Sunday: Tigers at Yankees


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Brennan Boesch, rf
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3b
  4. Prince Fielder, 1b
  5. Brad Eldred, dh
  6. Ryan Raburn, lf
  7. Ramon Santiago, ss
  8. Gerald Laird, c
  9. Danny Worth, 2b

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Derek Jeter, ss
  2. Curtis Granderson, cf
  3. Alex Rodriguez, 3b
  4. Robinson Cano, 2b
  5. Mark Teixeira, 1b
  6. Nick Swisher, rf
  7. Raul Ibanez, lf
  8. Eric Chavez, dh
  9. Chris Stewart, C

P: CC Sabathia


Im still waiting for wonderboy fielder to start hitting for power. 2hr isnt exactly blowing it out the park. And his fielding has me 2nd guessing the huge contract. Hope it gets better by midseason.

Ya I know it’s “early” but I couldn’t agree more!

There is always the Pollyanna consolation: Pujols, Reyes and Pineda

Prince is learning the pitchers. And driving in some runs while doing it. The homers will come.

Any bets on which Max will pitch today?

Bunting in the first inning , they think the good Max will be there today.

At least two pitches looked like strikes

Ump of New York 2- Detroit 0

Leyland needs to start acting like he cares! He needs to blow up on the umpires. Show a little heart and passion! That non check swing call was absolutely pathetic! It cost scherzer 2 runs and 12 pitches.

Better get the bullpen ready. Looks like a short day for the Scherzer

Years ago ,Leyland got expelled at the Old Yankee Stadium backing Bondo after he was robbed twice with ARod and Damon at bats. Uncalled strikes followed by HRs. Then beagn the winning streak of Bondo. Scherzer is no Bondo but backing him would help

75 in less than 3 innings.

How about that for power! Crushed

Bobby Abreu has to be better than Eldred right? I guess Young is as well if he comes back.

Almost a great catch! Max not getting the same ball/strike calls and it definitely cost him the first two runs, no question about that! But he gets a big fly from Prince and gives it right back!
My question has been answered today we are getting baddish Max

If Jackson could have hold the ball ,that would be the greatest catch ever

Just came home for lunch. Prince crushed one,huh? Will look at that on replay. Hope we win today. Go Tigers!!!!!!

Couple of hits Chavez got past Prince I wonder if a decent 1st baseman gets to them?

I’m sure he’s hearing the criticism and is trying to improve. He’s picked a few good ones lately, but he’s no Miguel at 1st. Pretty sure he’ll improve

8 walks already. Awful.

Surprised its so close since we are getting nothing from our 5-9 hitters

Itll be huge if we can still this win.

Dan, your thoughts on Delmon could not have been more insightful. I completely agree.
AJs almost unbelieveable catch of Curtis’s HR a perfect example of the artistry of the game. Two fine players on both sides of that play. Wow! Just watched AJ track Curtis’s long fly down. Game of inches.
Scherzer battled with less than his best and we are still in this.

Honest to god how long is Putkonen going to be left in there? He’s done okay but a single, walk and grandy making a bid for homerun #2?

I’m normally not a Leyland basher, but did he even care about this game? He could have pinch hit with Dirks, Peralta, Avila when it was 3-2, but nothing. Then, even though it’s a one run game, he avoids Coke, Dotel, Benoit and leaves the last man in the bullpen in for way too long. Awful.

Also, Laird needed to block the plate. That would have been an easy out at home if he had just put his body in the way instead of trying the silly swipe tag.

I was sure there for awhile that they could come back and win. I don’t blame Putkonen one bit. A rookie in Yankee Stadium with that batting order? I think he did well with all that pressure.

He didn’t do too bad at all, very fluid motion. His first five years in the minors he was a starter and had some good numbers the first four years. He just started being a long reliever this year and has two innings or more at least five times.

I’ve wasted hours watching this mess of a team for 2 weeks! Have three games to go to this week, the last has Peavy pitching! So am I going to regret wasted hours and about $275 as well? Still waiting for a complete old game, haven’t seen one nice the first week of the season!

Okay, so that’s the end of the tough 22-game opening stretch. At 11-11, we fell one game short of what I had hoped for.
Did anyone really think that Eldred would help us? I knew the answer to that after his first AB Friday night. Yeah, the one he got the triple on.
Am having serious doubts about Scherzer in this rotation. You have to wonder when he’s 3-0 in the count on a guy who obviously will be taking, and he still misses the plate by a foot. This is the third year of this sort of thing. Can we trade him for a good reliever?
I’m looking for the Tigers to do much better in May.

Well that blast by fielder shut me up. I still have doubts about fielders fielding.(pun intended) But hey keep the bat hot and maybe i will warm to him.

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