Raburn talks about struggles

Ryan Raburn gets it. He’s frustrated, too. He was looking for better than this, especially after hitting six home runs in the first half of Spring Training.

He knows his history of strong second half numbers as well as anybody, but it doesn’t make it any easier for him.

“No, it’s not at all,” Raburn said, interrupting the question. “I felt so great early in the spring. Even in the beginning of the season, I felt great. I worked so hard to try to get off to a better start and everything, and just everything kind of snowballed. Like I said, it’s a long year. It’s a daily grind. Hopefully these last few games, hitting some balls hard, definitely can build on it. Mainly, hopefully, they start falling in.”

Hopefully, he said, his ninth-inning double is the start of the turnaround, even though his two strikeouts earlier felt like a continuation of the struggles.

“It’s an irritating routine I’ve had for the past few years, you know,” he said, “but it’s definitely something I’ve dealt with and gone through before. So it’s nothing new, just it’s not real fun. Like I said, you just keep battling and grinding it out, and eventually it’s going to click and hopefully today was the start of it.”

One thing that was noticeable: He stopped himself when he was about to use the word luck, then used a different term.

“I’ve hit some balls good,” he said, “just haven’t had much … the results haven’t quite been there.”

Raburn also drew the second of the three straight two-out walks from A’s pitchers that drove in the Tigers’ go-ahead run. The 1-for-3 outing raised his batting average to .135, about the same level where he has been every other day for the past week and a half. He’s just 12-for-89 on the season, five of them for doubles.


hopefully he can pick it up, would be huge since our lower lineup in struggling. I would like to see Boesch behing Prince in the 5, DY has not been consistent this year and Boesch had a good weekend. I think Avila is playing thru pain too, his swings have looked bad lately. He needs to rest if thats the case because we will need him down the stretch.

Well, it is a 8:10 start tonight. Raburn should be in Toledo. Hey Jim, try this one. Dirks, Jackson, Fielder, Cabrera, Avila, Peralta, Boesch, Young, and who ever you think should play 2nd base that day. After all, it is righty, lefty! Go Tigers!

Raburn squared up the double in the 9th, which resulted in a big insurance run. He has played good defense this year, in my opinion. Everyone can tell he is scuffing, and everyone knows that we need him to hit.

Well said, PWL. We need Ryan to do well.

I was embarrassed by the way my fellow Tiger fans treated Brandon Inge. Thankfully, the same people haven’t begun booing Raburn before he even bats…..and I hope they never do.

Why don’t the tigers switch castellanos to 2b at Toledo? That’s his future with Cabrera at 3d.

Castellanos is a big guy, bigger than most middle infielders. If 3B is clogged when he is ready, OF would probably be a safer bet for a move. He is tearing up single A, but then again, that is single A.

In the 2nd inning yesterday with runners on first and second and one out, JL started the runners on a 3-2 count after Raburn had had a pretty good AB. I don’t know that I would have done that. I know Rod Allen, for some reason, always says to start the runners and force the slumping hitter to swing but I don’t necessarily agree. I was disappointed to see the runners take off and more disappointed when Raburn swung and missed a pitch he probably would have taken for ball four if he hadn’t been forced. I don’t that Ryan is currently in the place to put on a play like that.
Boesch beat the throw to 3rdbase but that’s beside the point.
If a slumping hitter has started having better ABs, my opinion is to let him do so and don’t over-manage.

I don’t KNOW that Ryan, etc., is what I meant to say.

You’re OK Rich we know what you are saying. Old School baseball you would hit and run with a runner on first preferably in a 1-0 or 2-1 count. With men on first and third you could start the guy on first in similar counts and the guy on third will dart home after contact to the right side for sure . With runners on first and second, you could try to catch the opponent off guard and pull a double steal. I obviously did not see this play but I think you are telling me that we gave them seven or eight new ways to turn a double play and get out of the inning. Is that right? Plus we put added pressure on our own hitter. This must be Modern baseball.

