Dirks expected back in lineup Thursday

Tigers manager Jim Leyland didn’t get a chance to use Andy Dirks’ return to give Austin Jackson a day out of the lineup on Wednesday like he had hoped. But he won’t have to wait any longer on Dirks.

“Dirks is ready to go,” Leyland said after Wednesday’s loss. “He’ll probably play [Thursday].”

If he does, it’ll be his first game action in a week and a half since he strained his left hamstring rounding third base against Kansas City. His absence is far from the main reason for the Tigers’ struggles lately, but it sure hasn’t helped. They’ve struggled to manufacture offense without him.

Leyland likely won’t shake up the lineup with Dirks back, but he’ll get another left-handed bat, one that had been swinging well lately.

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You can’t be serious. Dirks is supposed to play any part at all in the impotent offense we have witnessed over the course of the whole season so far?
I like Dirks but he is, at best, an average ball player. We have 6 other guys that have been touted as being sluggers and “tough outs”. Andy is not going to right this ship. He may be more fun to watch but there is dysfunction in this club that is way beyond any one guy making an impact.
And while I’m at it, someone please tell JL to not pester the fans with such hollow remarks as “everyone is to blame, the manager the blah, the blah blah and the blah blah blah. reminds me too much of lousy politicians who “take the blame” or the “accountability” of something that has irrevocably changed the course of humanity or history. To mask a problem with camoflauged nobility is not noble at all.
Leyland has not done a good job managing this year. I hope he can be innovative and approachable enough for that to change but the SOC is getting older and more stubborn all the time.

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