Saturday: Delmon DHs against Sox

As Jim Leyland said yesterday, Delmon Young is the designated hitter against Gavin Floyd. He’s 9-for-33 against the right-hander.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Andy Dirks, LF
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B

P: Max Scherzer



Ryan Raburn 2B. The adventure continues…………..

Well said. And let’s hope on Oct 4th his stat line reads 15 hrs 70 rbis and .255.

scherzer has not pitched well this year – but i did like his last start against the sox – he had 11 k’s, while giving up 1 walk and 5 hits. I think he has been working on sum mechanics- something about his hands or something – jones noticed it in his last game i thought. Hope that gives him a good outting today!
interesting about the NY incident fixing the delmon in LF problem – although I still think delmon should get 1 or 2 LF starts in LF a week because when/if we get Victor back we will need him to play LF to get him in the lineup. His bat isn’t more than average against right-handed pitching anyhow IMO.
We could use a boost from delmon’s bat today though boy I’ll tell ya he’s a WSOX killer (128abs with a .910ops)!

Believe Max will do fine against the White Sox. He likes pitching against them. I will be shocked if on Oct 4th we find out that Delmon Young has DHed for us for more than sixty games. I believe that Mr. Leyland will use a blend of Dirks, Young, and Rayburn and try to add a pinch of Cabrera and Fielder with part of his motive to give Don Kelly a few starts.. How did you pull up that (128abs with a .910ops)?? Currently Dirks, .270, Young, .130, Raburn, .125 in their DH at bats.

You look at those names stacked up R-L and wonder how they don’t score six runs in their sleep.
My opinion is that Raburn needs to play one position, and I think 2ndbase is the best bet.
I’m blacked out today, which I suppose is just as well, with the Fox circus in town to dissect the entire Delmon Young thing. A further inundation of opinions.

This is without question Mr. Leyland’s finest work in ten or twelve games. Agree totally with you on RR being primarily a second baseman. We have played twenty five games and at this time I wanted Ryan to have fifteen games at second, seven games at DH, and three R & Rs for RR you could call them. #39 would have been my second baseman in the other ten games when RR was not at second. On the black out front, I am not so I’ll see my fifth or sixth game this year up against watching some horses derbying.

Im getting ready to head downtown for some tiger baseball. Hope traffic isnt too bad after the game with drinko de mayo celebraters. I agree keep rayburn out of the outfield.

Now that Mr. Leyland has hit on a lineup that has tremendous merit I’m willing to turn in my lineup critiquer card if there is such a thing. People when you look at the big picture as long as that bottom line has P: Verlander, P:Smyly, P:Porcello, P:Fister, or P: Scherzer this team will be fine. Today our pitcher is Max Scherzer and he has done super work against these highly competitive Chicago White Stockings’ players for the past two years. Just thing of Ernie Harwell when Max throws the first pitch and GO Tigers.

Rosenthal is calling the team : paper tigers and see the division as open.Wrong
I said it last year when they were tied for first place and will say it again,the division is their to lose.
Only Cleveland can challenge them.
Ventura wont be able to manage the dugout and he is far from being a real MLB manager. Bunting for the tie as visitor, in the 3rd inning?
Twins are out for years to come. Even is Morneau is able to recover his game. They have no chance.
Kansas? in a couple of years perhaps.
They will click soon or later and will fill the holes in the team 2b , perhaps middle relievers and a shuffle in the batting order

El Tigre agree with your assessment. The Indians batters lead the American League in Walks and have the next to fewest strike outs. That’s a lethal combination and one that could give anyone trouble. Also they have by far the most experienced bullpen.. Beware the Tribe. The only way the White Sox are in the hunt is if Peavy is mentioned for the Cy Young in October And Konerko and Dunn have 40 homers each. Not too likely but could happen. If on Sept. 15th, we see pigs flying outside US Cellular Field we will get very concerned.

Can anyone think of the last MLB manager who, like Ventura, never managed a day in the minors? It would seem to be either a disaster or proof that anyone can do the manager’s job.
I wonder if the last Detroit manager to fit this bill is Mickey Cochrane?