Jason, your story on the Tigers website about Prince Fielder’s struggling stating “Where someone else might see a lineup that’s showing stress under the expectations of a potential 1,000-run season” is an insult to even the most casual fan. The Tigers scored 787 runs last year and Prince Fielder is only a modest upgrade at best over Martinez. Also, it is obvious that Avila and Peralta couldn’t repeat what they did last year. Texas, New York, and Boston all scored 850+ runs last year and the Tigers did very little in the offseason to address that disparity that will only be widened this year.

I’m looking for Raburn to do some damage tonight.

Tonight….. To hit or not to hit, that is the question???????….

There’s always…………….tomorrow.
At least for Ryan.

Agree – sure like hearing guys talking about their struggles candidly which can only help.

Well Smyly put that on a tee for Dunn!

Well got robbed of a of a run there, that ump completely screwed that up. Will be really pissed if we lose by a run!

Very bad call. The ump kind of knew it I think and I wonder why they can’t gracefuly ask for help from the home plate ump on that? The reason could be he was jumping out of the path of the batted ball and consequently out of position. Visibly frustrated Miggy.

Miggy still looked mad in the dug out several minutes later when he was giving high fives the next inning!

Bunting with Fielder “running” was Raburn´s idea or was ordered by JL?

They got Danks out and now it is a crucial inning for us. These Sox always give us fits with timely hitting and lucky breaks. I imagine they are not done yet.
Very important for DY to have a solid at bat and not kill a rally with a 1st pitch swinging DP.
C’mon Delmon.

I’m not sure if it’s possible for Raburn to get any worse at the plate.
Can’t get a bunt down (and truthfully he should have been bunting form the gitgo in that at bat) and then a lousy at bat with a duck on 3rd and 1 out.

5th inning. Hate to miss an opportunity to get a run without a hit.

I know I shouldn’t complain. We have a 3 run lead. Smyly looks pretty much in control.
BUIT, we have had a runner on 3rd and 1 out now for two innings and can’t bring him home. Another run would be very big.
This is a continuing sign that this offense is “off”.
We score those runs we have a good chance at a win–score one of them and we put more pressure on. We score none and we give those guys the

feeling they are gonna climb back into it.. Must be frustrating for Leyland too.

That proves my point.

Oops. Smyly tossed another cookie up there on a tee for Viczeado. Well all those runners left on the base paths is looming very large!

Chicago gets nearly all their runs off us on homers. Been like that for years. Keep ’em in the park and they don’t score much.
That blown call is looming large. That’s at least a run and maybe more.

It looks like time to call the bullpen. Withdraw when winning

Good call. Can Luke do the job??

Looks more like a Bad call.

The good call was by El Tigre to take Smyly out when he could still win it. If Mr. Leyland had left Smyly in to possibly put the go ahead run on base then pulled him, that would have been worse. Two right handed hitters to lead-off the inning and Luke gets one out and then allows a single. Do we want to see Below right now?? Would anyone allow Luke to pitch to FOUR more batters??

Putkonen really?

It looks like time we start hitting the ball again. What are they tapped out now?
IMO Boesch is overswinging. How many harmless, topped dribblers to 1st and the pitcher do you need to alert your batting instructor?

Sox have 1st and 3rd 1 out. You know they won’t do what we did.
This game is shifting fast.

Below? Coke?

Jl is losing the the game by himself

Pretty bad managing to put the kid in with no one being prepared in the pen. I don’t understand managers these days.


Good call putting Putkonen in! I don’t questions Leylands moves too much but any idiot can see this dude isn’t ready for prime time! And as usual the Tigers wasted opportunity and just plain stopped hitting they are horrible. Congrats! So mad right now!

Two tickets to Toledo

Who get the tickets??

Well—this is a true team effort. Our pen is about as predictable as our hitting.
We are playing like a bad baseball team. Very seldom does this team play well rounded smart, co-operative baseball.

Well, that inning was no surprise. We need relievers.
We usually hit only one pitcher in a game when we do hit. Anyone notice that?

I don’t understand why you would put the kid in when frankly he hasn’t shown much. Not ready now!

‘Ya know, when Raburn catches a break, it might be a good sign of things to come.


The way their people have pitched tonight, it’s stunning that we only have 5 runs.

When ya stink ya stink!

