Tigers option Villarreal to call up Fister

The Tigers won’t officially call up Doug Fister until tomorrow for his Monday night start in Seattle, but they got the return move out of the way before leaving Detroit. They optioned right-hander Brayan Villarreal to Triple-A Toledo, thus bringing their bullpen back to seven pitchers.

The fact that the Tigers sent out Villarreal instead of rookie right-hander Luke Putkonen is a little bit of a surprise, given that Putkonen has only one appearance since the Tigers purchased his contract over a week ago. But Villarreal’s lone appearance since his return was the April 27 loss to the Yankees in which the winning run got on and came around without a base hit. He retired his first batter, walked the next two, threw a wild pitch in between, and then threw three pitches out of the zone to Alex Rodriguez, the last of them being a passed ball. He threw just eight of his 19 pitches for strikes, and manager Jim Leyland noted afterwards that he needed to relax and get some confidence.


Dirks has earned starting each day. And he should stay in the two hole. Boesch has amazing power, but he has yet to prove that he’s a keeper; just ask Rich’s wife about the Red headed phenom. He’s nowhere to be found. Not ready to give up on Boesch, but for goodness sakes, keep him out of the two hole. Right now I would play Ramon for the first five on the road. See what happens. It couldn’t be any worse than what’s happening right now. Starters are stepping up, while Valverde is fooling nobody. And as far as saves go, the most worthless statistic in baseball. Managers get sucked into the “save rules” instead of sometimes using a better option. Finally, thanks Jerry Green for the article, and give a player enough reps to see if anything is left. Oakland is doing just that. I’m glad Pujols doesn’t play for us; he’d be run out of town.

By Greg on May 6, 2012 7:10 pm – Reply

– Dirks is playing great for now. Pitchers will make an adjustment on him, much like they did Boesch.
– Valverde is not getting his splitter over consistently now, that is why he is struggling a little.
– Did Jerry Green write an article on Clete Thomas?

That homer on Sunday will probably give Dirks a better chance to play against LH starters. However, we all know Mr. Leyland will make that decision.
Here’s a comparison for you: Brennan Boesch has 4 homers in just short of 250 ABs against LH pitchers in his two seasons plus April. Andy Dirks has 3 homers in 40 ABs against LH pitchers.
Do you think he will pass him up in the next two years?? Brennan’s spot against lefties s/b #9.
Our main concern in this whole matter is that we will face many lefties the rest of this season. The White Sox have FOUR in their bullpen. The guy that pitched against us Sunday was sent to the minors. I’m curious to see if they bring a LH starter up from the minors.

boesch isn’t himself right now, but you are right he has no power against lefties…but he does have good contact (2009-2011: 210 ABs and 0.318BA). Dirks is awesome i hope he is our every day guy next year in LF.

You are of course refering to number 7 ey Greg.

Just curious. Did Brandon Inge have more than one number while he was a Tiger?? He did not mess around once becoming an Oakland As, did he???

Just a reminder of why I hate Inge.
“The last two years I wouldn’t have had situations like that,” Inge said. “It’s getting back to where I’m seeing guys on ahead of me and it feels like I’m getting back to my old self.”
Blame your old team-mates instead of yourself. Jack@$$

if “situations” = batting in the 2 hole….then i agree with cInge.
He is batting almost double what he batted here, getting walked a little, crossin the plate a few times and hitting with his usual power. Google his name – read the blogs: people are saying he’s solved the 3b problem in oakland (and yes he is batting 0.174 over there). He prolly feels like the 6 millions bucks we just gave him.
with that being said, he doesn’t fit on our roster – and i am still glad he is gone. And yeah, his comments are always real head shakers.

Any reason Smyly is not being tracking in MLB’s Top Rookie page? http://detroit.tigers.mlb.com/stats/sortable_rookie.jsp?c_id=det

He was something like #82 on their list. They have to hype Harper, Trout, Moore, etc. . He reminds me a lot of Mickey Lolitch with the back foot put away slider to right handed batters and actually has better command than Mickey at age 22. Mickey came up mid-season and went maybe 6-10. We have been cursed with developing a left handed starting pitcher. Let’s just hope we break the curse. His next win will have him fly past Phil Coke last year and D. Willis over his three years with Detroit. Baby steps and no hype..

Inge talking about the people paying the tickets ( or buying merchandise when they cant go to the stadium) where his salary come from:
Harper: was HbP last night. He will receive a good share of them. You must recognize he is a hustler but also needs some polishing in his fielding . Interfered with the CF , failed to follow another fly. His double in his third at bat is the most daring running I have seen since Gibson get to third with a flyout to shallow LF. Smyly must be a candidate for the RoY . It has been settled, but Darvish is no rookie.
Agent P. ? Ballester is a great adquisition fr the Tigers. Ryan was a BP macchine
LHP were the Holy Grial at Tiger Stadium with the “short” 328 LF but LHPs did not last long and the best for Detroit at any stadium since then came in trades: Tanana and Rogers

Free agency for Rogers. I meant they were no drafted by the Tigers

thanks for the link to that article….very good article. I agree with everything except brandon thinking people did not like him for being tall….

what did harper do to get hit anyhow? I saw he did….what did he do to upset cole hamles?

why will he recieve so many hbp?

I don know why he was hit but Washington´s pitcher waited until Hammels AB to hit him. So they thougt it was intentional. it was the first at bat. I guess they dont like the hype and are trying to school him , so more HbP will come
After being hit he went to third with a single and then stole home when Hammels tried to pick off the runner at first.Two years ago Elsbury was hit by the Yankees for stealing home.
Then he went to second with the ball in the hands of the LF.
He is a hustler and it is the kind of players that go into the skin of pitchers like Gomes or Aybar with Verlander or any human being in the case of Weaver

I read the articles referred to above. It always amuses me when anyone speaks of “the fans” as if they are all one person. 3 million fans means 3 million individuals with 3 million separate opinions. Just because a small percentage of them are yahoos who love to act up and cut people down and have no sense doesn’t mean it’s how “the fans” think. Media, do you understand this when you use words like “fickle”?
Jerry Green, speaking only for myself, I use the term “we” because it’s quicker than constantly typing out “the Tigers” or “Detroit.” Simple as that, no psychological motives. Other than the Tigers having been my team since 1960, that is.

sure would be nice to see santiago, boesch and DY start hitting again

even if avila, dirks, jhonny and AJ are hitting the ball very well right now

Yes it would. Did you happen to see the ball that DY hit to Alexi Ramirez on Sunday I believe??
He turned him around or it would have been a double play.

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Tigers have a spot open on the 40 man roster currently, with Edlred clearing waivers.
A very simple explaination for TIgers offensive woes in the first month – hitting with men on base. Yesterday was a prime example, 3 solo HRs but too many men left on base. Biggest difference from last year – VMart. VMart was amazing with guys on base last year and we miss him for sure.

Let’s keep that #40 spot open for a while..

VMart was amazing. Cabby was too. I just hope that when the two of them are retired that they will have many fond memories with the Tigers BESIDES what happened in 2011. Will we settle for three AL Central Division championships, two league titles, and a World Championship???

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