Jackson leaves with mild abdominal strain

The Tigers have gotten an impressive start at the plate from third-year leadoff man Austin Jackson, but they now have to wonder if their offense can get going without him. Jackson left Wednesday’s game against the Twins after four innings after suffering a mild abdominal strain on a swing.

Jackson is listed as day-to-day.

“It was on the swing,” he said. “I think it was something that I was out front [on the swing] and probably was in a position where I stretched it out a little bit, the abdominal.”

Rand accompanied Jackson back into the dugout and down the stairs to the clubhouse as Don Kelly took over in center field to begin the fifth inning. Leyland said he wanted to think about his lineup before deciding who would lead off Thursday. If Jackson’s out, then the Tigers will be down to 11 position players thanks to the roster move that brought up Brayan Villarreal and optioned out Danny Worth.

Jackson didn’t rule out playing Thursday afternoon, but didn’t sound optimistic.

“Hopefully it won’t be anything where I have to go on the disabled list,” Jackson said. “I think we’ll see how it feels tomorrow and just go day-by-day, just doing the necessary treatment. … It’s going to be something where I have to get here early and do some treatment on it and see how it feels after that.”

Any loss of Jackson is a huge concern for the Tigers. While Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder are the star hitters in the lineup, Jackson has been the catalyst from the leadoff spot so far this year. The 25-year-old entered Wednesday ranked sixth in the American League with a .323 batting average and .409 on-base percentage, numbers he built on with singles in each of his first two at-bats Wednesday night.

Jackson also ranked fourth among AL hitters with 27 runs scored and ninth with 20 walks.

Jackson’s three-run homer Tuesday in Chicago completed an eight-run sixth-inning comeback against the White Sox, sending the Tigers on their way to a critical 10-8 win.


Action Jackson……get better soon! Our sparkplug needs a timeout.

Too bad Leyland didn’t leave with a mild cerebral strain.
This guy is just so stinkin’ stubborn. Putkonen in, in a tight game in the 7th inning?? Didn’t he just try this the other day?
Leyland just tries to make his decisions work–over and over.
Putkonen should not be up here at this time.
As far as the team goes–here we go again.. Can’t get on any kind of roll whatsoever.

If you cant get the run in from third wih less than 2 outs you shouldnt play tomorrow.

Strikeout with risp… You get to sit tommorow too….

Can’t sit the whole team.

Avila is hurt why keep playing him?
He was unable to pinch hit for him because the bench is exhausted but for Worth but why keeping him day after day.

Peralta was too in the bench. All RHs

This lineup dow at the bottom is punchless. Even Boesch and his 9 game hitting streak, many of his hits have been bloops–no power.
Avila has been virtually useless lately. These are 2 of my favourite players and it is really frustrating to see them playing like this.
This team is hard to watch.

Putkonen’s fastball must be straight, as they don’t have much trouble hitting it. I like his curveball. Don’t know what he just threw to fan Willingham.

At this rate we might win 80 or 81 games if we’re lucky. Colin Ballester pitching. Have mercy..

It’s been a bit of a nightmare.
No relief in sight. No pun intended.
These guys really should be ashamed of themselves.

Awful lot like 2008

It will not matter if the bats start hitting and starters pitch consistently unless the bullpen settles down. And I see no end in sight. I have no confidence in anybody to get anybody out coming out of the bullpen. And if these guys do not figure it out soon; it will kill any morale or momentum they even attempt to create. A bad bullpen will kill a team. And it is happening right now. Disgusting. Cant blame JL on this one. These guys have to start doing there job. And if they cant, get somebody else who can. It is time to start the revolving bus from Toledo.
Can they win tomorrow/ Only if Fister goes 9.
— Bob

Today they were in synch. Everything went wrong

Tigers are a piece of crap. Must be against the law to wn 2 in a row. Theme of the year if we pitch, we don’t hit, if we hit the pitching is horribe. And today for good measure they added in 4 errors and I believe 5 unearned runs. I’m cold I’m mad and I’m mad. I wasted more time and money.