What’s the point? This whole team saves its bad at bats till there are runners on and you are in need of runs. Even guys who are hitting will screw up at the most important times.
I’m disgusted with them.

I’d rather watch reruns of Green Acres than this crap! Impossible to watch and waste much more on time on ths light hitting pathetic bunch of sad sacks! No one bit enjoyable to watch, even when they win!

So Below comes in and strikes out everybody. Man oh man. I’m not going the Green Acres route, Gk. 🙂

Good thing you put in Putkonen instead of Below with a lead! Below is the crappy mop up guy? The thing is, he’s been more reliable than anyone in the pen so far! Why do I know that and not the management.

I think Below might get a new job title after tonight. He is moving up the ladder. Gave the team a chance to make up for their poor performance. Just did not work out.

I like santiago and all…l but why?

Didn’t Dirks hit a homer off this lefty two weeks ago?? Or is he hurt again??

Quality AB by Ramon????………..geez

Where is all our power hitters?

Didn’t know we had any on this team. Singles hitters. Inge hit more in three days than we hit in a week and a half.

And great Prince hits into a double play! Way to go!

Greeeeen Acres is the place to be……….

Pancakes anyone??

I’d like some hotscakes, and hot water soup.

Last years team found ways to win. This year ways to lose😦

I’m cussing them out right now. can’t stand it.

Thats right JL. Below goes 6 up and 6 down. Better take him out.
The boys are brutal again tonight. But JL’s decisions are terrible. I am not sure Smyly needed to be taken out. He was only at 69 pitches. He was throwing strikes and made two mistakes.
I have seen nothing from Putkonen that excites me.
Now Peavy tomorrow. Not good.
— Bob

When Fielder is holding the runner at 1stbase, why is he taking that slow shuffle off the bag while the pitcher is still in the set position? Hasn’t anyone taught him how to play the position? Anyone see that?

Well I have tickets to two games this week no exactly looking forward to it at this point. No I don’t think they can beat the Twins or Pittsburg.

These guys fell asleep after the frustration of Miggy. The TEAM has to score runs. They can’t run, they can’t bunt, they can’t move runners up. And they are not getting anything from the skipper either.

Why does it seem that every team the Tigers play knows how to manufacture runs where when the Tigers get a lead-off runner on base, there is no assurance they will be able to manufacture anything unless they get three hits in the same inning!!
As much as the blame goes to the Tigers hitters for not being able to execute with runners on base, Leyland sure owns a portion of this loss with his mismanagement of pitchers (not letting Below pitch with a lead) and making idiotic decisions like pinch hitting for Dirks with Santiago (unless his hamstring is still messing with him). On top of umps taking away doubles from us, this is so incredibly frustrating!!

I have five questions from this game:
1. why pull Smyly at 69 pitches?
2. why use Putkonen in that spot?
3. why not have another reliever loosening up?
4. why PH for Dirks?
5. why is Prince such a bad 1stbaseman?
I may get an answer for #1, Dirks hamstring is probably the answer to #4. and there are no answers to #2, 3, and 5.

Well, Leyland had no answer for #1. All he said was that RH hitters were coming up so he took him out. Smyly had no idea why he was pulled, he said to ask Leyland.

‘Fraid so. JL’s reason was no reason at all. “They were hitting them in the air” (read popups). That was flat out poor decision making all around. He cost us tonight. Smyly can’t say much about it. Not sure what the other starters think.

hindsight makes everything clear

Here’s my take on #2. Our manager has three before the seventh inning relief pitchers: Balester, Below, and Puthoken. All three of them pitched on May 11th. Balester and Below were roughed up. Puthoken did not allow any runs in one inning of work. Chicago had RH, RH, LH, RH, RH, RH coming up. So he will go with the righty.who gives him the best chance to get three outs before he gives up a run. Tonight that was Puthoken. He was flat out giving the kid a test. The kid failed so now we will see if that means he goes back to Toledo. If he gets a ticket to Toledo, you will see Villarreal again.

There are still 4.5 months of baseball left, but what nags me is that if this team is capable of this kind of stretch, it’s possible or probable that another one is in the offing later this season. That will knock a lot of the feel good out of any streaks of winning ball.

