Inge-sanity in quotes

Lots of reactions from both clubhouse to Brandon Inge’s last couple nights against his old team. Here’s a sampling, bolding by me:

Inge on this stretch: “The way I was last year and early this year, it seemed like when I got good wood on the ball, it went right at somebody. There is a flip side, that things usually should balance out. I know things don’t go like this all the time, so you do the best you can to stay level-headed. It’s a crazy game. Ups and downs.”

Inge on new hitting coach Chili Davis: “I don’t like thinking about my mechanics whatsoever. I just like to get in the box, feel comfortable and let my batting practice and everything I’ve worked on take over in the game. He’s been great about that. He’s basically let me go. A good bit of information here and there just to keep me on track but more so on approach than anything else. That’s what I like. He and I mix well.”

Inge on facing old teammates: “It’s such a mixed emotional feeling, it’s hard to explain. I want to do well and I want to hit the ball. Every time I get in the box, my mindset is to take a good swing and basically smash the ball, hammer the ball somewhere. But right after it’s done, it’s like, ‘Man, these are my buddies I just messed up a little bit.’ … I’m happy because I’m having fun.”

Tigers manager Jim Leyland: “We threw him a lot of strikes, and he’s really swinging well right now. He’s got a second wind and it’s a good thing obviously for him. He’s swinging the bat as good as I’ve seen him swing it for a while. We probably didn’t expand the zone enough, but he’s in a pretty good groove right now.”

Tigers catcher Gerald Laird: “We figured he’d be locked in this series. I mean, he’s a competitor. He got released by this organization and he feels like he has something to prove. That’s the nature of the game. He’s a competitor. We left some pitches out over the middle of the plate and he didn’t miss.”

Tigers infielder Danny Worth: “He’s swinging well. He’s hitting balls hard both sides of the field. He’s looking good up there.”

A’s outfielder Josh Reddick: “What else can he do? He’s been great. I don’t know what the guys across the way were thinking when they let him go, but we’re happy to have him here and happy to have him swinging the bat like he is.”


Just finished my comments under the Friday night post. Lot of thoughts on the Brandon “situation”. Can find them there if you wish.

Leyland saying “We probably didn’t expand the zone enough” should have definitely been in bold. It’s no secret how to pitch Inge. For that matter, we throw an inordinate number of pitches right down the middle for the Ka’aihues and Dunns of the world. It just happened to be Inge hitting some of those. I will say it’s heartwarming to see Brandon locked in against us. Real heartwarming. Yeah. Just makes my day. Guess he had nothing to prove in Detrot, right G-Money?

To get Inge out be sure to get ahead in the count. Then go low and away until he swings and misses. Does that sound right?? His current hot streak has been done with him ahead in the count. Jason, this has been a perfect storm with the schedule and all, but after Sunday when you write the last Oakland story we won’t need to have a daily update about Inge will we??? Go Tigers!!!!!!!!11

Its not the first time I’ve seen. Inge locked in like that. I’m sure it is somewhat satisfying for him.

Brandon Inge in the past five games had four games with four or more rbis. Lou Gehrig was the last player to previously do this feat. You can bet that Brandon has not been locked in like this EVER.

Well of course, but Brandn has had years with lots of homes. Many two homer games. He has not always been as bad as he has been in his most recent Tiger history. But don’t forget 2010 he had really bad knees, but befor that he had tons of homers before the allstar break. Last year he had mono and if you’ve never had that your weak for months and months. Not making excuses for him, and I think it was time for him to move on. But Inge was not alway what he was the last year and a half.

Sorry GK. Back in June of 2007 Brandon put up some real locked in numbers. That month he had 3 hrs 19 rbis and a .343 average. Now that’s locked in. He had a handful of multiple rbi games that month . In April that year he had hit .150 and followed that horrible month with .281 in May. He needed a good month in June and came through with arguably his best month of his career . He went .232, .193, .232 the last three months of the season. And that is just Brandon Inge being Brandon Inge. Studying his stats have driven many people, including myself absolutely CRAZY. ,

Speaking of having something to prove, our hitters are guilty of some of the most lazy ABs I’ve seen in some time. When one of them does have a solid AB, it stands out like an ocean liner sailing up a river. I think there were 3 last night, maybe 4. I don’t know what’s going on there, but there seems to be no one providing any tough leadership. They sleepwalk through some of these games. I’m sure someone will come along here and say it’s early, we’ll start hitting and I agree with that. The hitters, however, have to make that happen. It won’t come about by magic.
It’s the middle of May.

Just took a lunchtime swing around the web. With Inge gone, it seems that everybody’s favorite whipping boy is Raburn. Now, I don’t think he is THE problem with the Tigers, as these comments seem to suggest, but let’s look at it over here.
I think Ryan has played an acceptable 2ndbase for a guy that’s contributing offensively, and I say that while wishing Santiago was the starter there. Obvious problem: Raburn’s hitting. I tend to agree with Leyland when he says that Ryan is hitting the ball well sometimes and getting nothing to show for it, but also think that this has contributed to the problem. Raburn is all about confidence, that good ol’ “see the ball hit the ball” confidence. They need to re-build that in him. How to do that? Use that option and let him get some playing time in Toledo until he gets into his groove. I think this will happen eventually so we may as well do it after this road trip.
I still think Raburn can contribute and, when he does, he’ll get little praise from fans but at least it will be quieter.

