Valverde day-to-day with lower back strain

Just got back from the Tigers clubhouse, where closer Jose Valverde is likely out for the next couple days after straining his lower back against the White Sox on Tuesday.

Valverde said he underwent tests on Tuesday, and the results came back fine. Now, he said, it’s a day-by-day situation.

“I’ll take a couple days and be ready for Pittsburgh,” Valverde said.

Valverde said the back wasn’t bothering him while he was warming up in the bullpen. The first time he felt it was the second pitch he threw to Adam Dunn. He pitched to three more batters after that before he winced on a 2-1 pitch to Alex Rios.

In the meantime, manager Jim Leyland said Joaquin Benoit will “probably be” the closer. The exception would be if Benoit has thrown a couple more days or the matchups beg for somebody else, such as left-hander Phil Coke.


At the game and honest to god after an inning and a half I’m already pissed I’m here. Three errors and Porcello pitching like crap. Oh good times.

Ok , this is becoming addictive. A huge comeback everyday. But who think Cabrera he is? Laird? twice caught trying to prove his speed

Porcello has absolutely nothing tonight. Get him out. Below Below Below………………..

Porcello not sharp but if he is a ground ball pitcher, he is not getting any help from his infield. Every infielder has made an error.

What’s up with Austin? At the game but didn’t see?

Ya Porcello didn’t get any help, but they were also hitting everything hard. He didn’t help himself either. Nobody has much to be proud of

When is this Luke Plutonium going to end? I would of thought his last dreadful outing would of done it, but appearently DD needs to see this poor kid fail more

Agree, I was thinking, do they hate him? It is not his fault but JL´s for sending him there again

My stress level will be down watching the next game or two anyway!

Anyone remember cowboy actor-Gene Autrys side kick? It was Smiley Burnett!TELL THE BROADCAST BOOTH

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