Streaks of winning ball? Are you crazy? This year feels an aweful lot like 2008. Can’t keep saying its early forever.

The team has only had 1 winning second half under Leyland and that was last year.

Good point. And we had a tremendous leader in the clubhouse, two starting pitchers that were “light out” for two months, and an airtight back end of the bullpen during the runaway.to the division title.

Now come on, there will be streaks of winning ball. Every team has them, including the 2008 Tigers. The point I’m making is they may feel like a mirage when they do happen.
I try to refrain from Leyland bashing since it serves no purpose. That said, I think most people know that we won last year because DD “Leyland-proofed” the team with his mid-season moves. Added Betemit, Fister and Young, and designated Inge. That’s how it looked to me.

I am not a big Leyland fan. However, this team is simply a bad one at this time. JL is not helping matters but the fact is he is managing a team of players that are completely out of sync with each other.
JL does manage by fixation. He gets fixated on batting order, getting players going, how long to pitch starters, when to bring in “the formula” etc etc.
He wil continue to play Raburn-whether he hits or not, he will continue to take Smyly out after 5 or 6 (because he’s young will be the excuse), and he will continue to use his bullpen in the manner in which he thinks it is formulated. Apparently that means carry and not use Balester till Alberquerque or Marte are called up.
Below will continue to be used as a last resort or when he can’t think of what else to do, no matter how well he pitches.
Delmon Young will be forced to become a designated hitter even if it means he is hitting .230. Peralta will also be tolerated regardless of how poorly he contributes offensively. The argument is that so many guys suck right now there are not enough options to their playing. Enjoy the game Donny, Danny, and Ramon. You guys have the best seat seats in the house.
Tiger fans are being subjected to a horrible season so far.

Still angry this morning.

I made a comment about a week ago how refreshing it was to see Zach pitch 3+ innings at Toledo and still got a save.
I am continually amazed how managers treat relief pitchers as robots switching them around purely because stats show they have a 10 or 20% statistical better chance of getting an out. Jim is a master of this strategy taking out a pitcher getting outs conveniently ignoring the probability of the pitcher coming in will often take a few pitches to get going and may well be out of sync. anyway.
That this approach typically involves the lowest paid on the roster and often recent callups just adds to the mystery.
Tigs pitching ERA for this year are:
Innings 1-6 3.81 for 5/14 in the AL noting we have a 6.17 ERA for the 1st inning.
7th+ Innings – 4.99 ERA for 14/14 & 30/30 in MLB;
8th+ Innings – 5.32 ERA for 14/14;
9th+ Innings – 6.68 ERA for 13/14.

Interesting numbers, Dave. I was wondering how bad the bullpen had been and I am not surprised to see they are the worst. If I am not mistaken, the bullpen has given up a run in 7 of the 8 games on this road trip. Hardly the lock down bullpen we enjoyed for the most part of last season.
Add that with a defense with limited range (except CF and LF(with Dirks)), an inability to hit consistently with RISP, an inabliity to get a runner in from 3rd with less than 2 outs, an offense that stikes out a ton, a cleanup hitter who only hits solo homers, and a manager who makes stubborn decisions based on his mood and it should be no surprise we have a mediocre team floundering around the .500 mark that cannot string even 2 wins together in almost a month.
The fact still remains that except for that magical 2 month run last year, JL never has success with a team with high expectations. As soon as JL’s teams are expected to win, they dont. (See the WS in 2006, the 2nd half of 2007, all of 2008, and September of 2009). I had hoped that demon had been exorcised last year down the stretch; but it appears not.
Can they salvage a split today againt Peavy? Who knows.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Honestly the way they are playing, they probably can’t beat the Twins let alone Jake Peavy. They are pathetic excuse for a baseball team, they are rotten

I think , I wrote it before it happen, that pulling Smyly after giving 4 runs was right. Of course I expected Below not Pokemon ( as called in ESPN español) to come. After two men went on base call him or even Coke.
Playing Laird is right since Avila is injured and he showed again that he can handle the bat and play small ball.
No more Raburn or at least bury him 9th.
About that Fielder quirk in 1b , they must take care. Years ago a balk was called against Keith Hernandez because after doing the same , he went back to the base.
Time to DH Fielder or bench him. Don Kelly for a couple of games or even Laird there
Miguel has been bad all his carrer against Chisox, finally he got something. But he needs more xbases and HRs to show.It must be a mental thing. He is making contact

Is Marte ready?

