Wednesday: Tigers at Mariners

It’s a lefty against lefty matchup on the mound, which means both managers had some decisions to make. For Jim Leyland, the decision was to sit red-hot Andy Dirks, move Ryan Raburn to left field and give a start to Danny Worth at second base. Raburn is 3-for-11 with two doubles off Jason Vargas. Dirks has never faced him.

For what it’s worth, left-handed hitters have actually fared decently well against Vargas since the start of last season, albeit in limited at-bats. Brennan Boesch, for one, is 7-for-12 with two doubles off Vargas, though Boesch hits a lot of lefties better than expected.

M’s manager Eric Wedge, meanwhile, has John Jaso leading off against Drew Smyly tonight.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Ryan Raburn, LF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Gerald Laird, C
  9. Danny Worth, 2B

P: Drew Smyly


  1. John Jaso, C
  2. Brendan Ryan, SS
  3. Ichiro Suzuki, RF
  4. Jesus Montero, DH
  5. Kyle Seager, 2B
  6. Justin Smoak, 1B
  7. Alex Liddi, 3B
  8. Casper Wells, LF
  9. Chone Figgins, CF

P: Jason Vargas


Well Danny better go 7 for 7 tonight with 2 diving plays to save runs in order to get another start.
As to this JL business about noticing the bad swings on TV. C’mon, are you telling me the organization is so unprofessional it hasn’t noticed this in more “normal” ways?

Leyland does not ride hot hands he plays match-ups only and Raburn. Worth could go 10 for 10 in the next 3 days and sit the rest of the month so Raburn can play. They were quick to drop Ingee but slow to start Worth I just don’t understand most of this team’s rationale.

For those keeping track at home, it took 13 days for me to find the first “Tigers were quick to drop Inge” comment.

Honestly, putting the stretching Brennan back in the 2 hole, Insisting on fielding Raburn anywhere with his SUB sub whatever line average is mind-boggling. Dirks out of the lineup carrying the teams best BA? Mr Dirks is one of the only reasons this team has won ANY games this year. Leyland prove me wrong I dare ya but you’ll probably just pull Smyly after throwing 80 pitches in a perfect game through 8 innings. Wow are we lucky to be anywhere near 500 right now or what?

Dirks against LHP, RHP
Yes small sample. But like Boesch he hit better against LHP
OPS 2012:1067, 950

Dirks is rolling the offense now, no manager in anywhere near their right mind sits a guy this hot right now. What do I know though i just watch it on TV like Jimmy did last night.

Jason i hope you won the pool with the Inge comment. The whole sample size thing rears its ugly head. They were both pitiful before BI’s release now many AB’s later Raburn is MORE pitiful than the guy they sent to hit the bricks. Were the Tig’s “quick” to release Inge? No I think it was almost 2 yrs overdue, but compared to the sub-sub standard defending Raburn hitting in the 100’s the guy was released too soon.

I’m not a Raburn fan. The difference is he has potential and inge doesn’t. That being said he does need to sit a few more games.

Bet Danny goes by the name Ramon Junior around the dugout.
Still can’t believe JL admitted getting a better view watching the AB’s on TV with this enlightenment coming in his 21st season as a MLB manager. More amazed they don’t have a screen in the dugout or at put an analyst above the play in a booth relaying info to the dugout.

Delmon was pretty successful out of the 3 hole last season. Has JL considered restoring him to that slot (with corresponding moves by Miggy and Biggy) to jumpstart both his and the team’s offense?

I don’t think that is going to happen (though there is clear evidence Miggy hits well at cleanup).
I really like your names—Miggy and Biggy, that’s cool.
We can hang “Ciggy” on JL. Inge could have been Iggy (without the Stooges). Please no Piggy or Wiggy.

Yeah, I was just hoping a freeswinger (no pun intended towards Delmon’s legal predicament) would benefit from the pitcher having to throw strikes. As far as the names go, would like to take credit but I’m sure I picked that up from someone much brighter than I.