Villareal and Downs. Downs has walked 1 batter. Gotta like a guy who throws strikes.
Below got in trouble when he was high in the zone and started getting behind. Saw it coming—JL didn’t. Also would not have brought in Putkonen. That’s Hope & Dream managing.

Back around 1940, Joe Louis’s knockout victims were termed “the bum of the month club.” What we have in our bullpen now is the bum of the day club. All those middle relievers keep coming in and none of them can avoid giving up runs. Valverde is iffy and none of those guys can step up. You can play over a lot of flaws in this game, but you will NOT win anything without a good bullpen. Simple as that. I expect we’ll see a lot of different names out there by August.
37 games in, haven’t won two in a row in a month, and that’s before we began to sustain injuries. I’m sure not going to say everything will be fine. This will take some hard grinding to get this train back on the tracks. Until they start playing a better all around game, there’s not much point in talking about season goals. Got to fix it first.
The fans of the Tigers deserve………….just what they get if they’re going to spend all night booing one player while the majority of the team is bad. That’s just dumb and childish.

Agreed, they put it all on Raburn there in the 7th when Avila hasn’t contributed much more than Raburn. All the pitching was poor tonight. I swear if I hear one more time “that’s the game of baseball” or “they will put it together”. I will strangle someone. Between the announcers and the players it’s cliche after bullcrap cliche. Minnesota is horrible but what they proved tonight is that the Tigers are worse. 2008.

Well, the players don’t have the luxury of venting like we do. I felt much as the players do back in my playing and managing days. It’s very different when you’re the one directly involved. Playing and/or managing keeps you pretty busy and there’s no time to dwell on the big picture. I’ve had some teams that were horrible and some that were excellent but each game was the same. You play it and think you’ll win it. I probably would have said the same kinds of things if someone had stuck a microphone in front of my face after each game. And then you’d strangle me. 🙂
I don’t know, do the radio guys lay it on the line a little more? Maybe I should be tuning over there postgame. I agree that the FSD postgame is a waste of time.

Yes, they do. Not alot, but definetly more than M & R.

And guaranteed tomorrow they will get a good pitching performance but they won’t hit because we are seeing a AAA call up !

Things I’m starting to worry about:
1. I’m really worried about Max. Always behind the 8 ball when he starts. No fluid innings.
2. I’m worried about Ricky. Can’t seem to get it going.
3. I’m worried about relief pitchers who can’t throw strikes or hold leads.
4. I’m worried about a five hitter who doesn’t hit.
5. I’m worried about a six, a seven, an eight, and a nine who don’t hit.
6. I’m worried about an infield defense, especially when Rick and Fister pitch. Basically Rayburn’s error hosed Porcello tonight.
7. I’m worried about Miguel scoring from first base when Prince hits a double.(The Turtle Syndrome)
8. I’m worried because right now and for the entire month, our team is playing rotten baseball.
9. I’m worried because we are locked into some long term contracts.
10. To put it bluntly, I’m worried.

Regarding #6 certainly Raburn didn’t help but Porcello hosed Porcello. He was getting hit hard, he was aweful and didn’t do anything to help himself. Now that Inge is gone I guess Raburn is going to become the whipping boy. Team loss, everyone stunk!

I thought of separating Max and Rick in the rotation since they’re so inconsistent, but you do that and Smyly is liable to get hit around as the league adjusts. The bullpen is a mess and, although Jim correctly states that you don’t use your better relievers when behind, maybe he should. The idea with our offense is to hold ’em close and we come back. Can’t do that with AAA pitchers.

When we play Cleveland next week our manager gets his chance to adjust the rotation and it will be easy for him to go Fister, Porcello ,Verlander.if that is what he decides to do. Does it qualify as a “no brainer”??

Don’t worry, Be happy. Fister, Verlander, and Smyly start the next three games. Put on a smiley face.