What about John Ferrell or Bud Black?? They are now managers and were pitching coaches before that. Had they ever managed in the minors??? So much recycling at the major league level.

How about Gibby?? That’s three possibilities. And if you need a fourth, the guy Gibby replaced AJ Hinch may have skipped the minors, too. This may be a new trend that reduces the recycling theory.

National Fox coverage just had the stat I’ve been looking for. Detroit’s DHs are last in homers 0 and rbis 4.

Boy I hope Max is ok

Guess Max is fine! Nice recovery!

Well another day and another day of getting hits early and then shutting down the old hitting train.

Well-Max can’t win with an unsupporting offense. I would seriously doubt he will get beyond 7 without getting touched up a bit.
Our hitters are actually brutal.
when does this ever stop?

My point exactly.

We lucked out yesterday and we can’t count on getting lucky again. These Sox have a way with us and 2 runs will just not cut it.
Especially with Benoit and Valverde throwing the way they have been.

Great work, time for Benoit

Well- here we go–weak a$$ hitting and BB leaves 2 more guys stranded.
Now we have to get Benoit not to walk anybody and Valverde not to let anybody steal (or actually get a vacation to) 2nd base

Well half way there. Benoit threw very well.
Now Jose has to keep men off base.

Terrific valverde as usual let’s somebody waltz to 2nd base.

Punch in the gut to us.

Nice Valverde!

Predictable. Valverde has been one of (if not the worst) closers in baseball this year.
He was (and so were we) very fortunatel last year. His complete inability (read ddisregard) to hold a runner on will precipitate the end of his role as a closer IMO.
It is an incredible irony or contradiction that a closer actually helps the offense with men on base.
No way should Scherzer (or before) JV have to suffer this kind of outcome after the games they have pitched.

How come our batters never ever ever get to 2nd on so called indifference! Right there if danny worth went to second guess what with that raburn double game is tied! I don’t get it?

Well that really stinks!

Because the other teams usually have pitchers who are holding our runners on base. Also their catchers are licking their chops hoping we run. The “defensive indifference” call probably has been in baseball for twenty years maybe. Before that no defense just let someone steal second base. The only time you let them steal second is when they have runners at first and third and you want to prevent them from stealing home on a double steal because you throw to second. Valverde’s inability to hold runners at first is definitely one of our team’s must maddening problems. To tell you the truth it didn’t help them today and that homer Dunn hit should have counted for an extra run. Oops can’t change the rules after 150 years.


Valverde throws 90% fastballs; It won’t get the job done. Boesch is really becoming a liability in the two hole; Dirks/Santiago need to be there until and if he gets more consistent; he left five in scoring position right where they were. No consistency at all
from 2-5.

Nobody has anything to be proud of on the hitting front today! Two runs early than squat! Same story different day,

Sounds like it was a good game to miss. No team wins anything without an effective closer. By the way, the answer to who else can close temporarily would be Dotel. He’s done it before. If it were to come to that. Mainly though, gotta hit. This lineup doesn’t seem to work.
I’ll probably look at some of the game later.

During his ST ´s report Rich mentioned that Benoit was not having enough innings. The same was true for Porcello and most of the staff because of the useless casting. It was soon clear that Smyly was in a walk over. Why is that continuing in the regular season? while relievers are going up and down in an elevator , Benoit and Valverde did not pitch in a week.
Valverde is in his contract year, and pitching that bad is damaging himself and the team . Closer are going down one after another and he could be headed for a record contract. Or even is needed , could be a trade bait better than Turner.
Hpoe is that he is not injured.Schlereth like Bondo was injured and did not tell anything. It is not about youth, Todd Jones also pitched injured before leaving ,again, his work to Farnsworth.

The logic behind fielder´s indiference is that run on first is worthless. As Rodgers and Jones explained that when you are winning you must make outs , you dont to worry about runs that only put the other team near. But it holds true only when the runner on base is not the tying run like today

But with Jose and specifically this case, the runner on first was the tying run, so if you let him advance to second a single scores them instead of just getting to second or third. If Worth had gotten himself to second well guess what he scores on the double.

