So about that ninth inning double …

Jim Leyland never takes the lineup card out to home plate, but he did on Tuesday. It was his chance to congratulate umpire Tim McClelland on his 4000th major league game.

By the ninth inning, Leyland was back out talking with McClelland, but he wasn’t exactly congratulating him. And McClelland was wondering how one play went from a home run to an out to a double with one errant raise of his arm.

“You would think a guy with 4000 games would have enough experience not to do that,” McClelland said with a smile.

But even guys with 4000 games have calls they don’t know how to react to. Jeff Franceour’s drive to left-center field off Phil Coke was one of them. McClelland, umpiring at second base, knew it was going to be close.

McClelland said he was focused on trying to make sure he could see whether it went over the fence. When it bounced off the top of the fence and Austin Jackson brought it back, it caught him off-guard.

“I was so concerned about home run or not a home run,” McClelland said, “and when I saw the ball pop up and the catch, instead of calling it wasn’t a home run, I put my hand up.”

He was trying to put up his arm to show that the ball stayed in the park. Instead, it was taken as a sign that Jackson had made the out.

“I was just confused because I was rounding second pretty hard and I saw McClelland putting up ‘out,’ and that’s when I stopped because, ‘How am I out when the ball hit the wall?’” Francoeur said.

Jackson couldn’t quite figure it out, either.

“At that point, I think I just thought I caught it for some reason. I don’t know,” Jackson said. “But once I saw [McClelland] call him out I kind of thought that I just robbed a home run. But that’s kind of a weird way to rob a home run, I guess.”

Yes, it is. And McClelland realized immediately that it’s a weird way to signal that it’s not a home run when it’s obviously a hit. As soon as Francoeur protested, McClelland admitted his bad signal. By then, though, Francoeur was between second and third base, and Ramon Santiago was coming over from second base with the ball to apply the tag.

That’s where a directive from Major League Baseball comes into play, according to McClelland: If a player stops off base because of an incorrect call, “we should do whatever we need to do to correct it.”

In other words, it’s much like an inadvertent whistle in football. So McClelland sent Francoeur back to second base and called it a ground-rule double.

Jim Leyland protested the call with a surprising fervor for somebody whose team had 9-3 lead, but to no avail.

“It was his 4,000th game today and it’d have been something to have to run somebody on your 4,000th game,” Francoeur said, “but everything turned out all right on that, though.”


And there’s the explanation. Thanks Jason.
So it’s called like any ball that hits the fence, live ball. What is the “live ball” signal anyway? The safe call? Looks like Leyland hates it when an umpire doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.
As they say, if you watch enough baseball……….
And if that had been a pivotal play in a huge game, we’d be seeing replays like, forever.

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Beck’s Blog
Accept no imitation

Stilll, another outstanding effort by Jackson to reach back there and pull it back in.
Francouer(sp) sure does have a strong arm in RF. Gotta give it to the Royals for that golden arm.

last night’s game was good from a pitching and hitting standpoint. Don Kelly looks like super man out there! Poor King Andy…..I wonder what AAA OF will be pulled up?
Weather should allow tonight’s game to be played…albeit there might be a lil delay (rain should clear up by 8pm)

Game is at 1:05.

mmm rough lots of bad weather this afternoon.
in other news Oakland learned to not bat somebody in the #2 hole last night because he went 0-5 and left 2 men on base

Anyone see the two clowns behind homeplate last night wearing shirts bearing an umcomplimentary slogan about Inge? The dude doesn’t even play here anymore. Get a life, would ya? You paid for these shirts?

didn’t notice them… was it this shirt tho, rich?

And I don’t think a single kid at Motts would agree.

No, these shirts bore words not nearly as nice.
My daughter was treated at Motts so, while I think Inge had no use on the 2012 roster, I still don’t want to see him needlessly ragged on.

THursdays Lineup:
Jackson CF, Boesch RF, Cabrera 3B, Fielder 1B, Raburn DH, Peralta SS, Avila C, Eldred DH, Worth 2B, (Verlander P)

2 at DH and no one in left field. Sounds like a Leyland lineup.🙂

raburn in LF

The refreshing thing about the call was the umpire admitting his first call was wrong

and I am glad I did not notice the shirts – that stuff ticks me off to no end – making something personal out of something that should not be

Today’s game is the FREE GAME OF THE DAY on MLBdotTV

thanks for the tip – I am blacked out from watching, but can hear Dan and Jim on the audio which is nice, for some reason my desk radio will not get any station to come in that carries a game.