Jason, do you know if Dirks is healthy enough to play?? That should be our first concern. The only lefty I recall Dirks starting against was the soft tosser Bruce Chen. Was there another?? Worth has not batted in a week so he is due to get a start for Mr. Leyland. #39 will start tomorrow night somewhere because he was 5 for 6 against Colon last year.

Dirks has 9 AB this year against LHP .And had 31 last year. Very small sample but with the results above

My, I don’t agree with every last move, but the reality is, that it is easy to play Monday morning quarterback! We don’t know know the things that go on in a 12 hour day for Leyland or any of the players. We see 3 hours. Guess what I believe Raburn needs some regular ab’s to either get it going or not! Guess what for Inge to show some life it took getting the heck out of dodge and getting regular ab’s ( not to mention being booed mercilessly and being ridiculed like he’s Kuame Kilpatrick to show some signs of life. Believe me I don’t think Inge is the be all end all, but he was never going to be allowed to even work it out here with the booes and the heckling and the attacks on his character.

Shani? Is that you?

There is your answer, Dirks hammy is still bothering him!

“They pay their money. That’s their prerogative, to come and yell and tell you how bad you blankety-blank suck. But at the end of the day, Adam’s got his two little boys and his wife sitting there in the stands. That’s what killed him and killed me through it all: Your little boys and your family have to go through that, and you feel responsible”
Peavy on been booed

Too cheap to put ’em in a suite?

Ciggy……….that is hilarious Dan. Eddie Feigner came to my little home town way back in 1977 I think it was. One of our local volunteer fire departments sponsored it. They had a softball team that had dominated in our fast pitch league for some years. That year my rag tag team (we were young) usurped their crown but it was their team that got to play against him and his two teammates. After all, they paid the money for him to come. He was phenomenal. They couldn’t touch him. I watched that game very jealously, wishing I could just have one AB. 45 feet to home plate and he could throw heat…….and about everything else. He struck guys out from 2nd base. Threw blindfolded too.

We may not get a better strike zone tonight, but you can bet it will be larger. It has to be.

The casual conversation did not work. 5 pitches, 2 outs

He said he wasn’t going to talk to the team last night because they won the game.

Cy Vargas is plowing through them quickly!

Raburn being run out there every day is beyond disgusting. I get it—there is a lefty throwing today.
But is there any reason to believe he will hit any bettr against him?

” I mean, we just did not show plate discipline, we did not grind out at-bats, ” JL

Another odd strike zone. One inning it’s a strike the next it’s not?

POLITE Baseball.
I’d like to our guys get a litt ornery. Maybe the skipper could at least teach them that.

You need to start really trashing somone. Maybe we’ll get a hit or a HR.

It’s going by so fast.

My eyes are getting droopy…… These late nights are a killer

I agree, polite baseball, and why is Raburn out there? Oh yeah, he just hit one to the warning track. He will break out of his slump any month now. Leyland?

Never thought I would see the day Cabby would be hitting this poorly and batting in the 260’s?

Smyly is so good. I sure hope we win tonight.

Inge walk off grand slam and playing flawless 3rd base. Aint that a b….

Appearently this crew has decided its in the Seattle camp. There have been several pitches that have bothered me. That pitch he called Peralta out in the 8th was a pitch he gave Vargas all not but squeezed Smyly on. It’s aweful again tonight!

That is just in a nutshell how things are going for the tigers they get a little excuse me swing for a double and Boesch hits a rocket, and it’s a double play? Things aren’t making a lot of sense right now!

Too bad we can’t hit because we sure can pitch. Hopefully the pitching doesn’t go south when and if the hitting comes around.
Hoping we can get a split in Oakland.

Tigers lose 2-1. Very poor hitting. Maybe JL should watch some more TV… home in Pittsburgh> permanently.

Not as awful as our hitters. It can’t be the umpires every game.
This is a team that was projected to decimate the opposition with their sticks.
We are Toothless Tigers at this point and it I don’t even see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel yet.
What’s the point complaining about Raburn any longer. Leyland doesn’t see what we see and Lloyd isn’t replaying at bats for his offense.
Brutal and another insult to your starting pitcher by playing meek and uninspired baseball behind him.

Awful lot like 2008 except that we can pitch.

This is more like 2011. Hopefully, the regular season ends the same way.

