Friday: Tigers vs. White Sox


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Andy Dirks, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  9. Don Kelly, LF

P: Drew Smyly


Is Dirks’ hamstring ok?

Well I can’t see these non hitters getting anything off of Peavy the way he’s been pitching. Going to the game tonight, hoping for the best, and Smyly can do his thing which is slightly better than Peavy.

Peavy’s numbers are off the charts. .162 BA against, 0.69 WHIP, 33 K and 5 BB in 37.2 innings, and 2 complete games. Maybe we can get a sudden grand slam from Raburn like last year to beat him?

Clete Thomas DFA today by the Twins (possible the worst team in MLB right now). Think the Tigers will offer him a minor league deal if no one gives him a MLB spot?

Probably, yes

The Tigers will lose Eldred. Why they called him for only a four games test?

Desperation and a shot in the dark while Eldred was hot.
I didn’t see any of Clete’s games with the Twins, but it sounds like he was going for the longball. He’s better than that, but needs to forget the homers. He got some big hits for us by going with the pitch.

I remember twice within a few weeks, clete had two walk off walks. Once against the cards and one against matt thorton of the white soxs.

Talking about ex Tigers. Rodney : 9 saves
No complaining, they got Castellanos for him. But he did a good job, ugly, but good

It is good when bad baseball is played by the other manager. The visiting team does not bunt to tie. They gave away an out against a rookie pitcher

How tired are we all with saying the same things about the lack of hitting. It is in epidemic proportions. Constant quick and bad At Bats.
Guys who can reach the fence can hardly reach the OF (Peralta, Raburn and Fielder to name a few..
Then your rookie pitcher struggles and you come up and force him back on the mound after resting for 6 whole pitches. That’s not good team baseball.
If there is going to be an inning the 6th will likely be the killer for Smyly.
Unless the Sox get as stupid at the plate as we just were.
And, oh yeah, David—go out and find yourself a 2nd baseman please.

Unlike Beckham who ended the game for Smyly by himself

Time to call the bullpen

Well, it’s just plain boring baseball right now.

Except for Smyly. He’s pretty good.

Polite baseball. Fielder cold have gotten us out of that 7th inning but lost concentration on the glove hand flip from Raburn.
Truthfully though know one knows (even Raburn himself) what he is ever going to do with a baseball in his hands.
Meanwhile light weights like Beckham out hit our sluggers. Typical WhiteSox luck against us. I am however, very happy I didn’t have to listen to Hawk Harrelson make that HR call.
I’m sure most of us here feel the same way but this ball team is really Pi$$ing me off. They have talent, they have power, but right now they don’t have character. Not at all.

A swinging bunt and freaking Beckam gets us again today today. And as usual our hitters aren’t hitiing, what a disappointment. Most of these guys are not earning their keep and it has become increasingly painful to watch. Is this a joke? Like 2008 with expectations and they are falling flat.

Torture. Pure torture.

As bad as the hitting has been the pitchers management, relievers overused one day and then rested for a week. Starters too long and pulled only when the game was to far

I had such a good feeling today that the Tigers would do well this series. The boys are letting us all down. I hate to bring it up, but Inge still can’t keep his mouth shut. Today there is another story on the A’s website with BI quotes.

The 3rd sentence says it all.

That is clutch. Time for Fielder to show why he is paid 200 millions

Oh, my. You could hear the crowd groan.

If Papa has a bad outing, they’ve got to shut him down.

Oh, Johnny!!!!!

They are back. Avila is batting againg. Peralta with the walk off HR and they won with Peavy there. They need to get momentum now

Jhonny!!!! Put it on the boaard YES! Take that ChumpSox!

Boy did we need that. Way to go Jhonny and Drew!! Now let’s see if that set’s our bats on fire.

Maybe this was explained the other day when JL did it but why is he pinch running Laird for Avila? I don’t see the upside there but maybe I’m missing something.

He’s a good base runner.

He’s quite a bit faster than Avila.

Nice….I didn’t see that coming! I almost left early after Fielder didn’t do anything again. But didn’t. Obviously glad I didn’t!,,

You just never know til the last out. There just are no words to describe Miguel. He’s one in a million and he’s ours. That was the Papa we knew last year. Nothin better than walk-off. White Sox looked like they punched in the gut. We know the feeling is all I can say.

Hyper and skipping words.

The beauty of baseball. You must get three outs in all nine innings and score one more run than your opponent to win a regulation game. Good guys win!!!!

As they say, all’s well that ends well. A number of things were working against us, but it came out okay. It was an unlikely win, the best kind.
At some point, the league will adjust to Smyly but he appears to have what it takes to work through that. For now, just keep pitching, kid.
Since our hitters don’t seem to realize it, one of the coaches needs to remind them to extend their ABs after our pitcher labors through an inning. 26 pitches by Drew in the 5th, then we go down on six. Got to give him a blow, it’s just how you do it. Or at least it used to be. No surprise that they got to Smyly in the 6th.
Anyway, this was a good example of what a deep lineup can do. Our six and seven hitters got it done, and that’s to take nothing away from the big run in the 8th that Cabrera drove in.
Can we refrain from turning the boo birds onto Raburn now? Does it always have to be somebody?

Good sign tonight. We had two opposite field homers. Going with the high and away pitch gets good results. Drew sure held his own against the White Sox. He really dominated their left handed batters. Now Mr. Beckham was another matter but we survived. Just a good back and forth hard ball game with the good guys winning in the bottom of the ninth. Go Tigers.

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