I know , I said:But it holds true only when the runner on base is not the tying run like today.
I did not watch the game , Fox had here Brewers – SF , im commenting on gameday description,so I dont know if Soxs were keeping him near the base. They were supposed too since they were the visitor

If the run on first is worthless, then I would like to think we have at least a five run lead. Of course, then we should NEVER have Valverde in the game anyway. Does that make sense??
What I find mindboggling is we have several pitchers that teams like to run on and we very rarely
have them pitchout to help Alex.

JL has to start taking some blame.
You can’t keep playing guys based on what you want them to or think they will do instead of what they are actually doing.
Raburn’s stats today look not too bad. However, he should not be playing and had some very poor at bats today at critical times earlier in the game.
Boesch has to be more consistent if he is going to be getting the kind of pitches he presumably is getting batting ahead of Cab.
These Tigers are pretty much toothless right now.

People this is baseball.. Paybacks are part of the game. Friday night we snatched one from them, today they did likewise. First time to really see some of their young bullpen guys. That last pitcher put AJ away with 97 mph HEAT!!!

Sure did. This is a team in our division. Hope we get em tomorrow.

Okay, we go into a three week team-wide hitting funk. Fine, it’s early and we’ll eventually start scoring more runs. What bothers me is that they’re capable of such extended offensive droughts. If they have one of these in late August or September, it’s possible the postseason hopes are gone. Makes it hard for your average fan to just enjoy the ride.
I think JL should shake it up with his #2 hitter. If I think that, so will JL. But not for another three weeks or so. Dirks looks like a more likely candidate for the job, since Boesch is homer-happy ever since hitting BP with Cabrera and Fielder in ST. Hurt himself twice doing it. This stuff is plain to see.

Here’s a good way to shake up your #2 hitter, who has played as much as anyone on the team. Sit his butt on the bench for two days and have someone work with him on pitch selection and driving the ball to left center. It’s 26 games into the season with the results 2walks and 25 strikeouts.
This is the big leagues you under perform long enough you ride the pines. Dirks is a good choice and Delmon Young really did well last year hitting in front of Cabby. Santiago has batted second over the past few years and does the little things required of that position in the order.

Max pitched well today and definitely had more life on his fastball than Valverde who I think is hiding an injury as his fastball for some time is fooling no one.
Funny that Max a few times under pressure finished two innings reverting to his old wind up instead of his new over the shoulder ‘schoolboy’ windup used for most of the start.
The Tigers are definitely reading too much of their own hype and the swings for the fence approach is bearing no fruit. The 2 run lead was produced largely by luck and could easily have been a 3-0 loss.

Well all you have to do is look at the team stats. Near the bottom in team era, middle of the pack in offense and defense. Guess what that leads to a .500 average team!

Sounded to me like McCarver got it entirely wrong on Scherzer’s windup. He indicated that Max had scrapped a hands in front of the chest delivery in favor of a hands over the head windup that he used in high school. That was actually Porcello. Scherzer has always gone hands on top.
It may be a small point, but when I hear the Fox crew make erroneous statements about the Tigers, I have to wonder if I’m receiving accurate information when watching them telecast teams I’m not as familiar with. I have to assume everything they say is suspect.

Dirks in the 2 slot today, Boesch to 8th. Dirks batting 2nd makes alot of sense with way he’s been swinging it.

The other teams have got Brennan’s number. When they threw down and in, he could get to it. Now they are pitching him different and he hasn’t made the adustments. That’s what good hitters learn to do: make the adustments.

