Dombrowski talks about Delmon Young situation

A few hours after the Tigers placed Delmon Young on MLB’s restricted list, Dave Dombrowski talked to reporters and tried to give an update on the situation.

Bottom line: Young will be on the restricted list until an independent doctor evaluates him Monday and gives a report. What happens from there depends entirely on the report.

“If he is cleared to play by the doctors, at that point, he will play,” Dombrowski said. “Now, I don’t know if I will find out on Monday, but assuming that I find out Monday, if he is cleared to play, he will play, because that’s the arrangement that is involved in this type of scenario. …

“He is accused of a misdemeanor at this point. If he is cleared by the doctors, he would be in a position to play at that time.”

More quotes from Dombrowski today:

  • “There are allegations that are involved. They don’t really know what took place. I don’t think anybody does with 100 percent certainty, but that’s all part of the evaluation process, and that’s why he’s going through this.”
  • “He is extremely remorseful, extremely apologetic. Of course, you read his statement. I saw him yesterday morning, and he was apologetic at that point.”
  • On why anger management will be evaluated: “I don’t know what their decision was in that regard. I don’t know if it had to do antyhing with that [history] or just the allegations as far as his comments are concerned. To me, he’s doing it, so the appropriate steps are being taken.
  • On whether club could issue discipline: “Well, I guess it depends upon every different circumstance. I don’t think the club is prohibited from doing that, but I think we’re still in the step-by-step process.”
  • On Dombrowski’s personal feelings on the accusations: “My personal feelings are … all I know, and I was there, that the person was not in a very good state as far as his sobriety. That is not a good situation. That’s all I know. I do know that he was in a skirmish. I do know that. Beyond that, I don’t know anything else. Those situations themselves are concerning, and not what you would like to see. If the allegations are true, that is also concerning and not something you would want to see happen.”
  • More Dombrowski: “I was there that night. I do know that some things that have been written are not accurate. I don’t know that. I am not doing to get into them, but I do know wholeheartedly that, because I read some articles in the papers this morning that are not accurate.”
  • On when he received a call: “I don’t know. It was between 3:30 and 4 o’clock. He was up in his room at that point. I was one of numerous people in that room. He had already been charged.”
  • On knowing right away it wasn’t good: “I don’t normally get too many good calls at 3:30, 4 o’clock in the morning.”


Dave sure likes to repeat himself.
How about that homer by Dirks? And he is doing good on the field. He’s a gamer.

the Skipper looks like a genius today i tell ya – putting Dirks in the 5 hole. Not to mention I haven’t seen defense like that in left since the last time he played it.
Glad Delmon is sorry – and I’ll be glad to get him back in the lineup.

A ” Yankee killer” perfomance today for Smyly

That team feasts on LHPs leaded by ,who would said, Granderson

Just kill me now! I can’t take it.

A ” Tigers fans killer ” perfomance for Valverde.
Jones, Rodney , Valverde. Once is bad luck but one after another…

Is Leyland the only one who doesn’t realize Valverde is bad in non-save situations? Anybody but Villareal probably would have been better but no harm, no foul. Game over.

You are correct about Leyland never learning that Valverde does not do well in non-save situations. Concentration? Once again Coke threw only 7 pitches and then Valverde throws 30. Why can’t Coke face a few more batters in the 8th? Then Dotel could try finishing out the 9th. But JL just goes by the book. That is until he should, then he doesn’t.

Well, Valverde has to pitch sometimes. It had been six days. Baseball has created the monster with these closers, and most of them can’t pitch in non-save situations. You can’t just leave him out in the pen forever waiting for a save. The only person I get irritated with is Valverde himself.

gotta get him work at least every 5-6 days. simple.

Agreed, Rich and Evan. This is all on Valverde, not JL on this one.
Lets start a winning streak.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

I just wanted to touch on two things:
1) Having fister and daniel S. out has allowed us to get a good look at some people – right out the gates. Names like smyly, wilk, villarreal, weber, and even below and balester. This is going to help us in the long run because once we find the guy (e.g. Smyly) we can begin treating him like the “X spot guy” (e.g. 5th starter, long man, bullpen backup lefty, etc.). That assurance will in turn allow the pitcher to develop. Why this is good for the team – find those guys early, not late, in the season allows the team to get lots of wins late in the season.
2) Looks like we found our leadoff guy. Austin has hit great and this was a major, major, concern this offseason.
3) Dirks should be getting some starts people playing instead of Dirks are getting. Ryan and Don – neither prospects, do not have the bat that King Andy has (at least currently). And neither are particularly better defensively either. And Andy is a prospect. Dirks needs more ABs and time in LF.

As Tom Boswell said, judge slowly–no, even more slowly than that. AJax had some great 21 game stretches last year, too, like immediately after his bad start. Wait and see.

I see Smyly in either Porcello’s or Scherzer’s spot. In Max’s defense the umpire was lousy and robbed him of several strikes, including one strike three with two outs before they scored twice!

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