Well I thought JV might get out of the first inning unscathed! Kinda disappointed, he threw one own the middle for Hosmer.. I wonder if we will have our hitting shoes on today? If the first inning is any indication I’m scared!

Shows that even with elite stuff, when you leave fastballs up you get into trouble.

And the call last night was resolved perfectly in my book. Umpire made a mistake, but resolved it appropriately. KC folks might have thought it would have been a 3B but calling it a ground rule 2B was right.

Well 3 innings in we are being no hit by a + 6.00 era guy! Still 6 innings left, but how good is anyone feeling about this?

good. like a hole in a boat good.

He threw a no hitter a few years ago.

around the time Galaraga threw his perfect game

C;mon, Tigers!

Run support guys – come on

Tigers are a huge huge huge disappointment to me so far this year. They look disinterested so far this afternoon. They are all trying to hit homers instead of simply trying to get on base! So far not the team I thought I was going to get!

Can anyone say clutch hit??? Not the Tigers!

Yea: Brennen Boesch!

Go, Tigers, Go!!!!!!!!!


Tigers hitters stink! So inconsistent. And I don’t buy that Sanchez is all that. It’s on our hitters, they should be embarressed by the approach. Not impressed with this team that was supposed to hit???????

Jackson is doing his job. Boesch is hitting 43 more at close/late games than his avg. Miguel is still among the top 5 in hrs and RBIs but still below 300 in avg and below his usual numbers.The rest specially Fielder ,like Pujols he is going the Dunn´s road ,needs to say present.The pitching in the bullpen also needs a shakeup. Perhaps Dotel in the eight and Benoit in the 7th

Beniot has not looked good. Where was Dotel? JV is not getting any run support. I agree the hitters all hit fly balls, just like when I was at the game last Thursday afternoon. I guess Leyland should have put in Valverde🙂

Shame on Benoit (2 2 strike base hits).
Shame on JL fro throwing him instead of Dotel..
Great game by JV and nice clutch hitting by BB.
But–where are the bats?

Benoit started slowly last year and he’s doing it again, however, I would have brought him in also. He’s just got to get the job done. That’s on him. He knows his role and has to produce.
For a team that sacrifices defense for offense, we sure don’t hit well. This “everybody hits or no one hits” stuff has to stop. The strength of a deep lineup should be that guys pick each other up. Raburn, although having nothing to show for it, looks better up there the past few games. Cabrera is for some reason impatient at the plate. Fielder…..Pujols…….is it really that much easier to hit homers in the NL?
12-12, no offense, and Jake Peavy on Friday. Not a good place to be. We’ll need to start doing the little things to win ballgames, rather than waiting for our vaunted offense to find another struggling Luke Hochevar.

Good clutch homer by Boesch. We need more of those timely hits.

People can get all up in arms about pitching, but Benoit isn’t the reason we didn’t win this game. Hitting hitting hitting hitting. They with the exception of a few games have pitched well enough to win a few more. I too many hitters with track records not making a difference. Nobody is off the hook here, nobody is getting it done consistently. Guess the fans wanting to blame it all on Inge wasn’t quite fair.

Win the first five one run games and now lose the next four. The close ones always hurt the most in the end.

I will say that as far as I have seen no one on this blog had the baseball ignorance to blame the team’s fortunes on Inge. We just thought he didn’t belong on this roster..
The losing is the fault of an uncanny ability to all not hit at the same time (as Rcih stated). And this is not a new phenomenon. This happened last year as well.
JV was very impressive today–especially late when he had to amp things up.

I know nobody on here blamed Inge, I am just talking about Tiger fandom in general.

What is worrisome is the look of those KC Bullpen arms. Don’t like the idea of 14 more times. AS far as Fielder goes, I contend he’s seeing much more consistent and better pitching in the Junior Circuit. Still like his hands and his hustle. Worried big time about no production from the bottom of the order. Bull Pen has a systemic problem at this time. Walking lead off batters. Verlander deserves much more. Just don’t like the trend with Central opposition pitching. Jackson continues to grow as a bonafide performer in the majors.


Well from my seats today it appeared raburn should never play lf. Bobbled a pickup early, misjudged a ball late and slid down to one knee scrambling back. I believe delman would have given us a much better chance to win but he got drunk and ran his lip. Glad ive never done that. Yeah right. Glad my industry doesnt think its god and can judge my actions. Anyways prince isnt cutting it. Is it time to sit him a game to reset his timeclock. Maybe.

I kept wishing Victor could pinch-hit.

Only will happen in very late August and only if the Tigers are convinced he will be healthy enough to play in a potential playoff series in October.

rubber floors is awesome for sports.

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