Fister to go on rehab assignment (updated)

What looked like a lengthy absence for Tigers starter Doug Fister might be ending shortly. In fact, if his rehab start for Triple-A Toledo goes well next Wednesday, it might not be long at all.

“It looks like if everything goes right, he should be back real soon,” manager Jim Leyland said Saturday evening.

Fister threw a second bullpen session Saturday afternoon, this one longer than the 50-pitch session he threw on Thursday, and said he felt good. The team announced Sunday that he’ll go out on a rehab assignment with the Mud Hens, who are at home against Pawtucket.

The Tigers aren’t saying what happens after that, whether his rehab would be only one start. Still, the difference in tone was noticeable. What had been cautious words from Leyland and Fister about a timetable now sounds like a path with the end in sight.

“I’m trying to not overdo it, but I feel really good,” Fister said. “I feel very strong. I’m trying to take it slow, but at the same time, it feels very good and I’m just trying to work my way into it.”


Other than a win best news allday

Okay, that’s great. Fister comes back to the rotation, Below returns to the pen, and we’ve strengthened both. Can’t say enough about Smyly today. Realizing the league will adjust to him and there may be rough spots coming up, he’s demonstrated that he has a real future. His ability to spot pitches at his age and experience level is uncanny.
I’m watching another good one right now, Strasburg.
I thought we’d win the final two in NY and still do.

Smyly can indeed pitch. On the other hand, Mr. Valverde is becoming a nightmare. Unless he rediscovers off speed stuff, guys will continue to wait on the fastball. The big positive today- Cabrera becoming the face, the voice, and the leaders of the Tigers. The double play where he wasn’t even involved inspired him to encourage the team; it even evoked a remark from the Yankees broadcast team.


With everything going on with the Tigers, Smyly has practically saved this team in April. That is only a small overstatement. I watched the last 2 games on NY’s YES (because mlb has me blacked out – I live 300 miles from NYC) The Yankee comments on Smyly today after the game were complimentary. He had them lulled, even baffled. They couldn’t read his pitches. His cutter was fooling them. I think it was Swisher who described him as a slinger.
The guy who should be closing right now based on performance is Dotel. That guy pounds the strike zone with movement. He gets it done.
Sorry to hear about your illness Greg. Am keeping you in my prayers.
Regarding the the little bit I blogged about booers and wedgies, a little silly, yes, but just saying it takes a mean spirited person to boo his/her own players, and especially someone who has done so much for the city, like Brandon has. I enjoyed watching him play third. Maybe not so much his hitting, but you have to admit, he did come up big ever so often.
Rich, you might be right in your prediction for a win tomorrow. Scherzer has been pretty bad lately so now he is due for one of those gems he throws every so often. I am not predicting it but am hoping. Then Benoit with Dotel closing. Would assume Valverde would not be available after throwing half a game in the 9th inning today. Give Dotel the ball should our Tigers have a lead at the end.

I have had a real problem with Valverde since we got him. The “defensive in difference” and the complete inability to even think about holding a runner on drives me nuts. It is going to be far more important this year since he is not as effective getting outs as he was last year. You can’t give the other guys gifts in the 9th inning..

I hope the Tigers help Delmon to get his way through this episode. I don’t particularly like him and I felt it would have been logical to let him go for Martin Prado in Spring Training. But, the young man needs help from someone. They stood by Miguel and as difficult as this might be, it may be the right thing to stand by Delmon this time. As distasteful as the racial element of this is one must remember that alcohol has a very strong effect on personality and behaviour. Not to minimize anything, Delmon’s issue or the comparator, but I have seen many instances of people actually getting away with murder simply because they were under the influence of alcohol. In no way should anything he said or did be condoned but it is importaant that the players’ union and MLB help this fellow.
On the business side of things, if he is able to overcome this issue he might still have some value to the club in July.
If they let him go what happens to him? The club will survive and perhaps
improve with him gone but the bigger issue of his moral development will be lost.

We don’t have enough facts to make any judgments yet. I don’t know what it means to apologize for an alleged incident. I’ve already heard someone on TV say that Young is on the restricted list for an alleged hate crime which isn’t even accurate. He was charged with aggravated harassment. The evaluation is tomorrow, after which we may have more of an idea of what’s going on. I think the club’s position will be to stand behind their player going forward. That doesn’t preclude making a move later, but that’s been the case all along. Contract year.

Marty, was thinking the same about Dotel. He looks impressive. Walks by a reliever drive me crazy. You know the saying, ‘the leadoff walk always scores’. I wish Delmon the best. How can you NOT start Dirks in LF every day! Young shuld be the DH. C’mon Leyland, take control of this team! Go Tigers! –Dave

Delmon was certainly terrific for us last year. He’s articulate and has always impressed me when he get interviewed. Drunk as a skunk and verbal confrontations always end up bad. I’d hate to see him charged with a hate crime under those conditions. If he’d been sober, that would be different imo. Being that intoxicated is my concern and whether he does this regularly. If it’s alcohol issues, some rehab might be a world of good for him right now.

And a lot of 26-year olds don’t know how to drink. I can’t help but recall the people who said Cabrera needed months of intensive inpatient treatment. Anyone think that was necessary?


can’t spell.

Maybe Papa just hasn’t gotten warmed up yet. I’ll never forget Leland leaving him in that one game a couple years ago and gambling with this man’s arm. His stuff doesn’t look quite as sharp and he’s a person who (and, I’m speculating now) probably would be loathe admitting to soreness or injury. They need to check him out.

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