We really cant complain about Raburn if Cabrea can’t hit either.

You don’t treat Raburn like Babe Ruth—you can treat Cabby like Babe Ruth, but not Raburn.
But I hear you. Cabby has to start poinding again. Somebody has to put this offense on their shoulders and carry them and then hope they find their way. .
Something is going to change here soon. Probably something important too. I can smell it.

I think Smyly is going to be A OK but doesn’t anybody in the farm system teach these guys about holding runners on?

Putkonen threw really well–very impressive velocity and low in the zone..
But, (and I didn’t see the leadoff double) I really disagree with JL throwing rookies out there in the 9th inning. I don’t think he shlould have been out there in the 9th in a tight ball game.
What is wrong with Balester? I can’t recall him being pitched in quite some time now.
Danny got a chance to paly and an important hit but I think he hurt his cause by not being able to get that bunt down before the hit.
JL will figure if he or Ramon can’t bunt then he may as well play Raburn who can’t bunt either.

Granted Ramon hasn’t played as much as Inge or Raburn did, but nobody holding that position has separated themselves from the pack. The thing with Ramon he has never needed consistency in the past to perform??? I don’t know who the answer, but whomever he chooses, he must be thrown out there for good long stretch to see if they can take the bull by the horns.

I managed to stay awake all game, and got rewarded with a loss. the bright side though is how terrific our pitching has been, Smyly is handling himself like a seasoned pro out there – good for him. I wish I knew the answer to our bats. some is just bad luck – BB had a rocket of a hit that ended up a double play – not so sure the shortstop did not drop that on purpose, double play is better than a regular line out.

Miggy is off, and I can’t imagine his frustration. I do think there might be something to him adjusting to his new weight a bit. I know it was said he used to be slimmer and hit rockets, but he may have to adjust back to that, when he was at that size it was because that is where his body had him at, now he made changes to get back down and maybe it is still catching up to him? It isn’t like he dropped 80 pounds and has a huge change, but between than and moving back to 3rd base – a lot of changes in a short amount of time…

One thing – anyone notice Laird hold the ball a long time up in the air before he throws back to the pitcher. At first I thought it was a message to the ump that he did not like the call, but he does it on a lot of pitches that are obvious balls

Yeah, I’ve noticed that for years. It’s kind of irritating to me, for some reason. Reminds me of someone playing catch with their kid. “You ready? Here it comes.”

miggys weight is definitely a possible answer – but who knows

How about Jackson stealing second on THEIR closer to stay out of that DP? What did Boesch hit, the second pitch? You wait for the big hit and bad things happen.

Managed to watch the whole game. Some bad luck was in play last night, but I didn’t see anyone but Laird make the pitcher work. Have a short-term memory problem so correct me if I’m wrong. It turned out to be a pitching matchup and we just couldn’t hit or hit it right at somebody. In those kinds of situations, it seems like you’ve got to go with a little small ball to manufacture runs. I would never have put Boesch 2nd and would have pinch hit for him later in the game. It’s not like Jim doesn’t have a few good men pining away on the bench or even let Dirks ph and run Kelly out there.
The big fella seems to be in a mini-slump, but he sure has heck didn’t lose the game at 3rd base. He’s doing a pretty good job over there.
I’m not giving up. Anything can still happen.

That is one of the reasons I cringed when Worth couldn’t get the bunt down. There are times when you have to have a mindset that you WILL make something happen. Small ball is a way of putting pressure on the defense and the pitching when you are unable to put the other kind of pressure on. Worth comes up , fails to bunt , and the worst thing is that now JL is convinced that bunting is for the birds. I’ll just wait for someone to hit us a 3 run HR.
When AJ got on I felt no ensuing threat. And like Rich said, why not use AJ in the manner in which he should be able to be used—he can steal a base.
I seem to remember last year that we had a club with some HRs but that there was a disproportionate ly low number of 3-run HRs. Waiting for the big one is acceptable if you have a half way good chance of it happening.
I am fearful that Leyland (we fans) will be waiting for the whole year.

