Dirks leaves with tight left hamstring

Andy Dirks left Tuesday’s game against the Royals in the fourth inning with left hamstring tightness, the same injury that sidelined him earlier this month.

Dirks is listed as day-to-day.

Dirks initially strained his left hamstring trying to score from second base on a hit at Kansas City a couple weeks ago. He missed about eight days before returning to action last week. The aggravation, replay suggested, happened as he was accelerating out of the batters box on a pop-up to left field.

Dirks had to speed up when left fielder Alex Gordon overran the ball, hustling in on a double. He was clearly hobbling after that, prompting head athletic trainer Kevin Rand to jog out from the dugout. Brad Eldred, the 6-foot-6, 270-pound designated hitter the Tigers called up last week, pinch-ran for Dirks — who started as the designated hitter Tuesday — and scored on Jhonny Peralta’s single.

Dirks and Don Kelly had been sharing left-field duties the past few days while Delmon Young has been out. Young is scheduled to return from his suspension on Friday, though manager Jim Leyland said he will not be in the starting lineup that night against the White Sox.


we need to get king andy 100% cuz we’re gunna need him down the stretch. A solid raburn bat the 1st half of the season could hold us over until andy is back in his king mode.

Im really starting to despise umpires. They are injecting themselves too much into the game.

I’m waiting for the explanation on that Jackson play in the 9th. Should be interesting.

Unusual play. He caught it.

The video

Victor is there. They are going to interview him. He’s a tonic alright.

Yeah, I saw the play, but don’t know how they came to their final ruling. I suppose because they’d called the guy out and it became a dead ball, so ground rule double. I thought anything hitting above the yellow line is a homer, but does it also have to bounce on over? Isn’t that one grounds for a replay review? Do they even have a rule on this happening? Just imagine if that had been a big play in a big ballgame.
Toronto had two homers tonight that hit the top of the fence and bounced over, including the game winner.
It was good to see Victor kicked back in his clubhouse chair, talking to the media.

Usually, if the ball hits the yellow line and bounces over, it’s a HR. If it bounces back on the field I think its called a double ( not sure, though). Iv’e never seen a ball bounce on the yellow line and come back into the park only to have it caught in mid-air on the way out. Never saw anything like that. Jackson has been terrific.

If it bounces back on the field, it is a live ball.

The highlight of the night was when Leyland called for Eldred to replace Dirks. He raised his hands way over his head, then spread them far out, like he was summoning Frankenstein’s monster.

“How many day to day guys do we have tomorrow? ” asked Costello. “Oh, he’s our pitcher.” retorted Abbott.
“No JV is our pitcher.” shot back a befuddled Costello.
“Mr. Manager will Eldred, Kelly or Worth be in left field tomorrow? asked Costello politely
” We do have to put somebody out there. It is what it is.” came the reply.
And tomorrow is why Mr. Leyland gets the big bucks to manage our team. Abbott returned to the third base coaching box.

Please Phil, don’t look so pleased every time the ball is hit in the air! He points skyward in exhultation and he is gonna look pretty foolish when one is yarded.
Actually I think it may have happened recently.
Every ball hit in the air is not a harmless pop-up. Get ground balls-they are preferred.

Who’s on first?
Who’s on second?
Not sure yet. A fielder.
Fielder’s on second?
No, Fielder’s on first.
Then who’s on second?
I told you. A fielder.
Uhhh…..okay then…..who’s on third, Fielder?
No, Fielder’s on first.
But you just said………
I haven’t made out my lineup yet. Don’t worry, a fielder will be on third.
Wow…….that must be a big family.
No, Molina is catching.

So here we sit broken hearted. Teams missing 2 outfielders and is left with kelly or raburn in left. Who would have thought we would be a game above .500 and have daily lineup concerns.by the way i will be at tommorrows game and wont be buying a single thing while there. Keeping my money so i can act jewish.

“Keeping my money so i can act jewish.” How bout this instead, stop writing on blogs and acting like a tool. No place for that kind of comment.

Dirks has been playing some killer defense, too, so even when Young comes back, he should be the DH whether he likes it or not. DY isn’t an any position so complain about anything, anyway. Keep Dirks in left imo.

We need a healthy Dirks – I like him. The guys on the radio nailed it, he might not do one thing amazing, but he does a lot very well. He seems to be a smart player, makes the defensive plays most times and hits pretty good.

Nice to see some fire in the offense lately and awesome to see Victor again. Hats off to Rick, he had a very nice game. That final play was pretty odd – I missed it as I was painting but saw the recap. And Leyland calling for Eldred was hilarious -geez, the guy isn’t that wide!

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