No hard feelings for Inge against old club

Brandon Inge had to make a whole different catch than he’s known for when he was asked Thursday if any of his old Tigers teammates sent him a cool text message about his grand slam the other day.

“I got a bunch from a lot of guys,” he said Thursday. “That’s a class act over in that clubhouse. It’s weird to say that other clubhouse.”

He isn’t the only one having to make the transition, but he’s having an easier time getting used to it.

When the Tigers released Inge last month, he said, his four-year-old son Chase supposedly threw his Tigers hat on the ground in frustration without really knowing what he was frustrated about. His older son, Tyler, awkwardly tried to console him.

“He goes, ‘Daddy, I feel really bad for you that the Tigers kicked you off the team,'” Inge said. “I almost broke into tears laughing so hard.”

He’s having fun with it now. Instead of a veteran without a role in Detroit, he has become a makeshift elder statesman for a young team in Oakland. More important to him, he has become an everyday player.

“I was just actually so glad to get a fresh start,” he said. “I don’t mean fresh start by trying to get out of Detroit. I mean fresh start by being able to start every day. I would’ve been very open to having a starting job in Detroit, too, because that’s home for me. That’s family.  But I knew there wasn’t going to be an opportunity. Getting an opportunity to start every day, that was the key. That was my main goal.”

Other quotes from Inge …

  • On interest from other teams: “There was a few involved, but this one was the best fit for me for playing every day, getting the most number of at-bats, for Bob Melvin managing.”
  • On getting revenge against his old club: “You know what, I’m not like that at all. I compete, but don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any ill feelings whatsoever, not one. On the other hand, I want to make every play that I can. But they know, I want to do that against everybody. The only thing that would be fun in this is to be able to make a couple plays and wink and give a look over there. It would be so much fun. I’m basically playing with 49 family members today. I’ve got this family and then I’ve got all 25 on that team, they’re family.”
  • On how much everyday play makes a difference: “I guess I would say I’m not talented enough to take an at-bat and then take four or five days off and then have another at-bat. I’m not knocking anyone. I’m not very good at it. I need to have an at-bat to base my next at-bat off of, to have a feeling. Everything I do, I do off of feel. So if I don’t have something to go off of, I kind of get lost in limbo a little bit.”
  • On wondering about fan reaction back home: “I don’t worry or wonder, to be honest with you. I know in my heart that I gave every bit of energy I had in the tank for that team, for that organization, for that state, city, everything. True fans are going to like it. Other fans, they can critique all they want, that’s fine, and I don’t my mind it. Good fan, bad fan, they’re all fans, and I like them. It’s interest in baseball, so that’s the most important thing. The only thing I care about is if I play hard for my team.”
  • On whether it was tough to focus with all the attention near the end in Detroit: “It was more of a change of scenery, to be honest with you, but I’ll always be a Detroit guy. I don’t know how to explain it. But yeah, towards the end, it was hard to focus on baseball — and not so much from the fans’ perspective, but knowing that I wasn’t going to be in there every day, trying to figure out what my role was going to be, trying to see if I was going to be able to get out of there or stay. I didn’t know what was going to happen, so it’s hard to focus on baseball. Getting out of there, knowing my role, knowing how I can do it every single day, that helps.”
  • On being a lightning rod in Detroit: “Listen, if you get a bunch of interest, you must be doing something right, one way or the other. Either which way it goes, I guess I’m honored to be popular, good or bad.”
  • On those white shoes the A’s wear: “I pulled my pants on and I saw these, and I said, ‘Nope, that’s not going to be work. I love them now.  I love the tradition they have with the white shoes, and they stick with them.”


wish Inge all the luck in the world. just not tonight, tomorrow, saturday and sunday.

Agreed! He was a good ambassador for the city and the Tigers. Dude had a lot of good moments on the field, people conveniently forget that! Cute what his kids said and did!

That is funny about the kids. Well, looks like it’s worked out for everyone so that’s good.
I’ll be glad when this week is over. The games aren’t keeping me up any later than usual but it’s just too weird starting after 10 PM.

It’s been good to see Inge doing well with the A’s but he should mention as far as playing time that his lack of production was why he wasn’t playing everyday. If he had hit here he would have played everyday somewhere on the field.
Hope our offense shows up tonight.

I enjoyed Zach’s 3.1 innings save tonight.

Max looked good for a second, he looks out of sinc now! Yippie another night of playing from behind

The problem is when scoring so few runs it feels impossible!

Hitters gettin’ loose tonight. All Max has to do now is throw strikes.

You said it Rich! I’m sure some Smyly is wondering where this offense has been for him? Best era in AL and 1 win to show for it?

4th inning–that is the Inge I remember.

We should probably trade Smyly to Seattle for Casper and a couple of other players. (Just kidding.)

Don’t harbor any ill will towards Inge, just glad he is happy in Oakland and not in Detroit. Unbelievable that he still feels he deserved to start on the Tigers, never have I known a player as self-confident as Inge, totally disregarding reality. Must be nice to have such faith in your abilities.

he did not say he deserved to start in detroit. at least i do not think so.

Is this a good time to give Cabrera and Fielder a few innings off?