Was any clarification of Ramon batting for Dirks ever given? I heard a quote from JL that Dirks’ hamstring is much improved–so why the move?
Oh yeah—because the Sox had Thornton in—right. I mean Dirks is hitting much less against southpaws an abysmal .308 with a HR and zero strikeouts.
Maybe it’s the formula where you bring in your defense at the end of the game (Raburn over Dirks?) The problem with that formula is that the Tigers were 2 runs behind and not 2 runs ahead.
BTW, what kind of pitcher started this game—wasn’t it a lefty? If that’s JLs reasoning why was Dirks even playing?
Leyland has the reputation for being a good manager. I guess that comes with age and tenure and presumably, personality because he consistently makes the most inexplicable moves from year to year it’s mind boggling.

A lot of people up in arms this morning over those in-game decisions. If Putkonen had shut down the Sox for two innings, I’d still want to know why he lifted Smyly. Today’s use of bullpens by all managers boggles the mind. It’s not enough to hold the starters to ridiculously low pitch counts, no, they have to use as many pitchers as possible, thus increasing the odds of finding that day’s clunker. It’s insanity. If Leyland wasn’t here, we’d just have another guy doing the same things. Baseball has always been prone to getting very stuck in it’s ways.
My concern with Leyland is that the players could be tuning him out. Let’s hope that’s not the case, since I’d be shocked to see a change in managers.
The only guy turning in good ABs on a consistent basis is Peralta. That leads me to believe that we may have a problem with personalities and egos with some of those other fellas.

Just as a personal gripe, FSD’s happy happy joy joy approach to the telecasts is particularly annoying when things are going bad. Even C-Mo, whom I’d hoped would bring some real player perspective, has turned into Mr. Sunshine. I realize he’s doing what he’s told, but come on.

I have been really disappointed in Jhonny. To me, he is one of the reasons (only ONE, mind you) that we are floundering.
With Avila, Boesch, Young, Raburn not doing much and Peralta not hitting for any kind of power at all, you take a lot of offense out of what those guys were producing last year. Throw in Fielder’s ho-hum contribution and you can see a disturbing trend offensively.
As to JL, now we have guys that are starting to commetn just a smidgeon about in-game decisons too. That may not sit well with Ciggy, who now has added “smell” to his hope & dream managerial strategy.

The Sox hitters were overly aggressive early on which led to flyballs and popups. Since when is that a bad thing? It just meant they couldn’t center Drew up. So they hit a couple of homers. The Sox always do that. Our only advantage right now is starting pitching, so use it.

Who is this Putkonen guy anyway? JL does not know how to manage pitchers. I still say shake it up and hit Prince 3rd or 5th. Wasn’t it just last year that no way is Miguel going to hit 3rd? Go tigers!

Taking Smyly was fine, he is a rookie and needs to have his innings monitored this year. Bright future, don’t wear him out.
Putkonen’s fastball is good, 95, down. He hung 2 curve balls which hurt him. Does he need to go to Toledo and work on his secondary pitches, maybe… but his fastball is good. I do agree that having a kid in his 3rd apperance come in with no one else ready makes not much sense. Below should have been read earlier. Speaking of Below, he should be the 6th inning guy when we have a lead.
How much do we miss Al ABQ! ABQ shut down the 6th/7th inning last year, which are crucial.
While the obvious blown call in the 2nd hurt, so did Peralta not running from 3rd on AJax ground ball with the score 5-2.

I had no problem with Smyly coming out, he gave up a 2-run shot, they appeared to start hitting him more. Putting Putkonen in was a bad idea, Below has proven himself much more, Putkonen needs a few less stressful innings to get used to things.

I was surprised however to see Peralta “attempt” to bunt.

