Friday: Tigers at Yankees

Jim Leyland had said after the Tigers announced the Brad Eldred call-up that he would be in the lineup Friday, and he is, at designated hitter. Don Kelly is starting in left field.

That takes away both positions where Delmon Young would have possibly started. Does that mean he won’t be at Yankee Stadium tonight? No idea. As of early Friday afternoon, he was still being arraigned in Manhattan.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Don Kelly, LF
  6. Brad Eldred, DH
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


Why is Kelly in instead of Dirks? If he can run out a triple he can play the field. And why would you bat Kelly 5th? Leyland is going back to being an idiot manger.

Why does Jim insist on replacing his starters with backups but leaving them in the same lineup slot? Don Kelly in the 5 hole with Eldred, making his first start in several years, batting 6th? Why not Avila for Kelly and Peralta for Eldred? Would keep the L/R theme and give our best players more ABs…and if he thinks moving Avila or Peralta would affect them…well, Peralta is hitting about .235 with 0 HR and Avila has been hot/cold. And we are in the midst of shakeup of sorts…so this would be as good a time as any to make changes to the batting order, especially if they suspect Delmon will miss any significant time. Or are we looking at a month of Kelly in the 5, like we did with Clete Thomas in the 3-spot a few years ago? Hope Jim’s hunches play out and Kelly goes yard…

First, notice this comment is with much hindsight but you are bringing up, good points. This would be a well thought out lineup on Friday night:

When we beat Nova in that big playoff game last year, Kelly and Young hit homers in that game.
Kelly in the five hole did not work but Dirks did. Mr Leyland’s hunches are 50/50???

Vintage Leyland, that’s for sure.
Never thought I’d see Verlander upstaged in the Yankee Stadium but it may have happened today. Let’s win some ballgames.

oh my gosh. where is the protection for miggy and prince? is it april fools day?

oh good raburn is the everyday 2b man…..that makes sense. I guess worth and santiago aren’t up to the job😦

Leyland said “I’m gonna run Raburn out there to see if he can play second”, if he doesn’t hit he will sit!

It may be Raburn will get the Inge treatment, he’ll get ran out there to see if he can play better than Santiago. If not fall back on Santiago.

If you look back over the years, it’s always Santiago when it comes down to crunch time, be it 2ndbase or shortstop. JL may be thinking of Kelly hitting that dinger in the 1st inning of game 5 last year. Can’t blame him for that, I guess.
On Raburn, I just have the feeling that he’d do better both offensively and defensively if he played one position. Not saying he’d be great at it, but better. He just seems to need a ton of reps to even begin to put it together. At least there’s potential there, so I hope he doesn’t become the next target of the boo-birds. Booing your own players is counter-productive. We saw that this week, and got an inkling from Avila’s comments.

good to see that Below gets a shot in the rotation. he’s earned the opportunity. hopefully good for a solid 5-6 IP on Monday. despite all the fuss with the team’s recent performance, still in first place. we’ve seen the good (quick start), bad (seattle sweep) and ugly (inge booed out of town, young drunken/disorderly) all in the first 3 weeks. for a veteran club, they’ve been all over the map so far.

As I looked at that line-up and before I saw any of your comments, my thoughts were- Nova is a right-handed pitcher? Where are the LH bats of Dirks and Santiago? Maybe you can’t fit both of them into the line-up but why Raburn for sure and maybe even an unproven Eldred? I hope I get to eat my words but then some of you brought up the same questions. And is Worth even with the Tigers or is he at Toledo?

yea why no dirks? Did he re-injure his hammy?

Weird lineup, the only Tiger hitting isn’t starting. How would you like to be Delmon’s agent today? Contract year and he does this?

Dirks like Boesch , at least lat year, was better against LHP than RHPs. Very small sample. But you can be sure it is only JL being JL.
Kelly was extremely bad on Wed night game.
As long as I remenber in regular season the Tigers have only 2 won games at Pinball stadium.
Cabrera is the only able to hit there of the lineup, 400 something. He fits perfectly there for his opposite field drive tendency.
Below as starter is a good news.
Raburn, well, we will see him a lot since he is the regular 2B against RHP since ST

Although I don’t understand Kelly batting 5th, they all stink so bad right I don’t knw he much it matters.

I’m feeling like 2008 all over again!

The utility runout looks like more like 03 than 08. I’m not worried yet. Let kick some yanks!

I would be getting Dirks as many at bats righty or lefty as possible. I believe him to be a better option in the yard defensively than DK. We’ve all seen our sluggish crew without the gamer Dirks in there. But hey JL gets paid the big bucks to manage our team so I’ll ride with it for now.

Great behind the 8 ball in another game! When’s the last time we scored 1st or even got out of the 1st without allowing a run! This story is getting mighty old?

Right now Dirks is looking to me like the better option over ANY (with the exception of Austin) of the OF’s. Just sayin’…..
Regarding the boo birds always needing to hear themselves yell; all of the studies done on this subject, curiously, (and it’s been a well guarded fact) have concluded that the majority of these people, in fact, received wedgies in gym class during their formidable school years. Some were even of the atomic variety. Ouch……..
O joy, I’m blacked out of the game tonight. Love mlb.

Alex hangs onto that bat too long.

1000 .

AJax is for real

Geez anybody but Alex Rodriguez?

The Tigers are playing like PussyCats.

So Verlander is rolling into the same routine as the rest of the yahoos on this team! Seriously disappointed in this team. I don’t give a crap if it’s “only April”. Every freaking game counts and it feels like they are jut going through the motions 1-25 on this team.