They said that McLendon helped Cabrera today, something about where he held his hands. If Lloyd can help a hitter like Miggy, that’s good enough for me.
Raburn will hit, just because he’s not a .125 hitter. His play at 2ndbase has been fine since JL put him there on a regular basis.

Couldn’t agree more Rich. Ryan isnt Miggy but he’s also not a .125 hitter either!

Unbelievable – 8 grand slams for his career and 2 in a week.

Boy this just got more uncomfortable. Brandon Inge 4 homers 14 rbi prince fielder 5 homers 16 rbis I believe

So far prince isnt that good. Subpar 1st baseman. Consistant singles hitter effectively blocking the basepath for the next 3hitters. And they wonder why the rbi numbers are down for the 5thru 8 hitters. Prince is the reason.

I think Prince is going OK considering the hype and contract involved and will take a bit of settling down with a new league also an issue taking some bedding down time. The Tigs batting 5 and 6 are:
5th – .214 for 29 of 30 MLB;
6th – .188 for 29/30 in MLB.

maybe that is because people who aren’t hitting well are hitting in those positions on a nightly basis

can we trade ryan raburn for brandon inge? #straightup

The 38-year-old Lowe — a member of the Red Sox for parts of the 1997-2004 seasons — cracked a smile when asked about the crowd’s reaction to Beckett’s outing. The smirk stemmed from his own experiences as a closer for Boston. Lowe said that the boos Beckett received were nothing compared to what he dealt with years ago.

“I remember in ’01, I was closing,” Lowe said. “I blew a three-run game in like literally 30 seconds and it happened to be they gave out my posters that day. Well, they turned into airplanes really fast. There was a 10-minute delay. They stopped the game. The whole nine yards.

“I sat in the clubhouse until [2 a.m.] and I’d stick my head out to see if I could leave yet, and they would still be standing there saying, ‘I see you in there!’ Yeah, so no, I’ve seen worse. It’s happened to me. When you play here, you understand that’s part of it.

last night worked out for everyone – Inge did well and we won. Glad to see our bats come alive for a game, hope they take off with that. I am not worried about Prince, they said last night Miggy’s batting average had not been this low since he switched to us from the NL, so looking at his body of work since you have to believe there is a learning curve for anyone, even amazing hitters, to switch leagues.

Two words: Albert. Pujols.
Prince is doing fine.

princes past offensive stats show he gets off to slow starts. prince is doing better than I expected actually.

That tiny bat he uses has worked well for him. Maybe one a tad bit heavier? But, I agree with Tigergirl, it’s probably the switching league thing and/or soaring expectations. I think Prince is doing fine at 1st and has obviously been working to improve. Belliard is a good infield coach.

his defense at 1st is not good. what game are you watching?

It’s Scott Sizemore I feel bad for. Talk about bad Luck. Lest we forget……BI is being paid over 5 million , from the D, to play for Oakland. He’ll never see another payday like that ever again.

One more midnight special tonight, and then there’s only one more, on September 7 in Anaheim. Two west coast visits this year. Other years we’ve had four. I nodded off for a moment last night and was awakened by a deep drive to right for a grand slam. Imagine my shock when I saw Inge trotting. If he’d hit more like that during his tenure in Detroit, we wouldn’t be speaking of it in the past tense.
It’s safe to say that we’ve had bullpen issues so far.

Nothing controversial about what Inge is saying. Suffice to say, if asked, any position player would say that they’d perform better with regular playing time. Tigers were correct in deciding that he would not be an everyday player on this team. It sounds like Brandon admits to having problems adjusting to a part time role. It’ll work out for the best for both that he’s with another team where he gets a fulltime shot.
Just a bit awkward that he’ll get a paycheck from Tigers for hitting that grand slam.

Just a bit. 🙂

One thing I have learned about this “sport” as it is today: I can’t over think the salaries. It used to drive me nuts and turned me off the game for years. Only got back into it in ’04 after turning my back on ball in the late eighties. You could create a whole other concept of the game if you had to keep salaries in back of your mind. That’s for DD to figure out.
Very true it impacts the composition of a ball team and very true we have had some albatross contracts that have tempered our “love” of our players.
It would be easy to resent some of the contracts we see or criticize the intelligence of doling them out like DD has to Bondo, Nate, Inge etc. And now Fielder. I was pretty surprised with the acquisition of Prince. A bit horrified by the contract (which will haunt us eventually) and wondered why so much after no other club showed much interest. But, it was a very important signing and message that Illitch delivered to his team and its fans.
Prince will come around with power. He will excite the fans and pick up his teammates.
It’s also nice to see someone play the game with elan, humour and personality.

It seems to me that all parties involved; management, players, owners, etc., have evolved since salaries first began to explode. Maybe it’s just me getting used to it, but the game doesn’t feel as “dirty” as it did at one time. As we see with the lack of work stoppages in baseball, it appears that everyone has realized that they are in the same business with the same goals. For the most part, anyway.

Not alot of worries over Prince. I’ve always heard he starts a little slow but will go through spurts where he is locked in and crushing. I do agree the contract is ridiculous but you have to love that Illitch is willing to spend the cash to improve the team.

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