Friday: Tigers at Athletics

Andy Dirks gets the start against A’s lefty Tommy Milone. Alex Avila does not. No word whether his knee’s bothering him again.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, LF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Ryan Raburn, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Danny Worth, 2B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Jemile Weeks, 2B
  2. Cliff Pennington, SS
  3. Josh Reddick, RF
  4. Kila Ka’aihue, DH
  5. Seth Smith, LF
  6. Brandon Inge, 3B
  7. Daric Barton, 1B
  8. Kurt Suzuki, C
  9. Collin Cowgill, CF

P: Tommy Milone


Any guesses when Raburn and Santiago get above the Mendoza Line? Will it happen this month? Of course, many other higher profile players off to rough starts. Pujols has been getting alot of attention, but guys like both Weeks brothers, Jose Bautista, Hosmer, Lind, Rolen are all in the same funk.

It doesn’t matter the funk. JL just keeps running Raburn out there. Remember the quote? Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds the nut.

Yeah,I remember. I use that theory for my primary dating strategy.

I’d say Raburn this month. Santiago isn’t getting many ABs.
Four of Ka’aihue’s 12 career homers are off Tigers pitching, one of them off Porcello. The other three are Perry, Galarraga and Scherzer last night.
I hope we don’t get hypnotized by the Milone kid tonight. You know how that goes.

Not really the curse of the AAA call up, but young and someone they have never seen before!

But for Raburn a must win lineup.
Miguel is still 3rd in the AL in RBI. With Jackson and Dirks there , runs will come .
They way Inge is playing shows the Tigers were right cutting him. He is now following advise , he did not do it at Detroit.

And Boesch?

As usual he is hitting far better against LHP´s almost 72 points plus ( even f he is slugging better against RHP) but having him and Dirks against a LHP at the same time does not compute in Leyland´s mind

Looked like Boesch began to expand his hitting zone. While that can be the kiss of death, I think that might help in Brennan’s case. He was really fixated on swinging at the down and in pitches. When he’s going good, he can stroke a pitch the opposite way.
Most or all of these guys will break out of it sooner or later. I just hope they can avoid the team-wide slumps.

Was anyone else annoyed by the noisemaker last night? Do they REALLY allow those soccer things at baseball games?

Yes very annoying.

Well the Tigers hitters really made him work the second inning. If Porcello wanted yo relieve himself he wouldn’t of had time.

Nice opposite field hit for Inge. Don’t remember him barely ever doing that before. New hitting coach helping?

Put one run for the tigers on Inge´s record

Porcello looks like crap tonight!

Below´s time

They had the game and did not score but one run

I kinda kow we can catch up, but I’m so tired not sure I will stay up for this one! Just not feeling it!

Yesterday I gave our combined batting No. 5 figures of .214/.279/.308 now good for equal last in MLB with the Yanks.
Our No.6 combined stats of .188/.272/.321 are good for 29 of 30. Not much consolation but the Nats are last with .148/.2/.213.
I just don’t understand why Jhonny has not been moved up to the 5th or 6th spot though would give Delmon another week or so to get some consistency after his recent issues and making a go of the regular DH.


I know Delmon is not a #2 hitter, but he did so well in front of Miggy last year. I don’t know just a thought!

Boesch hit well in front of Miggy last year too. This isn’t last year though.

2 runs through 5. This is what I was afraid of. Milone has ’em back on their heels.
Hard to write out a lineup when nobody’s hitting.

For some reason, this team hasn’t hit left-handers well since mid-April. Used to be great days for these hitters. So far, they’ve been the Achilles heel. Haven’t figured out why, but I wrote a note on it Thursday night.

Jason, the first angle I’ll approach this from is our opposition and the Chicago White Sox in particular. Last year we had a lot of success against their lefty starters. Mark Buehrle and Johnny Danks. We have played the White Sox six times this year with Buehrle now in Miami and missing Danks both times. This year their young lefty Chris Sale started against us and we by now means lit him up that day. They have other young left handed pitchers that we are just now seeing. Will we adjust to these new pitchers and hit them?? Time will tell. Right after Oakland we will go to Chicago and face Danks. Let’s see what happens then. Other new looks by the opposition include Matt Moore by Tampa Bay and Jonathan Sanchez coming from the NL by KC and of course Milone last night for Oakland . We better adjust quickly to Sanchez because KC could pitch him against us a few more times this year. Then Jason Vargas, who is pitching quite well this season, absolutely dominated us. These teams are giving us different looks and we need to adjust.

Pehpas because the best hitters against LHP are usually benched against them, Boesch and Dirks. Fielder hit a lot less against LHP, 120 points less and it is the same for Avila.You expect that anyway but not from AJackson who is also worse against LHPs and even Cabrera bats a little less against LHPs.And is is not this year. It was the same in 2006 whit the RHB stocked team

Jason, another glaring issue put simply is our opponents left handed pitchers have come after Prince Fielder. He leads the Tigers in ABs against lefties with 52(.231) and has one walk against them.When comparing Abs/ ave of other players against lefties : Jackson is second with 43(.209) , Cabrera 39(.282), Young 39(.205) and Raburn 35(.114). The other teams know Prince has to learn the new league and they are making it hard for him. They also know that Prince will be in the lineup. Attack, attack, attack, the big guy.

Now I’m sure if you told our manager that Jhonny Peralta 32 ABs (.313) and Andy Dirks 12 (.333) would have the best batting averages against lefties on May 10th he would be pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, these are two guys he has not used against lefties as much as others. Last year Jhonny batted .240 against lefties so his day offs have been against lefties in April. Sometimes good plans don’t work out . The guys who pick up a few ABs against lefties are hitting as follows: Laird 21 (.238) Santiago 14 (.071) and Worth 13 (.231). It just is not a very pretty picture. The AB sample sizes are small but we have so many guys who can improve that we just have to hope for the best and wait. These guys have individuals stats that are just way out of norm. Be patient!!!!!