Remember how DD likes doubles?? He likes hitters that hit the ball to all fields and particularly in the gaps. Well, we are currently tied for last in the AL in doubles. Our park is designed to see hitters getting doubles and triples. It’s not happening for us right now. Last year’s doubles Cabrera 48, Martinez 40, Avila 33, Boesch 25, Peralta 25, Jackson 22. The team was fourth in the league. Watch our doubles total.

Last year Detroit was third in the American League in bunts. Behind Kansas the faster team in MLB ,and ChiSox( many talked about Guillen forgetting small ball). Of course they were 18th in MLB but Kansas was 15th and Chisox 17. Gibson´s D Back were 18th tied with Detroit and Scioscia´s Angels.
50 bunts ,11 more than Texas. Detroit was able to bunt last year.
This year 24 th in MLB and 8th in AL.

A quote from Leyland:
“It’s simple: We’re not scoring, and we’re supposed to score. And we will score. Right now, we’re not doing it.

“It sounds like a broken record. Eventually, you’ve got to go do something about it.”

OK, my response is WHO; WHAT; WHEN?

Last year on May 9th, 10th and 11th Victor had a three game stretch where he had 10 rbis. Do we need somebody to do that again?? It would be better if two or three guys had a big series against Oakland. It doesn’t matter who you pick.

If AJ does not steal, why was Boesch NOT bunting with Cabrera and Fielder coming up?

I was begging for a bunt there, Leyland seems to think that if someone has the potential for power they should not be bunting – which is nuts

He doesnt want to take out the bat out of Cabrera´s hands. He is going by the book. And the way Fielder is hitting , I agree with him

That makes no sense. Miggy is not hitting well. You want Biggy to be the guy with the bat in his hands.

But that’s why Fielder is there. Can’t shut down your entire offense just so Cabrera can hit, possibly into a DP. All that aside, I wanted Jackson to steal then let Boesch, Cabrera, and Fielder have shots to drive him in. Got to have a 1-run offense that doesn’t rely on extra base hits. We let the .208 hitter swing away with no chance for Jackson to steal.

Cabrera will get IBB or nothing to hit. Boston did it.Most managers will take the chances with Fielder. Cabrera still has more HRs and RBI than Fielder,who until monday has mostly singles to show. Cabrera is having a bad time like two years ago when Magglio and Guillen, decline first and injuries later, left him without protection. Last year ,VMart made pay for the IBB. Fielder has not done that. And Miguel is receiving nothing to hit .Of course it is also Miguel ´s fault for pressing himself

I thought the same. My guess is JL hates to bunt at all, with anyone who has ever hit more than 5 HRs in a season.

The double (Saunders I think) was an inside outside swing and went opposite field down the 3rd base line. I thought somewhat lucky but that’s baseball. Below hung the curve to Jaso. But, we need to score runs. Cabby bouncing in to DP’s and not pulling the ball.

At this point in the season, I’d say the most ironic thing so far is that the “Jackson ignites the offense” thing is entirely disproven. Austin has done everything they need, and more. While I’m not surprised at the .500 start, the way they’ve accomplished it is inexplicable. Just been a strange year so far.

good point about the offense and aj not correlating.

hey look at the bright side fellas….if we were hitting like we will hit….then we’d be winning all these series right now….

Memo to the manager:
You have a problem. Fix it. Otherwise your team doesn’t even make the playoffs.

problems, rather.

Not to be argumentative, but doesnt The TEAM has problems don’t they all have a responsibility in fixing it??? Last time I checked Leyland can’t go out there and bat for them?

Rashard Lewis = the man traded for Gilbert Arenas after the locker-room guy foopah

Inge batting sixth tonight. No Cespedes

Tigers should be loaded with lefties. Should Jackson get a night off??

Jackson in 2011 against Colon: 0 for 5 . 4 SO. 1 BB. He must be there . 211 against LHPs,and 373 against RHPs

Funny I looked back at last year on this blog at this time, guess what we were talking about? What’s wrong with Cabrera, how bad Inge and Raburn ( of course) Benoit was having problems. On the positive side how great Vmart was doing and moving Boesch up in the order instead of Magglio being there? Funny how much things stay the same and how much they change!

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