The problem with hitting is not BB.
Boesch. 250 in clutch. 2 outs 259.Risp: 250. But 13 RBI
Fileder:278. Clutch 500 , yes but Risp:105. Only 12 RBI.
Jackson ,fourth in OPS , and Cabrera are the only hitters doing the job.Avila is almost in full recovery and Peralta is beginning to bat .
It is Fielder , the 4th bat, who needs to hit the hrs that he was probably wrongly supposed to hit at the cold ,huge CoPa.
Until he hit more than singles he is doing more damage to the team than the rest. Taking him from 1b to home you need three hits or a HR.A single is only setting the DP.
Young cant not be the second at bat either. He takes a walk per season and alredy has two. He wont take another until 2014.
Everyone thinks Dirks is fit to the task but for Leyland who would put there Raburn if he ever make any change.
Heath Bell was demoted from closer yesterday and Pujols was benched. That kind of calls are not common in Detroit.. .

My apologies to the manager , he made the tought call

The right call

Jamesschmell at twitter :”Leyland is experimenting with lineup. Said Raburn is hitting well off left-handers and suggested him as a candidate to hit No. 2 in lineup.”

You got me intrigued Rich and I went over some old footage of Scherzer. The crazy thing is he mixed up both windup methods in the two games I looked at, something I never noticed before.

I looked at some of yesterday’s footage and compared it to Sunday in NY. I don’t pretend to be an expert on pitching mechanics, but the difference I saw is that yesterday his ball in the glove pre-delivery position was higher than last Sunday. Other than that, he had a friendlier strike zone yesterday, less patient hitters, and didn’t have to pitch out of the stretch much. As Yogi said, half of this game is 90% mental.

Got to win these games against our division opponents. Good luck today, Tigers!!

Full Line up posted by the Tigers @tigers

Austin Jackson, CF
Andy Dirks, LF
Miguel Cabrera, 3B
Prince Fielder, 1B
Delmon Young, DH
Alex Avila, C
Jhonny Peralta, SS
Brennan Boesch, RF
Ryan Raburn, 2B

This is a message to Brennan. They have guys that can play RF. Brennan needs confidence. He showed this when he was put into the 5th spot behind Cabby with expectations of empowering the offense.
Batting him 2nd also brought expectations–that he was going to get fat pitches ahead of Cabby and yes, empower the offense.
To this point in his career he has not responded well to expectations in terms of batting order placement.
Batting him 6,7,or 8 relieves him of those challenging expectations. Perhaps he will be a little less tense and get that pretty stroke back to where we all know it can be.
This was a necessary move.
However, the rhetoric we are getting about Raburn is disgusting. Who does Leyland think he is kidding.
This team needs a 2nd baseman–pure and simple.
I like Ramon and feel he is a better choice over Raburn. I don’t think he is a strong enough solution there though. I think Worth could be given some chances there but I don’t think that will eventuate into a strong solution either.
LF and 2nd base have been areas of concern for years.
What I have seen from this club this year has kept me from a 600 mile return trip to Seattle, 6 expensive tickets, $200 in ball park beer, and hotel expenses.
I guess I should be grateful for that.

when was the last time we had a very legit everyday LF guy? seriously i don’t know.

I like Dirks at #2 today simply because he’s getting his bat on the ball and looks like a tougher out. If he has weaknesses to be exploited, they haven’t found them yet. Boesch is easy to pitch to. Holes galore in his current approach.
I’m going to sound like JL here, but Raburn actually is having good ABs. Nothing like that dream-land Inge business. If he hangs in there, he’ll start getting results. It’s no secret that I prefer Santiago, but that won’t happen anytime soon.

yea well when he is batting .163 then i don’t miss him so much.

Ramon doesn’t seem to be having a very good year at the plate either. Problem has been all year that there is no clear cut choice there for me. But what I do think is that whomever he chooses to put there must get several days in a row and not in and out of the lineup.

the consistency might be needed u r right. it was brandons turn now its RR. maybe next santiago.

just kidding – danny worth turn next. santiago is hated by management and will never get a chance the play consistently. jk. maybe not.

Must be nice to have a power hitter like Dunn in your lineup instead of Fielder our new singles hitter! Yes I am starting to lose patients with him. Ya you can say its a harder place to hit homers, but he’s not hitting for ANY power! Dudes getting paid a whole lot of cash to hit for some power and get rbi’s neither of which he is doing.

By the way not good Dunn is appearently out of his year long funk!

