Avila out with sore patella tendon in left knee (updated)

The Tigers brought back Gerald Laird as a backup catcher in large part to help ease the wear and tear on Alex Avila, who developed patella soreness in both knees by season’s end from catching every day. Now that Avila has a sore patella tendon in his left knee again, Laird is back behind the plate for the rest of the Tigers’ series in Seattle.

Avila is potentially available to catch in an emergency, but barring that, he won’t be behind the plate for at least tonight and Wednesday.

“He had this issue last year some,” manager Jim Leyland said Tuesday afternoon. “I’m not making a big deal about it, but I’m not making light of it either.”

Neither is Avila, who said he “definitely” thinks he could be back in the lineup Thursday. He said doctors told him he’ll have to work to strengthen the muscles around the knee, but that it shouldn’t be anything long term.

“I can’t do anything more to it,” Avila said. “It’s just a pain tolerance issue. It’s not going to require surgery or anything like that.”

Leyland and Avila said he first felt it when he charged out from behind the plate on Michael Saunders’ bunt single in the third inning. Avila didn’t say anything about it to Leyland, who kept him in the game the rest of the night.

“I felt bad last night,” Leyland said. “I probably should’ve gotten him out of there in the ninth inning, but I didn’t hear about it.”

Avila said that by game’s end, it was pretty bad.

“Probably the worse stages of last year, I felt yesterday,” Avila said. “Why, I have no idea.”


Any way you frame this—it is bad news when a catcher has knee problems–expecially recurring ones.
4 at bats, 3 Ks and you get promoted. Nice gig if you can get it. I think if Raburn snaps out today and hits a dinger he might have some legitimacy in lobbying for cleanup.
Keep running him out there Leyland. Nothing like insulting your whole bench.

That happened for not playing Laird enough and not playing Santos last year.They even called Inge instead of Santos in late august

Now pitching for the Angels, David Pauley.

Dan Dickerson is interviewing Leland right now. Leland says Raburn and Delmon have to get it going. He knows “our fans are emotional.” Sometimes he gets upset with himself.

But Dr. McCoy, judging a contest with emotions is not logical.

Actually, he was pretty emphatic about not favoring Raburn and that “up here” you gotta hit. Said that about Delmon and Raburn.

Rhymes 2 for 3. BB ( making work Robertson). 350 for the season

makes you wonder if we should have kept him and let santiago start somewhere……worth/kelly as utility guys

Can we please sart getting a few clutch hits? Fielder can you please stop being just a singles hitter where are the homers but hell where are the doubles? Pen I know you have it in you, please let’s be solid!

Dirks was in the bench….

A great AB for Raburn

Guess we can’t get a clutch hit. First inning 7 guys to plate with a leadoff double and they get one stinking run!

Tight strike zone tonight! Neither pitcher seems very happy!

Discombobulated? We’ll see. Go Tigers!!!!

Verlander , 3 pitches less than Millwood

sweet jesus we’ve found our 2-hole man!!! (at least for right now) Delmon better get used to that DH spot!

A single would be enough now

I sure hope Delmon gets a hit.

good, good, good.

Justin is fighting it tonight! Wouldn’t ya know we finally scored a few runs too!

And the umps strike zone is like a postage stamp!

Poorest excuse for a strike zone I’ve seen in a long time.

It effectively evens the odds.

5 innings at most with Smyly tomorrow. Below for 3 and then Valverde

We’re letting Millwood get away with murder.
The umps have taken the fun out of this game.

These umps are horrible! How the hell do some of these idiots have jobs? He has effectively trying to decide this game instead of the players on the field. Baseball should be embarressed!

We as Tiger fns are certainly embarrassed. This is another dreadful prformance so far by our hitters. 5 runs notwithstanding.
How many left on? Bases loaded twice?
JV has been off all night, this is going to be a tough one to eke out.
Hard to believe a thumber like Millwood can deaden our bats like he has and how many times we have left him off the hook.
Raburn gets a hit, I’m sure that guarantees him a start for the rest of the road trip.
It will not be easy if we don’t hit, I doubt we will get many close calls from this home plate ump or the crew..

Food for thought:
Josh Hamilton hit more homers tonight than Raburn, Young AND Peralta have had all year long!