Attn: Bad Max – please return to your hotel room and let Good Max come to the ballpark and pitch the rest. I am only tracking on the computer, but am worried about the start given our lack of run production abilities of late.

This one smells bad already. Take him out, Jim.
Our hitters need to take some pitches after that 36-pitch inning.

lets get these bats going! I hate peavy!!

There’s probably no other pitcher in baseball that has such wild fluctuations in consistency than Max. Aren’t we blessed to have him.

the natural follow up question then must be asked: are we winning/did we win the granderson/EJax 3-way trade?

Horrible game so far today. I am interested in seeing how long this can continue before the next surprise (Inge released)? Everyone still feels that the Tigers will win their (weak) division. If that happens, are the fans slappy enough to think they can make it past that?

Only if we can flip Sherzer for another pitcher from another team. Maybe another team will think they can harness his “stuff”, but I dont want his inconsistency after this year. Heck, I dont want it now but the options are limited.
7 pitch inning. It is ridiculous. I dont think they ever take an approach at the plate. They swing and hope something good will happen. Grind out some at bats. Foul some pitches off. Hit the pitches down the middle instead of taking them. Stop swinging at 3 straight pitches in the dirt.
I was going to make a road trip from Toronto to Detroit for a game for the first time in 4 years this summer and I dont know if I can bring myself to spend the money. I fear I will get one of these lackluster, ho-hum efforts.
Let’s go already. It is May 15th!!!!
— Bob

Tigers are playing bad baseball today.

Really, Cabrera waived home on a double in the left field corner? Boesch swings at 3 change ups in the dirt? How many home runs have the Tigers hit in the last 10 games? Boring!

I hardly ever post during a game. Maybe I should more ofter. Here comes the roar! How about 3 home runs in one inning. C’mon Tigers!

Action Jackson! Maybe this will get the team fired up!

hey now – that’s what i’m talking about!! I feel like this team could turn things around with a win here and a good homestand. For how much i complain about raburn I am really excited that he might be heating up.

something wrong with Papa Grande…..besides the obvious……bring in the DOC!

As encouraging as the ONE inning was. The 9th remindedus of how dangerously close we are to being a bad team.
A good team knows how to button down, get mean, an not allow the other team back in.
Valverde did again. Now he looks like he is hurt (why didn’t they know this?) and let’s hope Dotel is not the heir apparent in the case of an injury. He seems freaked out at closing in the 9th.
We actually got lucky.Viciedo was a hair away from ending that game.
While I am happy to see the power display I continue to be unhappy with the way they are playing the game as a unit.

Didn’t realize the game was this afternoon. Oh, happy day!

The squirrel found the whole tree.
I read that Benoit did not like to close either.
In my mind Scherzer was received in exchange for EJax( Joyce). Austin Jackson for Granderson but while I am a Granderson ´s fan, I think they fit better in their new team.
Perhaps, this one will star the fire.

There was a point in today’s game when I thought the Tigers couldn’t possibly be any worse. Don’t remember when exactly, there was the Kelly bobble and something else. It was like rock bottom. Then they turn it around. So Raburn hit in Chicago, so he avoids that trip to Toledo I had planned for him. Good man. Those 3-run homers are golden. We hit so many long balls to center that I think we should consider bringing in the CF fence at Comerica. I like that they hit the pitch where it is, but we need to get some results from those long drives to center. Jackson’s doesn’t make it out in Detroit.
Valverde has been twisting and stretching his back for a week now, and I nearly brought it up here several times. Wonder if that’s what got hurt? If he’s out, I think Benoit should be the closer, but we’ll need a reliever from somewhere. We need one even if Valverde isn’t out. Coke did well today, but Balester did that thing where you allow the inherited runners to score, then get them out. Keeps your ERA clean.

The reliever must be homegrown. Not only Valverde was pulled out but Robertson was put in DL.Relievers ans specially closers all around the ML are falling like domino pieces.

I heard it was Valverde’s lower back. El Tigre, I think Ian Kennedy went to Arizona from NY.

