MLB suspends Young for seven days

Delmon Young has been suspended by Major League Baseball for seven days, retroactive to Friday, and will undergo a treatment program for after an evaluation from an independent doctor Monday.

The recommendation is one of the first applications of the disciplinary program under MLB’s new Basic Agreement, which states that players involved in alcohol-related offenses should be sent to Major League Baseball’s Employee Assistance Program for diagnosis and treatment.

The Tigers placed Young on MLB’s Restricted List on Saturday until an independent doctor could evaluate him Monday. He’ll remain on the list until he’s eligible to be activated on Friday.

“Those associated with our game should meet the responsibilities and standards that stem from our game’s stature as a social institution,” Commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement.  “An incident like this cannot and will not be tolerated.  I understand that Mr. Young is regretful, and it is my expectation that he will learn from this unfortunate episode.”

Young is accused of aggravated harassment after being arrested early Friday morning for an incident outside the Hilton hotel in midtown Manhattan. The misdemeanor charge is also being investigated for possible hate-crime violations involving race/religion, for accusations he used anti-Semitic language in yelling at a group of tourists outside the hotel.

Young spent most of Friday going through processing and arraignment until he was released Friday evening on $5,000 bail. His next hearing is tentatively scheduled for May 29 in New York County Criminal Court in Manhattan.

On the field, Tigers manager Jim Leyland has said he’ll fill left field with a mix of Don Kelly and Andy Dirks, with Ryan Raburn also getting an occasional start against left-handed pitchers. All three started a game in left over the weekend against the Yankees, and Kelly is starting there for Monday’s series.

Young was being paid while he was on the restricted list. Now that he is suspended, he’ll miss out on that portion of his $6.75 million salary.


He’s lucky. I thought he would get at least 14 days and probably 30

agree. thought it would be much longer than 7 days.

Sorry I think it’s crap. Guys can drink and drive, dui’s and nothing. But you supposedly call someone a name, and your banished for 7 days. I don’t get it. Unless he is convicted of something I don’t get it. Sorry that’s just how I feel. I don’t necessarily approve of what he has reportedly done, but I think this borders on the ridiculous.

What Delmon did was wrong, however this should never be observed as a “hate” crime!!! Yes, he was under the influence … and over reacted in that moment, but doesn’t that happen hundreds times every day across the country? What is happening to our 1st amendment rights …. free speech???? Even for drunks!
As we understand it the man approached him for money. He became agitated and
reacted and became agressive to that situation. Other people became involved and the situation escalated! Many of us might would have reacted the sam way!

people can be drunk and verbally abusive, but if they initiate a physical altercation, as alleged in Delmon’s situation, then it can become a legal matter, right?

I’m not sure the panhandler approached Delmon for money, or if Delmon saw the panhandler approaching the four tourists from Chicago for money. Because it was the Chicago guys that Delmon got into it with, allegedly.

This is a media event. My guess was based on what a coach for Atlanta had done last year.
Figured the physical altercation plus the drunkeness and in the public might have given Delmon more time.
That being said–Delmon has secured his role as a DH now. Could he have the temerity to complain about anything his team does with him at this point?
As a DH—he might bring some value to the cause.

Innocent until proven guilty? If he is cleared on the trial ?They can suspend him on the public drunkness only. Anything else is only an accusation that must be backed in a court
The MacDowell incident was on the park with witness. Guillen? It was done in an interview

I’m going to assume that the suspension is for public intoxication as it’s against MLB regulations to give baseball a black eye. Delmon got caught out.
The other issue is an alleged action. I’d like to hear the facts, and not media speculation reported under the guise of facts.
I suppose discussions on the merit of the law allegedly broken is not for a baseball forum, although I’m sure we all have our own opinions.

My problem is that drinking and driving, an actual crime is not suspendable. That I don’t understand. But being drunk is.

Exactly what I had been thinking Dan. Wasn’t sure if the other day was the right time to bring it up. I didn’t want to sound opportunistic or insensitive. But it’s true, he will have to accept a diminished role for the time being.
This “hate crime” business is a scary thing. New terminology thought up by some social engineer genius. Sounds Orwellian. That said, racism is pure evil and it’s a lie. But it’s alive and well in every culture in the world. Then there’s alcohol intoxication which can make a person act or say something they would never think of saying in their right mind. I look at Delmon and I don’t see a mean spirited person. But I don’t know him of course, wasn’t there, and can make no judgement.
There are a huge number of panhandlers in NYC and I’d venture many are scamming. And many, I suppose, long ago lost any hope of finding their humanity and are just lost through no fault of their own. I think some can be intimidating and aren’t even looking for money. Maybe this is what happened to Delmon and he was too intoxicated to just let it go. Who knows? Media and lawyers will probably squeeze it for all its worth.

I think about hall of famer Tigers great record holder Ty Cobb. When heckled by a Handicapped man in new york he climbed into the stands and beat the Handicapped man up.the controlling organization attempted to suspend ty and the tigers refused to play without him. Its called brotherhood and it comes when your part of a team.The controlling organisation was forced to rescind their decision and let ty play.Basically if your loud mouthed enough to heckle cobb than your man enough to get a knuckle sandwich from him. Same goes for the jewish bum who was begging for money.If hes bold enough to wear a piece of jewelry aka cross of david than hes bold enough to take some verbal chatter. And if 1 of the 4 onlookers wants to start a scuffle than they are prepared to take a delman takedown. By the way their was a beggar near comerica park and i seen a tough woman chew him out telling him to go suck a d for money.She chased that beggar down the block.So quit crying when some jewish guy gets razzed over true comments.

How do you even know that proved he was a Jewish beggar? Ever been to New York? they have panhandling down to an art…and lets say he was, that invites verbal taunting? what about the guy who stands in front of every Lions/Tigers’ home game, “eat em up tigers, eat him up” we have the right to taunt a crack addict ?

Don’t you think the Detroit Tigers as an organization should issue some direct apology to all their fans, particularly thier Jewish fans? There lack of a direct comment on the anti semetic rants (even the reports if that’s all that is known) seems
deafening …..

I think Dombrowski said all he could say about it, what with it being an ongoing legal case. It’s not like the organization has ever shown itself to be anti-semetic.
Myself, I’ve been waiting for decades for Washington’s NFL team to apologize to Native Americans.

Who cares. Im scottish make all the kilt jokes you want. Im a grown man i can take a razzing. If some jewish guys are offended by delmans alledged comment of i thought you jews have all the money than maybe they should check the actual facts. They substantially support that statment as being true. If their offended give their money away and make the statement untrue. Untill then quit your crying kid. Cause thats what ya sound like. Awe some big meanie said mean things and hurt my feelings. What are we mice or men.

the “shark” has appointed themselves the judge of what is and what’s not offensive to OTHER people,, noble…and hiding behind the name “shark”…which I predict you have zero characteristics in common with other than being spineless and hiding behind a self given nick name….

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