He has just tied Jackson, Boesch and Avila in HRs

Cabby I love ya, but why do you seemingly shrink when you face the White Soxs. I used to think it had something to do with Ozzie Guillen time, but he isn’t in the equation anymore do what gives?

Cabrera is hitting around 100 carrer against WS. 3 years below 200. 2 years over 300. Last year 410. One bad , one good.. this is the bad year

Was the HbP a revenge for taking 1b of the wild pitch? He could have swing knowing the ball was a wild pitch. Luis Aparicio did it once

Please no same ol’;same ol’.
Starter throwing a good one and no support to speak of.

I love how Darvish and the Rangers seemingly shrink when the get to the Indians when we really could of used a little help!.
As I type this Alex and the Fielder waste a lead off double by Cabrera! Same old same old tigers!

I gotta go back to work. Win Tigers WIN.

Bottom of the 6th yet more wasted opportunities! I’m so frustrated!

He has been wild since the first hitter , why he keeps him there?

Not being a Coke fan—(He’s OK, but can disappont too often), I do not agree with taking dotel out.

pinch hitter and bunt?

They want to pitch to Boesch. They dont know he is better against LHP

Well if Boesch would stop trying to hit homers instead of line drives maybe he would be feared but as it is, these hitters are not scarey they are freaking pathetic!

I tought he could deliver when he finally took a pitch only to go back to the usual way next

Bottom of the 7th Avila and Boesch take another dump on an opportunity to add more runs! I’m so disgusted!

I hear ya’.
These are the kinds of games we have been losing. “The formula” (JL’s) has been orchestrated once more.
Same as yesterday.
Benoit can’t walk anybody and Valverde can’t let anyone on base.
Right now Jose is a 3 run lead closer.

Not a good scene here in the 8th inning. Up by only one run, stranding many runners, good inning by Benoit, but now we’ll have Valverde again. Can he shut them down this time?

Dirks 2 for 5

No LF? Why not give the job to Dirks? And the thing about Cabrera not hitting well against the W Sox is especially hard on me here in Illinois surrounded by so many Sox fans.

Can it ever be easy? Honestly its just torture!

Can we lure Todd Jones out of retirment?

Andy dirks and AJ are the 2 best players on the field right now for the Tigers.

Valverde certainly gives the crowd some drama but I’d rather see some shorter innings from him with fewer pitches and no base runners.

Let’s be careful not to praise Dirks too much. Leyland will bench him if he gets too hot. How would Young react to being the DH most of the time? I didn’t think he wanted to do that very much.

I wanted Coke to start the 8th, pitching to Lillebridge then Dunn. That would have neutralized Dunn, and also left some leeway for the 9th in case Valverde got in trouble. Or have Benoit pitch the 9th. Glad it worked out, but I like to state what I would have done so it doesn’t look like second guessing after the fact when things don’t work out.
I understand that closers will provide some excitement, but sometimes I wish Valverde would just pitch a 3 up 3 down inning. You know, dominate a little. I don’t have the confidence in him that I had in Todd Jones. Example Joe Nathan. He could get himself in and out of jams, but also would shut you down entirely.
The 7-8-9 “formula” drives me nuts sometimes.
It was important to win today’s game, take the series, and split 3-3 with Chicago. An important early season game.

Dirks has earned starting each day. And he should stay in the two hole. Boesch has amazing power, but he has yet to prove that he’s a keeper; just ask Rich’s wife about the Red headed phenom. He’s nowhere to be found. Not ready to give up on Boesch, but for goodness sakes, keep him out of the two hole. Right now I would play Ramon for the first five on the road. See what happens. It couldn’t be any worse than what’s happening right now. Starters are stepping up, while Valverde is fooling nobody. And as far as saves go, the most worthless statistic in baseball. Managers get sucked into the “save rules” instead of sometimes using a better option. Finally, thanks Jerry Green for the article, and give a player enough reps to see if anything is left. Oakland is doing just that. I’m glad Pujols doesn’t play for us; he’d be run out of town.


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