It was a way of speak: Coke and Ajax to Detroit. Kennedy to Arizona.Granderson to NY.
Scherzer and Schlereth to Detroit , EJax to Arizona. NY only received Granderson.
So in the end it is like Detroit received Kennedy and sent him with EJax to Arizona for S and S.

If daniel S. can come back this year and give us 30IP of less than 3.50ERA / at least a 0.7 KO/BB ratio pitching……then i think who won that trade is clear.

I think Coke could close…

I’d think Valverde will be back, but there’s still that little matter of him acting as if his back was bothering him last week. Certainly can’t trust what the player says in these situations.
Just for discussion’s sake, I think Coke has some closer attributes, such as welcoming the challenge while possessing the adrenalin needed to do the job. The big issue would be channeling that adrenalin in a positive manner.
What I’d really like to see throughout baseball is the end of the designated closer. Each club should have at least three pitchers who can be entrusted to finish a game successfully in most cases. Build their experience in the role and use them. Think how that would free up the manager’s use of his bullpen. A guy could (gasp!) pitch the final two or three innings, even.
All it takes is for one manager to have success with it and the rest will follow, like lemmings.

Nice to see some fire in us. I like the approach Miggy has had, he has raised his average a ton in one week – mostly on singles, but it is like he realized the best way to get the groove back is not to swing for the fences, he started hitting, then hitting more, then some power followed. Smart man if that was his plan.

I like Coke for the closer too – he does not get rattled and I always enjoy watching him point to the sky on a pop up or a long fly ball. Dare I suggest we win 2 in a row??

That’s a pretty good point about Cabrera. The same goes for Prince. I liked the way Raburn followed his homer with a solid single to right. That’s good hitting.

oh, and I am glad I did not hear that last inning on the radio, we made it to softball practice just in time to avoid any heart burn for me!

“like lemmings”……hilarious Rich! Be a good name for a baseball team………..mmmmmm maybe not so much.

Coke and Dotel could close games – that’s not the question here though. That would just leave us to replace them (the middle innings). Just grab C. Bootcheck from Toledo for 2 games and have him close. And while you are at it send that Putkonen guy to toledo and bring up Wilk or Weber.
and for that matter should we need a closer against the 2012 Twins – at home?

I think Bootcheck would be called up if Valverde goes to the DL. As for Wilk and Weber – both are starters, can they be transitioned that quickly to a big league bullpen? I am not so sure. (I do believe Wilk’s future is in the bullpen). Bootcheck pitched pretty well in Pittsburgh a couple years ago (disclaimer: I am also a Pirates fan, which lately is not as fun as being a Tigers fan).
Rich posted a great point, and one I was thinking of last night – should long reliever come in with guys in scoring position? Balester pitched fine when he started an inning. Seems almost like you need someone like Dotel to come in in the 5th inning when Scherzer is done (that is another story) and get out of the 2 on, 0 out dillema. And then when we get to the 6th bring out Pukonen/Balester/Below. Just a thought.
Now Max….. you made watching baseball unbearable for 2 hours yesterday. Please throw strikes!

Disagree on one point – AJax HR would have cleared the wall in CoPa. He smoked it.

Think so? Maybe you’re right. It’s 20 feet more in CoPa. I’d still like to see them run a fence along center to bring it to 400 while we have this type of team. That would eliminate some catches by Jackson, but it might be worth it. Probably not allowed to do that mid-season, though.
Yesterday I was actually more in favor of Scherzer trying to get out of it than to bring in Balester right there. Manager will look bad either way. Or good.

Just barely according to ESPN Home Run Tracker.

Another thing you do with that centerfield fence is measure how high Jackson can get his glove and build it exactly that high. Then put a picnic area behind it with a water slide.

Call it Jacksonville.

Jackson CF, Dirks LF, Cabrera 3B, Fielder 1B, Young DH, Avila C, Raburn 2B, Boesch RF, Santiago SS, (Porcello P)

I’d play DY in LF today because of Dirks hammy. Otherwise i like the lineup. Might think about playing DY if this continues. Peralta can hit this guy anyhow glad he is sitting.
Going to the game tonight….bought 15 tix in sec. 218 – bringing my wife and 13 of our friends.

playing DY lower*

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