Does anyone remember the torrid hitting that Ryan Raburn did at the end of the 2010 season?? The team gave him two full months of ABs and he responded. You probably have already seen these stats.They rewarded him by naming him the starting left fielder for the 2011 season. Well, that really did not happen and Ryan bounced around here and there and helped out some and hit well after the All-Star break in very limited action . Now, at the start of the 2012 season our depth chart had Ryan Raburn as our #1 second baseman and our #1 DH. Does that sound confusing and like the ultimate job security situation?? Well, the first thirty games of the season he started 13 games at second, 6 games in left field, 2 games in right field, 2 games at DH, 2 games he was a late defensive replacement, and 5 games he did not play at all. Would you be shaking your head by now if you were Ryan?? Some of this is Mr. Leyland managing Ryan and the situation. Well, let’s find out if he can be our every day second baseman. Come on Ryan keep hitting that ball to right field and eventually they will start coming inside and then you can go deep on them to left when they make mistakes..

Don’t forget he had a hot second half of 2009 too. His two homers in his first two ABs on the final day got us into game 163. Thing is, he’s swinging at the same pitches he’s had success with, but nothing is happening. Look back at his game-tying homer last Labor Day weekend against Chicago, and his 3-run shot in game two of the ALCS. He’s still going after that pitch with no results. This trip ends in Chicago. I figure if Raburn doesn’t hit there, he won’t hit anywhere soon.
For those who have been saying “a year ago our record was…..”, that crutch has been kicked away. A year ago today, we were 20-18, having won 5 in a row and 8 of 10. Didn’t need to hear that, did ya?

A’s lineup today:
Weeks 2B, Smith LF, Reddick RF, Cespedes CF, Kaaihue 1B, Inge 3B, Gomes DH, Sogard SS, Suzuki C, (McCarthy P)

Good points there Rich. Did we have any bad losing streaks right after that good stretch last May?? Well oh yeah we lost five in a row and won some and then lost four in a row . So far this May it been WLWLWLWLWL. We really are spinning in neutral right now and our manager is just hoping to get a two or three game winning streak before we have another losing streak. The question right now is are we ready to have a nice winning streak or a bad losing streak? Time will tell. Go Tigers..

baseball is a game of streaks and inge is on a hot streak. he’s also quite familiar with this pitching staff, so that falls in his favor as well. i’m not going to 2nd guess the decision to release him, despite the recent results. i would not be surprised if brandon has a 2nd career within the organization, if he chooses, once his playing days are done. he does owe the Tigers’ pitching staff dinner after tonight’s game…wink wink.
on another note, perhaps it’s just my perception, but it seems like defensively, the team is giving up more free bases on the basepaths recently. stolen bases, wild pitches, passed balls, failure to turn dp, getting trailing runner instead of lead runner. annoying stuff like that. seems like small potatoes, but when the games are tight, can decided outcome.

so we are going through a streak right now……better than late in the season

Having an injured catcher that was only just over average healthy( it always surprise me the failure of both catcher to block the home instead of using the mitt ) plus the total inability of pitchers to learn what Kenny tried to teach them ?

Kelly CF, Dirks LF, Cabrera 3B, Fielder 1B, Young DH, Avila C, Boesch RF, Santiago SS, Worth 2B, (Fister P)

Kelly batting .400, boesch and young batting .333 with a homer!

(young had the homer – not boesch)

Kelly replaces Jackson’s spot in the field and in the batting order. Nothing wrong with that, but it never fails to crack me up. Good ol’ Jim.

Good point. And Mr. Leyland knows that line where they put P: Fister is more apt to effect the outcome of the game than the other nine that he writes down. Do we know if there is any health problem with Jackson, Peralta, or Raburn???

of course that is true but this isn’t a good spot to complain about it. Kelly is .400 off of this pitcher and has speed…but I’m sure an argument for Santiago could be made.

Kelly’s 2 for 5 in place of Jackson’s 1 for 7 lifetime against Mc Carthy. And Santiago gets the start at short because his 1 for 7 is much better than Peralta’s 1 for 21 lifetime against the guy. Meanwhile the past ten games Jackson and Peralta are hitting well. All this is enough to get someone dizzy. You know, with this game being played late afternoon early evening in Oakland the lucky ones will be the guys getting to be on the bench. Not much scoring today..

well ya gotta give the boys a blow every once in a while. I don’t think AJ has had a break yet this year has he?

El Tigre, regarding your comment about no one ahead of Cabrera being able to steal because it would vacate 1st and allow the opposing team to just walk him; that is the sad truth I agree. But what a shame. That strategy unfortunately negates an important element of the game. Miguel’s problem is he’s probably the best pure hitter in the game. Makes walking him look like a pretty good deal anytime. Sure miss V Mart.

Inge has never had a hot streak like this before. No way, no how. He has more RBI’s than Fielder and that’s in a week and a half or so.

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