Sources: Inge agrees to sign with A’s

The Tigers won’t have to wait long to see their former teammate Brandon Inge. Moments after he cleared waivers Sunday afternoon, he agreed to terms on a one-year contract with the Oakland A’s, sources told’s Ken Rosenthal first reported the agreement.

The A’s have yet to announce the deal, but that should be taken care soon. That means Inge could/should be in uniform for the A’s when they welcome the Tigers for a four-game series on Detroit’s next road trip in a week and a half.

The Tigers released Inge after Thursday’s loss to the Mariners, but he had to go through waivers for 48 hours before he was free to sign with any team. Nobody was going to claim him, because it would’ve meant picking up the remainder of the $5.5 million salary he has coming this year.

By signing him as a free agent now, the A’s are only responsible for the prorated portion of the minimum Major League salary. With a $500,000 salary, that works out to about $415,000. The Tigers owe him the rest of his contract, minus that portion.

For those wondering about when Inge might come back to Detroit, the A’s don’t visit Comerica Park until Sept. 18-20.


I’m happy for Brandon! Hope he has a ton of success before and after we leave Oakland!

Talk about the highs and lows for a baseball team during April.
Wonder what the record is for number on roster hitting sub 150, even without Inge.
My biggest worry though is the two JV’s shoulders. Hopefully just the cold weather but they were not the same pitchers from last year.

JV has always struggled in april and anyone would do after the 131 pitches game. He also pitched with more than four days of rest and he does not like it

So who is going to be in charge of the Inge-watch? I don’t think I can keep track of him very well. From the last blog, I repeat- I don’t think Putkonen did such a bad job. Rookie. Yankee Stadium. First time on a major league mound? I guess I am just happy to see some system pitchers doing well. Smyly, Below, Wilk, Putkonen, ………..

Oakland has two young third basemen hitting .152 and .094. Probably send one to the minors and give Brandon some swings.

I’m no expert like most of the bloggers here, but I told you all about Cal. He was a AAA 31 year old for a reason. Rich is right about Fielder. Watch the hands; great hitting skills; he has to adjust; the hustle is what I really admire; he still fits the DH mold of so many other Tigers. We can’t wait for Fielder and Cabrera to bat each time to get some timely hits. Wouldn’t trade Cabby for the world, but he will cost us some defeats at third. Finally, congrats to Brookville High’s own Brandon Inge on his signing with Oakland. I assure you: he might not hit his weight, but he won’t be arrested for drunk driving or potential hate crimes either. I wish him well. And now to my beloved Tigers. It’s time for someone to stand up, and lead this team to it’s true potential. Be bold; go ahead and bring up young Mr. Nick. We’ll show Bryce Harper what real talent is. Twenty -six school days left until retirement.


I could watch that almost catch by Jackson over and over. He had it just for a second and reached up for it again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Yes, it probably would have gone down in history as one of the greatest, but will probably be shown for many years as one of the greatest efforts. Time stopped just for a few seconds on that play.

Bryce Harper is looking pretty impressive so far, especially when you consider he’s 19 years old.

Sure glad I didn’t buy tickets for the Tigers in Seattle. Friend of mine is a Mariner fan and we were gling to go down for the series. The way they are playing I can honestly say I will likely not be going and wasting my money.
Too far to go and too expensive to watch poorly played baseball and to be frustrated.

illinoifan, when you asked who is going to be in charge of the Inge-watch, a cold shiver ran up my spine. Please, let’s not. Next thing you know, we’ll be debating whether we should have kept him. 🙂
When I saw Jackson go up for that ball in real time, I thought he’d caught it. I nearly jumped out of my chair. Hated to see his empty glove.
Dan, reminds me of last year when I cancelled a trip to Pittsburgh because the guys were playing so bad and I thought it a waste of money. As it turns out, it would have been. We displaced fans can and will spend a small fortune on traveling to see the Tigers. I’m sticking to Baltimore this year. And maybe my annual trip to Detroit.

Wow apparantly the A’s believe brandon inge has mlb talent unlike half the posters on this blog recently.

Considering that the A’s third basemen this year are batting about .127 while their regular 3b Sizemore is out for the year, Inge is a low-cost low-risk possible solution, even if it’s just a stop-gap. . Also the A’s have been trying to cover 3b with players whose “natural” position is not 3b. If Inge hits above .127 and can play decent defense, then the A’s instantly improve at that position. “MLB talent” from Oakland’s perspective is different than from Detroit’s perspective. It is rough being an A’s fan…

It’s a pretty safe move for Oakland, as Detroit is eating most of his salary anyway. A fresh start for Inge could be good for him, and who knows if he’ll start hitting out there, but even .200 would be an improvement. If things don’t work out, then he’ll be back in the Tigers organization as a Minor League coach or something.

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