Saturday: Tigers at Yankees

A day after Jim Leyland said he was going to run Ryan Raburn out there at second base, Ramon Santiago is starting at second. That said, Raburn’s numbers off Freddy Garcia are not good (1-for-9). Santiago is 0-for-5 off Garcia.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF (6-for-16, 1 HR off Garcia)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B (9-for-23, 3 HR off Garcia)
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Andy Dirks, LF
  6. Brad Eldred, DH
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Drew Smyly


Those samples are too small to base anything on, but I’ll never complain when Ramon is in the lineup. Raburn in against CC tomorrow. Dirks is as good as anyone else in the 5-hole, but it’s always worth a chuckle seeing Jim’s “batting order by defensive position” lineups.
Zach Miner may be on a fast track to the big club. Jim always liked him, at least as a reliever. On the other hand, they had to move someone to Toledo.

What happened to Schlerth?? Hope he didn’t go to the DL. And what about Marte?? He deserved to make the team out of spring training?? Anyone know why he pitched against Toledo in that exhibition game.???

Schlereth was sent down to AAA last week (and not a moment too soon!). Marte is on the DL.

Can never take Jimmy on his word. I new when he said Raburn was gonna be the 2nd baseman he’d be sittin the next game. Especially since he had 2 hits last night. He always sits struggling guys after they have a good game, no point letting them get in a groove.

I tought the same but Beck tweeted that Raburn left last night with cramped leg so he is not available for today

He wasn’t used to running the bases!🙂

only funny because true. albeit, maybe he thinks the guy will sit on the bench filled with warm fuzzys from the previous games hitting success?

I don’t think Boesch can be a #2 hitter. Why not have him protect Fielder and Dirks hit 2nd??

How about Dirks second, Peralta 5th ( over 80 rbis the last FOUR years), Boesch 6th, Eldred 7th, Avila 8th. The rest looks good.

The idea was that Boesch would feast on all these fat pitches hitting in front of Cabrera. I don’t see many fat pitches and no feasting is being done. Brennan’s best bet is to quit trying to yank everything into the seats for awhile. Maybe he mixed up feasting with setting the table. And now I’m hungry.

I think Boesch swings at too many first pitches and doesn’t give himself a chance to see the fat pitches. That uppercut swing of his leads to more popups than base hits.

With Brandon Inge released and Delmon Young on the restricted list, who is our third best run producer (rbi man)?? Shouldn’t he be in the five hole??

I’ve always thought Boesch is better in the 5 spot. His career OPS is .200 points higher than when he hits 2nd. I think he tries to do too much hitting 2nd with the 2 studs behind him. Hitting 5th he can relax and swing away.

Boesch is tied for second currently

This time I’m looking at the big sample size. Jhonny Peralta is a prove run producer over several big league campaigns. He just seems to get disrespected. He has more at bats against Freddie except for Cabby and has hit .292 against him. Freddie is not pitching well and was probably glad to see a chance to pitch against us. He is a genuine Tiger killer.

Yeah, it is about time Raburn got some hits but this is the line up I would like to see for a while except for Dirks 2nd and Boesch 5th.

Yes, but his demise two years ago began when he ended hitting after Cabrera due to the injuries of Magglio and Guillen.

Alex catching. Not surprised. Maybe if I talk bad about him, he’ll drive in the winning run. Reverse psych.

Worth called up and Delmons’s locker completely cleaned out. He’s probably toast.

Not toast, he just needs to get his legal issues straightened out before he can rejoin the team. The last thing this team needs is another distraction.

Jason, what are Freddie’s career won/loss record and ERA against the Tigers??

Thanks, Vinny. We may have knocked him out of the Yankee rotation.

Typical. A drunk tiger speaks the truth and puts a tiny scratch on some clown who started the fight with his 3 friends and suddenly he gets shunned by the org. Well it might be time to rename the team the pansies or petunias because TIGERS rip up those that oppose them and are a cantankerous animal. The great ty cobb wouldnt put up with this weak politically correct crap. He would beat the living crap out of all that oppose us.even the handicapped that were tough enough to talk crap than they were tough enough for knuckle sandwich by cobb. Too much feeble minded kiss butt politically correct useless chatter. If you cant handle the way we do business than go home weakling.

Oh my


The best part of playing Boston or New York. The game will be broadcasted today too

Making them pay

I doubt that many of you have actually been close to a live tiger. I had the experience as a young man. Everytime i touched the well fed tiger he was quick to let me know he had room for me in his belly and i was in awe of just how beastly they truely are. An angry sort that demands respect or it will kill you. i look back and think how dumb was i to take up the handlers offer to make contact with a 2yr old bengal tiger. To this day i do not want to come across a tiger. Mean violant animal.

lol sounds like cabby

Hats off to JL!!! Dirks and Boesch came through to help us get started well.

I hope JL is watching. Raburn should never be the defensive replacement in left over Dirks. NEVER.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

yea well where would you like to play him then? he defense at 2b is terrible

I like craig monroe on FSN! It seems like yesterday i was upset he was still a tiger (his batting was terrible for while there), lol.

Mechanical man, after Schlereth went to Toledo he was put on the 7 day DL!!

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