Delmon Young arrested for aggravated harrassment

Delmon Young was arrested early Friday morning outside the Hilton Hotel here in New York for an alleged assault.

A representative with New York City Police public affairs department said later Friday morning that Young was arrested and charged with aggravated harrassment in an incident that is being investigated by the hate crimes unit.

“There was some language used that we have to look into,” a police spokesperson said.

The spokesperson, who would not provide his name, would not confirm reports that Young was accused of using anti-Semitic language. He said if there was a hate crime, it would fall under the race/religion category.

The victim, a 32-year-old male, suffered minor injuries and refused treatment. Young was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for treatment, reportedly to sober up, and was released to the police. He was being processed and awaiting arraignment Friday morning.

The aggravated harrassment charge is a misdemeanor. If it is deemed a hate crime, that could lead to a more serious offense.

The Tigers are staying nearby at the Hilton while they’re in town to face the Yankees this weekend. The team arrived in town last night after flying in from Detroit following Thursday’s loss to the Mariners.

The team released a statement Friday afternoon.

“We are aware of the situation. However, it is our club policy not to comment on pending legal matters,” the statement read. “As we understand it, this is an allegation and we need to allow the legal process to take its course. It would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this time. Per a provision in the Major League Baseball Basic Agreement, any allegation that involves alcohol is referred to MLB’s Employee Assistance Program.”

The Tigers were involved with the employee assistance program last year, when Miguel Cabrera was arrested in Florida and charged with driving under the influence. MLB issued a counseling program for Cabrera, including the presence of a sober companion.


doesn’t seem like a serious criminal charge….however……consuming enough alcohol to lead to such a situation…..the night before a game….seems careless and immature…

…and what about the time of day? Aren’t they under a curfew?

probably not. They’re not teenagers.

eh, yeah – but 2:40am still gives him time to put in a healthy 8 hours of sleep in before he has to get ready for the next game. I imagine baseball players hold weird hours..especially on road trips.

Pro athletes often ACT like teenagers. But I’ve read multiple sources that say JL has an 11PM curfew on “regular players.” Not sure what that means, though.

Let’s see how it shakes out. The NY media go crazy with this kind of stuff.

anyone care if inge goes to the twins? lmao.

It’s difficult to comment on this, what with the blurry details and a charge that I didn’t know existed, at least in the wording of it.
All I know for sure is that Delmon should be sent home for the weekend. You don’t want him in that Yankee Stadium outfield. You don’t even want him in the dugout.

do you think this could be the “thing” that sparks some kind of motivation – or fire – in the team?

I agree with Rich, get Delmon out of there. Other than that my only comment is to let MLB & the Tigers take care of this. Tiger fans are starting to remind me of NY & Boston fans……out for blood lately. Go Tigers.

cause the Yankees fans are so superior then the rest of the world? come on man, like Delmon hasn’t heard Yankees fans swear and boo him before, prob cant even hear that anymore and with security like it is today pretty much impossible for a fan to come in contact with an athlete. With that being said he wont play this weekend because of his actions not the hostile Yanks fans, most players enjoy the boos more than cheers! Big series tho and this news doesn’t help our poor play lately, JV will lead us to victory tonight and then the rest of the weekend is the big ? mark.

Geez, nobody is trying to protect Delmon from Yankee fans booing him. That is not what get him out of town meant.

It was a fight. Everything these days is totally magnified by press and police. Two guys got in a fight and called each other names. In the 70’s, you went home and forgot about it the next day. Hate this time.

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