This is Jim Leylamd’s team. Why is he still the manager?

Greg, I am worried because we do not have a good manager!

I don’t think another of these cookie cutter managers would do any better.

Well i hope austin gets plenty of rest to heal properly. kelly and dirks will show some grit filling his shoes im sure. Hey if the big boys cant get it done put the hungry lads out there to do the job.

Instead of automatically plugging Kelly into centerfield (and probably leadoff), how about Santiago at 2ndbase and Raburn to the outfield? Dirks in center. Not ideal, but what is?

What we really need is for some of the PLAYERS to start worrying…about their jobs.
It seems as though bad approaches at the plate are tolerated if not condoned. DY swings at just about everything regardless of the situation. Swinging at balls in the dirt when he needs to lift a flyball to get the runner in from 3rd?
Raburn going for the downs with men on 2nd and 3rd?
Boesch continuing to uppercut instead of going with the pitch and driving it.
Avila looking lost and almsot bored out there.
Miggy starting to be his old self and everyone below him in the lineup keep struggling miserably. Even Fielder to the degree that the power numbers are missing.
I hoe they are intelligent with AJ. If he needs some time—give it to him.
He’s one of the few players on this team that are actually interesting to watch play.

Agree with your points Dan. Greg, the long term contracts, specifically of Prince worry me too. Not impressed with his 1st base play. I’m sorry if it offends any Prince followers but how long is he signed for? And for how much money? And with the weight he carries, is he going to be able to physically play that long? Hope he proves me wrong cause he’s a likeable personality. The “Turtle Syndrome” was once again displayed last night. It’s such a joy to watch.
Oh. And the anti smoking commercials they’re running on mlb are disgusting. Anyone else think public advertising has gone over the line? Like way over the line?

Prince appears to have a rock solid body. I think dropping 20 would be a good goal. But then, that has to be his goal. I see he’s wearing a uniform that is much more fitted than he used to. It’s usually just the really body conscious guys who do that. He appears to have dropped a few since joining the Tigers, but 20 more wouldn’t hurt in my opinion.
. As for venting, Miguel sure took a vent in the dugout. Anybody see that….throwing stuff around? He did interview after the game and he’s probably frustrated like the rest of us.
After those 4 errors, I thought they were playing “ring-around the rosy.”

I thought they went a long time age when they started pitching femine hygiene products. Now, it’s men’s personl products. (by personal, you men know which ones I’m talking.about…Verlander’s newest is for Bayer aspirin. “when my shoulder is sore, etc, etc. etc. I reach for………..

My grades for the season………..

Verlander’s B+. (victim of his previous success)
Fister A-
Smyly A
Porcello D
Scherzer D
Valverde C
Benoit C+
Coke B
Below B+
Balester D+
Villareal D
Schlereth D
Putkonen D
Dirks A-
Jackson A
Cabrera B
Fielder C+
Laird B
Peralta C-
Boesch D+
Young D+
Avila D
Kelly C+
Santiago C –
Worth C in all farirness he hasn’t played much
Raburn D

Leyland B. he can’t hit or pitch for these people ……

To be honest, if your class earns grades like that, your ability to reach the students comes into question. Not sure about that B for JL.

Hope AJax is back soon, but don’t rush him back, he has been a bright spot in our lineup this season and we need his consistency – I never thought a year ago I would be saying that – so it all goes to show things change here and there. I can’t fault Miggy for being slow and not scoring – he is not on the team for his speed, he is not expected to score like the other guys, and Fielder neither – although it is amusing watching him chug around, giving it his all.

I luckily missed most of the game, at least our bats are coming alive more – not always when we want, but it wasn’t our hitting that lost the game last night for one of the first times – 7 runs should be enough.

Like Jim said, tigergirl, 7 runs should be enough. I’m kinda quoting but he said something to the effect when you score 7 runs up here and don’t win, something isn’t right. I don’t fault Miggy trying to steal. He’s a great base runner, not exceptionally fast, but tries to squeeze a few in when the other team isn’t looking.