It’s an ugly game, that’s for sure. I hate to see Justin lose his temper like that.

Ya he had every right to though, the ump was sticking it to him. It seemed like it would be the night we finally get some runs, JV of all oh them cant shut it down,

I don’t care how we win. Just win the damn thing and move on to tomorrow.

My wife felt the same way Kathy but I was actually glad he stood up to the ump (though he probably should have been tossed). The ump made some bad calls close together that impacted the ball game.
We better score a run here in the 9th. Valverde pitches bettr with a 3 run lead!.
Cabby is now part of the struggling offense. I just shake my head at all this because it just doesn’t make much sense.
Meanwhile Raburn has displaced Dirks for defense!.
Raburn is handled by Jim Leyland as if he were Willie Mays.

Raburn also has a better throwing arm,

Dirks hamstring is still tender, that’s why. Valverde threw 2 pitches to the second batter which were strikes! But it turns into a walk! I hate this ump

Well Valverde gets his double play ball and Santiago makes a poor throw to first and Fielder can’t pick it! Good job Santiago! Your the best??

Like that second pitch to Montero wasn’t a strike?? Are you freaking kidding me?

Fielder has to pick that, when the 2ndbaseman is turning with the runner bearing down. Brian Knight, whoever he is, was ridiculous tonight and pretty much wrecked the game.
I’ll take the win. Good catch, Kelly.

Don Kelly always proves he is one guy who makes the big play at the big time. Nobody else on this team can make that catch. He’s all heart. Wish we had more like him among the more talented skillsets on this team.
I agree Fielder should have had that throw but I don’t think he had to pick it. I don’t think that throw ever hit the ground before his glove.
Unfortunately, Prince is so compact it will always draw comparisons with typical 1st basemen with longer limbs. He looks pretty awkward out there really.
Dirks does have that tweaky hammy but I still prefer him out there to Raburn.
I did think we were going to lose that game or at least have it tied up on us. We were fortunate.
I figure we get Worth at 2nd tomorrow and Raburn in the field. Boesch will play by default.
Some of the worst home plate umping I have seen in a while. It is almost hard to believe it wasn’t deliberate and that he was opeerating with a chip on his shoulder.

big ups to Inge on a walk off grand slam last night. btw.

awkward is a good description of Fielder at first, he had one ball go by him at first last night and he kind of half fell to the ground. Not complaining though if his bat makes up for it in the end.

JV was off, the umps were off, but JV has got to control that temper, he is very lucky he stayed in the game, I was also surprised how aggressive the ump was, I was afraid Laird would get tossed for kind of holding him back. We simply can’t lose JV early in a game because of his emotions, even on his off nights he can usually get through it.

I missed the last few innings, eyelids were way too heavy, but glad to see they got the win, will have to read the box to see how the last few innings went. Dirks is doing great, glad to hear Kelly was in there though for a great catch, he is a clutch defensive player to be sure.

I hear Inge got a walk off grand slam last night – good for him.

Just saw the Don Kelly catch and yes, I don’t see any other Tiger making that play. Spectacular and smart call to put him in the field.

Miguel had similar problems twice with Detroit. Upon arriving from NL. And when he was without protection for the injuries of Magglio and Guillen. He went more then two months without xbase with runners on base.It could be his eye but i think is the work at 3b and the lack of hiiting around him. Yes , Fielder and Boesch.
Dirks played winter baseball so he has better rhythm than the rest of the team. He must have been in the lineup since openning day and in the second spot when Boesch struggling got serious.
Kelly looked awfull in his first chances ,now he is looking like a great OF. I have been always his fan and was really disapointed before the last couple of games.
Laird has proven again why you need a veteran presence . His deffense has been always above average .
Watching Roberston impersonating Jones, Rodney, Valverde and the first failed game for Dotel in almost a year show that closers deserve the money they get. Not everyone has the mind set to close.
Peralta and Avila are already begging to hit. Still they need consistency .
Santiago plays one day every week . You cant bat or field out of the bench like you would playing everyday.
Why they call Worth and Villareal? Sorry for the expression but it is used in Venezuela , “warming bench” wont help them mature

Begining to hit.

What’s strange for Santiago this season has been the 0 for 13 against lefties. The last two seasons he has hit over .300 against them. What lefties did he start against??

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