into a longer-term injury.

Valverde’s situation affects Jackson’s, as far as the Tigers roster is concerned. While Valverde is out, the Tigers have an extra reliever on the roster, and one less position player. While Jackson is out, the Tigers are down another position player. Add it up, and while they’re both out, the Tigers bench consists of backup catcher Gerald Laird and one position player. On Thursday, it was Ramon Santiago, who pinch-hit for Don Kelly and hit into a double play to end the seventh inning.


Well I will make a comment on this topic: Don’t rush him. The way the rest of the team has been playing it won’t matter if he gets a few extra days off. Yes, it will challenge the bench but in reality, JL lets those guys stagnate for periods of time anyway.
If you need a pinch runner use Balester. JL doesn’t trust him with much else.
Come to think of it, Coke’s sprint in from the pen to relieve is pretty impressive too!

Funny and unfortunately true. Heck the pitchers can’t do much worse than the position players at this point.

Coke as a pinch runner has my dying over here

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