Tigers activate Young, designate Eldred

Delmon Young’s suspension from Major League Baseball is officially over. So is the Tigers’ experiment with Triple-A slugging sensation Brad Eldred.

As the Tigers say they would, the team activated Young on Friday from MLB’s restricted list, where he had been placed last Saturday following his arrest and arraignment on aggravated harassment charges. He is not expected to start tonight against the White Sox, but he will be available as a right-handed hitter off the bench.

As it turns out, he’ll be the only right-handed power bat available off the bench now that the Tigers have ended their look at Eldred after a week. Detroit designated his contract for assignment to make room for Young on the roster.

Eldred’s red-hot start at Triple-A Toledo earned the 31-year-old another shot at the big leagues. He joined the Tigers last Friday in New York, where manager Jim Leyland said he was going to give him a shot.

“Basically, we had one of the hottest hitters, maybe ever, in the minor leagues. Take a shot,” Leyland said last Saturday. “Bring him up here and run him out there. I’m not going to put a timetable on it, but I think you run him out there until you think that he can or can’t do it.”

The timetable didn’t last long. Eldred had a triple down the line, an infield single and an RBI Friday night, then went 0-for-8 in the final two games, leaving him 2-for-13 with five strikeouts for the series. After a pinch-runner appearance Tuesday, he went 1-for-2 with a double and a walk Wednesday against Royals left-hander Jonathan Sanchez.

The final line for Eldred’s first Tigers stint: 3-for-16 with an RBI, a walk and six strikeouts. After Wednesday’s game, he noted the challenge of not trying to do too much in trying to make an immediate impression.

“It’s probably a little bit of a battle, because you obviously want to impress,” Eldred said. “You want to do something, but you obviously can’t get caught up in that. You really try to stick to the same things you’ve been doing, but at the same time, it’s like you’re starting from a clean slate. You want to get a couple hits, just so that you can catch up with everybody else in average, home runs, all that staff. It’s just something where you can’t put too much pressure on yourself.”

The Eldred move erases what was looming as a potential position crunch once Young returned. If Eldred was going to be the regular DH as forecast, Leyland would have to choose between Young and Andy Dirks in left field. This move might set up Young for more time at DH, something the Tigers avoided the first few weeks this season because he wasn’t comfortable doing it.


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Too bad Eldred could’t match what he did recently in the minors. But, that is usually the case. I feel this weekend will belong to the Tigers, it’s time they bust out.
Just watched the Miggy Poco video. Wow, Miggy Poco is hot.

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Speaking strictly in a baseball/business sense, Delmon is going to have to go on an extended hitting tear to be of any real value to himself as a free agent, or the Tigers as a deadline trade chip. It’s the only way to offload the added baggage.

Please welcome the NEW Tigers Designated Hitter.
No way JL is going to pamper his sensitivities about playing left field in his contract year.
This may even be good for Delmon. He doesn’t have to go out and expose himself on the playing field that much and can concentrate a little easier on doing one thing——hit.
I would imagine he will be grateful to have a job in MLB at all. He knows darn well he came very close to being released.
We will hear too much of this stuff in the next couple of weeks but I hope he and his club can get through this.

Delmon has put himself under a lot of pressure because of the big contract deal. . He better just relax and play ball. Last year the Tigers (Leyland) made a bold move and told Delmon he was going to be the left fielder on a daily basis. He was placed in the order in front of Cabby That work well for us. Hopefully we get a plan soon that will get us back to the playoffs. Delmon has been to the playoffs the last three seasons. We want him on the big stage again. Go Tigers!!

While it makes complete sense to think Delmon will be the fulltime DH, I do not think it will happen. He is a poor defender, no question. But if his HITTING if diminshed by his sitting on the pine for 3 hours a night, not only is Delmon losing free agent cash, but the Tigers are also losing a dangerous bat. Last season, many may forget, Delmon hit good pitching very well. His absense was surely felt in the Texas series.

Dirks’ hamstring better be good now, or we have wasted another couple of weeks of checking out Eldred, who did not really get a fair shake. But the big leagues ain’t fair, just ask any guy in AAA.

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Wow somebody said delman got close to being released. What trifle thing he did to cause such action. People are so fearfull of words. Their darn words get over it. What pansies people have become. Its not like delman said im going to purge the jew infestation of this earth like hitler. Gosh grow up he made an off comment about a bum being jewish and how the jews control most of the money which is true based on fact. Then some chitown hustle tries to be a wiseguy and got his number called. Give it up. Delmans human. And dont give me the holier than thou baseball speach. Cobb beat a handicap man for heckling him. Thats bad but guess what cobb was a great baseball player. Mean feared and great. Just like a tiger.

You really don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?

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El Tigre, we just dodged a bullet, Eldred cleared waivers and will return to Toledo.
When the Tigers signed him in January I’m sure they just hoped he would hit 30 homers in Toledo and put some extra butts in the seats down there. Now if we have an unfortunate injury or severe underperformance at DH he will get a longer look next time. Only Matt Kemp on the MLB level did anything close to what Brad Eldred did this April. In sixteen at bats with us, Brad did have two extra base hits. How many did our other seven DHs have?? I’ll let them get there chance to do it this way but we need to get something that works at DH.

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