Sorry Boesch Abs 42 (.270) fits in there between Jackson and Cabrera .

I agree not a bad option easier when Boesch was struggling there. I support keeping them in the lineup but you definitely have to mix it up and not have two struggling one after the other coming and wasting so many men on situations.

What Inge is doing doesn’t even make sense–but then again either did his stint at Toledo last year or his performance when he got back.
I’m glad for him but the truth is he would not have done this for Detroit.
Only to Detroit!
Back to normal tonight eh?

Okay, I’ll join the people who don’t like Inge. I always knew he could do more and NOW he’s got the motivation. He needs to be the big fish in a small pond.
Now, anyone else, you’d knock him off the plate. Do you do that to your old buddy or just let him continue to embarrass you?
Also, are our pitchers the only ones who don’t know how to pitch him? You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s amazing that a player who has been DFA’d can still gain headlines for a team he doesn’t play with. 5 HR/19 RBI’s not too shabby. Don’t get me wrong here. I want to beat the socks off of Inge’s team, and I wish these stats were coming against another team other than us. He’s still not a great hitter, but when you get pushed aside from your position every other year, you really don’t get a lot of opportunity.
Again, in reality, if Victor does not get injured, Inge is probably getting 2-3 starts for us. That’s why baseball is so great a sport. A new headline, n new hero, and a new goat each and every day.

Raburn is like a stock at 52-wk low . Not really, you dont need to sell. Only send him to Toledo until July

that is the obvious solution

Rugburn needs to go to toledo before the boos force the hand of management. he has been miserable out there. Danny worth looks terrible too – but at least we could try him while Rugburn goes to toledo to get his swing to MLB caliber. Or [GASP] that Santiago guy could just start playing every day at 2B……..

One can’t try to start a car up forever-at some point you need to call AAA. Same applies to Raburn.

Greg, I’m happy for Inge. Happy for his HR last night (they would have killed us without it anyway). Would guess this is the perfect scenario for him at this time in his career. He gets a fresh start on a youthful team that is decent but upon which no burden of expectation has been heaped. He’s a veteran presence and has no one pressing him for his position. The positive side of his personality can now thrive and maybe even influence that clubhouse. Inge can only be a positive influence if he’s an important part of the team. (Gosh, that sounds like a lot of us.)
As Greg stated, once Prince was signed, Inge had no role on the team and so it was just not going to be a good situation for him or the Tigers. Turns into a distraction. So I’m happy for him in his new situation. Sure, he’ll cool off, but wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes the year at .235-.250 with 15-20 HR’s and 70-75 RBI’s. Just what the A’s would be hoping for. I think he’s capable.
I was hoping that Brandon would be able to finish out his contract with the Tigers, win a WS ring ( you know…. the happy ending) and then, if he wanted to continue playing, finish his career with a new team. Didn’t work out, I don’t hold it against management. It is what it is. I know continued discussions of Brandon really irritate some of you. I say ‘so what.’ You’re free to skip over the one’s you don’t like:-)
Regarding the present situation. I hope things get better offensively, they can’t get much worse. As I’ve stated many times before, I wish this team were faster and were capable of playing some small ball. Always wished that. Seems management just isn’t interested in that model. We are a bunch of turtles who will occasionally bash the ball. No one seriously or consistently attempts to bunt the ball except maybe Santiago and he ain’t playing much lately. Nobody is trying to steal a base except maybe AJ and he isn’t attempting nearly enough. JL’s offensive style uses barely half of baseball strategy. I look at Oakland and Seattle, and yeah, they have little power but they are fearless and aggressive in base running and they squeeze every opportunity out of their offense. Always putting the pressure on. It’s worrisome but teams seem to be running at will on our Tigers. Meanwhile the Tigers continue to play base to base, seldom move a guy from 1st to 3rd on ANY hit, and simply hope for the big fly as Rod would say. It gets old.
I will say one positive thing about management, and they are deserving of praise in this respect, They know how to find and develop pitching talent, especially the starters. If it weren’t for them the team would be playing well under .500

I have said it before but… Detroit was third in the American League in bunts in 2011. Behind Kansas, 15 th in MLB and ChiSox 17th (beat writters were all about Guillen playing small ball no more). They were 18th in MLB tied with Gibson´s D-Backs.
This years they are third from last just over Yankees and Toronto, of course, and Twins ( they dont have anyone to bunt forward).
This year is different. I said it too yesterday and nobody liked it but.. Neither Boesch or Dirks can bunt nor Jackson could steale many bases because you dont want Cabrera to get the intentional BB , with pitchouts or in disguise. Fielder is there to avoid him getting the BB. If you bunt the other team will take the chance since Cabrera is the best hitter in MLB. Kemp and Hamilton as now could disagree but they will regress and so will Cabrera but in opposite directions. You have Fielder on base , Delmon Young wont bunt with Fielder as an anchor there. Bunt with both them on base that is the recipe for a triple play. Raburn ,Worth , Santiago , Laird must bunt even to get on base ( something tha AJax must try too) . They are failing there .
If Dirks is for real as many of us here expected and Cabrera can keep it like last two games and Filder can hit more than singles the murderers row could finally say presents.
Avila must be rested for his health, Laird can cover for him
Peralta is aproaching his career average , around 260. Last year was his career year in avg and OPS in any other category he had better years. So he could replicate last year

anyone else aware of the large number of plate appearances by raburn?

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