Hey, hey, first time over four runs in TEN games and we won FOUR of them. We scuffled to the last out yesterday and we are fighting the Yanks toe to toe tonight. We’ve bounced back twice after the Yanks have had leads. Lots of positive things happening tonight. Brad Eldred has helped out. Did you just see him hustle to first on that squibb hit ball??

How many guys has Avila left on the bags tonight? Bad night for him.

Our LH hitters right now are 3-13 and the RH hitters are 9-16. Isn’t baseball a great game?? Never know what will happen next.

Avila has left a ton of runners. Verlander having a bad night. Don Kelly should be shot for goofing that ball! Finally get a little hitting and Verlander goes to hell!

Minor hell, but hell

I swear Rod and Mario sound giddy when the Yankees score!

Call it, just don’t sound so happy!

I cant watch.

So instead of pulling the pitcher Leyland moves the fielders positions thinking that will win the game. Bonehead.

Geez! Between Verlander, crappy play in the field, Benoit and Villareal! So dang frustrating watching this bunch of losers! Avila comes up many times with men on base and does absolutely nothing! Your embaressing yourselves boys, when you gonna realize you can’t just throw your gloves out there! Freaking pitiful!

Avila looks like AA player at both plate and behind it. That was a passed ball all the way. Villareal was useless. Send him down tomorrow and find somebody who can throw strikes. Won the game without a hit. Two walks, a wild pitch and a passed ball. Completely ridiculous. Misplay in left field. A guy getting arrested. This is becoming a team that it is not enjoyable.
Not impressed.
— Bob


Great game for AJax
Kelly has no place in the OF. The fly was extremely bad played
Verlander was cruising until the Yankees faced him for the second time and tried to overpower them.
Classic Leyland overuse the bullpen and then the young pitcher to lose it.
Bad running by Cabrera probably cost a run.
A couple of plays that a real 1b could have done
Avila failing again with RISP
Everyday , a new way to lose

As now better Laird than Avila there. Someone must explain him that you dont try to cath the kind of throws, you put your knees on the field and use your body to keep the ball in front of you, Bo Diaz said

We have a bad defense. We knew that going in. Kelly may have no place in the outfield but he’s our late inning defensive replacement outfielder. That says a lot.

Jim needs to re-think his bullpen use with Below in the rotation for now. He has four relievers with a dependable history; Dotel, Coke, Benoit and Valverde. Valverde is taken out of the equation by being locked into a closer’s role, leaving three guys to use. Tonight he lifted Dotel needlessly to go for Coke to pitch to one hitter. With only the one lefty out there, Jim doesn’t have the luxury of playing LH specialist. Until Fister returns, Coke needs to be extended some.
Tonight’s example of this folly was the 9th. Who do you choose between Villarreal, Balester,and Putkonen? I’d think a manager of Leyland’s experience would foresee a problem lurking.
I’m glad Below is deservedly in the rotation, but Jim needs to adjust to what’s left in the bullpen. It’s a temporary condition but should stil be treated.

If Dirks if healthy he must be there.
Another problem would be having Young on restricted list and no one ready in AAA

Another point,Jackson was out in the first inning. The Ump was closing the home for the Yankees and still another L

They had us goin there for awhile. Its odd how Kelly made that bad play, but I think he just hasn’t played enough this year. Boesch looked better tonight, but Avila looks awful. I know Verlander is probably ticked, but we have to go on. We had some magic going for us tonight. The young and hungry guys seem to inject some life into a team except for “zorro”. Jim should have known…..the guy pitched real bad his last outing in Toledo. He’s (Jim) not very good with a BP . It’s been a rough week.

Terrible game to watch made worse having to put up with the NY feed. I know we are are “just in a funk” now losing all the close games when we started 5-0 for 1 run games.
Jim’s use of the bullpen has been a continuing frustration of mine – crazy to think on a cold night you are going to pitch the last 3 innings protecting a high scoring, one run game. No Plan B was telling and typical.
Outhitting teams and still losing hopefully won’t become a legacy of this team.

Announced attendance was 41,000. I’d think they were all sitting in the cheap seats, but there are no cheap seats there. I’ve talked to Yankee fans who are bitter about that. You see a ton of them in Baltimore when the Yankees play there.
Nobody has ever accused Joe West of being a good umpire. As an umpire, he makes a good country singer.
I’m not sure Dirks is the answer to anything. Is this backup quarterback syndrome? We’ll reach the turnaround at some point here. This isn’t like 2008. Not even close.

Miggy and Prince were in tune. Prince likes the excitement. What a night for Jackson. Seems like guys always shine when they return “home”. (the team that drafted him). If they don’t get caught up in their own numbers, maybe they can turn things around.

Yankees not afraid to go with Rivera in a non save situation. Was Valverde not available for the 9th? Why Villareal in that situation? Why does JL hold back in the 9th and yet burn his pen in the 7th and 8th….or maybe that answers my question. Avila maybe needs to sit. Right now he is not swinging the bat with any confidence and it carries over into his defense. Time to give Laird a start. There are some real BP problems that will be further exposed if the starters continue to get knocked out early. Losing Fister was huge to say the least. When it gets this bad it feels like there’s no way they’re gonna win a game. And they even got the benefit of umpire calls tonight.

Valverde wouldof been saved for the save when we went ahead. There still would of been a need for a save ya know. Villareal has been good and I’m sure he the strikout he was looking for because he is theonly strikeout guy we have other than the two that were already out of there. Frustrating.

In a tie game at the end of eight innings at home, most managers will use their closer to do his normal job and then hope for the walk-off win in the bottom half.

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