Tigers-Royals rained out, rescheduled for Sept. 24

With the radar showing a steady line of showers coming through this evening, the Tigers postponed Monday’s series opener against the Royals. They’ll make it up as a single game on Monday, Sept. 24, which was a common off-day for both teams before the Royals’ third and final visit to Detroit Sept. 25-27.

Thus, the Tigers’ final homestand is now 10 games in 10 days. They’ll also close out their regular season with 16 straight games following their final scheduled off-day Sept. 17.

That could have a minor effect on the Tigers’ playoff push if those games still mean anything, or even if the Tigers are cruising to the playoffs at that point. Shorter-term, the postponement makes a big difference in the rotation.

While the Royals are pushing their starters back a day, the Tigers are scratching Duane Below and sending him back to the bullpen. The way manager Jim Leyland talked about Doug Fister’s road to return, this was sounding like a spot start for Below regardless.

If Fister gets through Wednesday’s rehab start for Triple-A Toledo well enough, Leyland said Monday afternoon, he’ll likely start Monday for the Tigers in their series opener in Seattle. It’ll be his first meeting with the Mariners since Seattle traded him to Detroit last July.

Below, meanwhile, moves back to the bullpen, which is where Leyland valued him most the way he was pitching.

Rick Porcello, who was already scheduled to pitch Tuesday, will still pitch Tuesday. He’ll just be pitching opposite Luke Hochevar instead of Jonathan Sanchez. Justin Verlander will pitch opposite Sanchez Wednesday afternoon.


We have completed the April portion of the schedule with a 11-11 record and are currently one game behind the Cleveland Indians. Last year we were trailing those same Indians by six and a half games!!! Big improvement for the good guys. Several other teams in the AL have eleven wins and many teams are right at or near the .500 mark. It looks like there will be a pennant race this year..No reason to think we can’t be division champs again. Go Tigers..

Papelbon=8 saves!!!

Fingers crossed for Fister’s rehab.
Major component in our chances this year.
Of course we need Max to quit talking about his “fixing” himself and just pitch as well as Ricky P getting back on track.

does delmon get to come back on friday still or does that get pushed back to saturday?

nvrmnd i c the answer was tweeted by jason

Inge went 1-3 last night, with a walk but left 4 men on base.

I hope delmon comes back and rips them a new a hole with the bat. Let them dandys feel the wrath of a tiger.

Hope they get the game in. Just as I typed that, the sun popped out. Still, the weather is kind of iffy for the next few days.

Hey rich, wasn’t it you that suggested Scherzer should keep is hands in front of him instead of going behind his head…


Yeah, that was me. I don’t think what Jones and Scherzer are talking about here is exactly the same thing, but it’s in the same neighborhood. It sounds like it could be an easier fix than what I suggested trying.

Bear with me on this one, as I try to put the lineup that played for us on 4/30/11 side by side with our game winning lineup on 4/28/12. In 2011, we were struggling along in the middle of a seven game losing streak without Victor Martinez who would finish the season at.330 and fourth in the league. Smyly’s victory Saturday put an end to a five game losing streak. Likewise, we were missing an important part of our 2012 opening day lineup, Delmon Young.
4/30/11 4/28/12
Jackson CF .181 Jackson CF .299
Rhymes 2B .206 Boesch RF .218
Ordonez DH .159 Cabrera 3B .300
Cabrera 1B .333 Fielder 1B .312
Boesch RF .319 Dirks LF .290
Raburn LF .253 Eldred DH .222
Peralta SS .270 Avila C .220
Avila C .311 Peralta SS .236
Inge 3B .212 Santiago 2B .171

Team .249 Team .248

You can believe that Mr. Leyland likes that lineup on the right going forward with the potential of adding back Delmon Young when he is ready to go, Ryan Raburn who missed this game with a hamstring injury, and our team glue Victor Martinez hopefully in late August. Avila, Boesch Peralta, and Young need to improve their BA, OBP, OPS, etc. Can they do it?? Absolutely. Will it happen in May?? Not so sure. Remember it’s a long season. We have 140 games to play yet.

I believe one of you other guys first saw the Brad Eldred numbers but I pushed really hard for the Tigers to give him an opportunity. CC is in my top three pitchers in the AL. Nova , what is it now fifteen straight wins?? Freddie, was the only weak link and did Brad get to bat against him twice?? Mr. Leyland may want to spot him against lefties the rest of the homestand and see how he does. Personally, I would like to note that .388 meant he was killing righties and lefties. In his only other opportunity in the big leagues, he had twelve homers in 160 at bats over August and September of 2005. Anyway,once we go out on the road for ten games maybe he will get a fair shot at showing whether he can help us until Victor returns. I know that Victor wants that to be this season but I’m not sure that is what is best for the team. We need Victor 100% not hobbling around like Mickey Mantle..

Have you ever wondered why teams have a 40 man roster??? So far we have used thirty-two players to get us through twenty-two games. That’s why. Injuries
happen. Martinez, Inge, Marte, Fister, Dirks, Raburn, Schlereth. The main thing we may need in May is no more guys ending up on the DL.

Avila and Boesch must be moved down even if the latter is second in RBI.
Peralta is among MLB leaders in 2B and as Evan mentioned he is a bona fide hitter with 80 RBI a season.
Eldred has shown nothing. He was lucky in his first at bat, any player able to use a glove would have catched that but Ibañez was there. But beside him there is no one else. Perhaps he finally bat like he was doing at AAA.
Dirks perhpas is not the best option there for his tendency to bat to the left side of the field but Santiago is not batting well due to the long time benched.
When the team is not batting you change the batting order or try something unless you are JL and you allow them to dig a bigger hole

El Tigre, if you base this lineup with Delmon on the suspended list and RR gimpy with the bad hamstring, then it absolutely the best lineup we can have, I would not change anything. When Young comes back I would rotate him for ABs with Dirks, Boesch and Eldred. Raburn will be back at second base when healthy.

For the time being, as JL said ” you have to play with what you have”.Worth or Eldred would be back in AAA once Young is back

Danny Worth will be back to Toledo because he needs to get as many ABs as possible. If you look at his minor league numbers, you would at first think that he must have been injured a lot. Then you stop and think well he’s spent a lot of time in Detroit being a second infield backup. We still have time but it would be nice to sort a couple more things out at second base before July 1st.

I have always thought Max was willing to work on his pitching to get better (when not pitching well) – and because of his mechanics….it is crucial for him to be so. The other members of our rotation seem the same way (e.g. Porcello and JV) and I wonder if that is because of JL, the organization or because JV leads so well by example.

The official lineup:
Austin Jackson, CF
Brennan Boesch, RF
Miguel Cabrera, 3B
Prince Fielder, 1B
Andy Dirks, DH
Alex Avila, C
Jhonny Peralta, SS
Ramon Santiago, 2B
Don Kelly, LF

Found at tweeter

wow before rotoinfo even!

gunna have to get a little lucky if we are to get in this game tonight fellas.
link to model output:
link to radar:

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