Our relievers have a combined ERA of 5.17 for last in MLB. No team in history would be able to hit enough runs to keep up with our bullpen lately.

Kathy, I agree Prince does have a solid build. But I guess I’m just concerned about down the road. And I still don’t think he has the mobility or stretchability to play first like it should be played. These defensive deficits, even small, will tend to subtract from all the positive offensive attributes over the long run So what I’m suggesting is whether that type of player is worth so much money. Think about what his contract could purchase. Regarding team running, Miguel of all people I totally can overlook his speed. He runs the bases very intelligently, and if anything, he will take take the ill advised chance occasionally. I have absolutely no problem with that. He is mobile enough in the field, and has a gun arm. I just think that you can’t carry too many lumbering type players on a team.
Regarding the advertisements. I was referring to the anti smoking ones they’re showing between innings on mlb. Showing graphic closeup leg, hand, finger, jaw, etc. amputees who previously smoked. Not necessary.
GK, I like your grades. I think they are pretty accurate. One other thing to add to the worry list. I’m worried about GK’s blood pressure. Just kidding GK. I think you’re on to something though Greg. I think all blogs should now begin with “I’m worried”.

My blood pressure is through the roof, thanks for your concern. I know that a lot of people are out of towners and would love to go to more games. I do live in area and go to about 30 games a year, I know I am fortunate, but times like these I resent the level of play because not only am I wasting hours of time on this mediocre underachieving sad sacks, it’s a ton of money I spend going to see this. The tickets, the parking and the incidentals. This week with 2 games it will run $200 at least. I don’t mind the money if I felt there was a different level of effort!

Well, Marty, I think Prince has the range, but keep in mind, he’s much shorter than Miguel. He’s a guy with a long history of hitting and loves to win. He wants to be that 3-4 dynamic duo. With A-Jax and Andy hitting so well, what would be wrong with switching up Miguel and Prince. Maybe it’s a numbers thing. One last tthing before heading to work: Gerald Laird. That G-$$$ tripping and falling over 1st base in Chicago was priceles. Dan and not Jim Price, the other guy, talked about his great sense of humor, constantly making jokes and is a good clubhouse guy.

Everyone. Help, help. What did Sparky used to say??? Something about the world turns over and the sun will come up again tomorrow?? brand new day??
That’s how these players have to handle every single game. Grind it out. We have Fister pitching today. We will have seven players behind him, one guy catching him and a DH hitting for him. The manager will make out a nine man line up . Go Tigers.

Afternoon game with the Twins today??

I think they should have VMart in the clubhouse and dugout. His presence alone might, and I qualify the word “might”, make a positive difference.
Raburn’s ability to get hot and to hit impressive home runs notwithstanding, I think he needs a new environment. Even if he begins to hit you will always be plagued with the “K”, the bad at bats, the bad news bears defense and no real everyday 2nd baseman.
The problem with that is there is no one to replace him. Santiago is much admired (by me as well) but he is not a solution there. Worth is untested and probably barely an average MLB player. Patterson is an outfielder and might be more of the same conundrum defensively.
No, you need an all around, sparkplug or power guy with solid defensive skills for this position. The Tigers have tried to force people into roles at 2nd that were doomed, either becasue of lack of skills or experience.
They absolutely need to correct that problem. Certainly for next year if not sooner.
Will that “fix” things? No. They need Peralta, Avila, Young and Boesch to start busting some fences.
I am “worried” about Avila. This guy has so much potential, and as a leader too, but seems almost dispassionate. His knees have been a problem and I fear they are hindering him physically and psychologically. How can you be an effective big league catcher with bad knees? I hope I am dead wrong about this. And there is nowhere else you can put him. 3rd is spoken for. As is 1st. Too much of an experiment to convert and put him out in the field (though Yogi did it well).
One can only hope we get this young man healthy and back on track and a tad more assertive.

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