Leyland: “It’s not about Brandon Inge”

The Tigers have had enough going on that manager Jim Leyland hasn’t had to say much on the topic of Brandon Inge, who has arguably become the biggest baseball debate in Detroit since Tiger Stadium was torn down. The topic came up after Tuesday’s game, and Leyland waded into it.

To sum it up best in one quote: “The fact of the matter is, the Detroit Tigers right now — the manager and the entire group of players — are not doing enough to win games. That’s what it is. It’s not about Brandon Inge per se. …

“If you’re [ticked] off because the Tigers are losing right now, personally I don’t think it makes sense to take it all out on Brandon Inge, because I don’t think that’s the reason the Tigers are losing right now.”

The boos have been spreading around over the course of four wins in five days. He had been 0-for-12 after his home run off Royals lefty Danny Duffy, including 0-for-7 in Saturday’s doubleheader, and the boos grew with each at-bat. His third-inning double off Michael Saunders’ glove in deep center field brought out some cheers, but his strikeout an inning later brought them back out again. So did a ground ball that Inge couldn’t quite grab but that Ichiro Suzuki seemed set to beat out anyway, and a probably double-play ball that Inge bobbled before getting the lead out on a shovel pass to Jhonny Peralta.

Leyland understands some of the reaction, because the numbers are ugly. But he also thinks Inge’s visibility over the years, and his struggles in the last year or two, have exacerbated it.

“Normally, they’re not getting on the person personally,” Leyland said. “They’re getting on performance. And you know what? We have to take that. So you really can’t do anything about it. People say, ‘Do you take it personally?’ Well, nobody likes to get booed. Nobody likes to get ripped. But the fact of the matter is, if you’re not performing, that’s part of our business. You just have to not take it like somebody’s getting on you as a person. If you can’t handle that, you’ve got a problem.”

Leyland reiterated some of his stance on Inge.

“This probably means nothing to the fans, but this is what I personally think: I think Brandon Inge can be a contributor, particularly against left-handed pitching,” Leyland said. “But I truly believe that there’s too much focus on Brandon Inge’s impact right now on this team. He can help us, but if we don’t do good, it won’t be because Brandon Inge doesn’t do good, in my opinion. …

“I think Brandon Inge can contribute against left-handed pitching. But it just seems to be — I’m not asking anyone to change their opinions — I’m talking about fan-wise — but I think they’re carried away with the impact. That’s what I mean. I think people have to understand that it’s never one guy that’s going to make you win and it’s not one guy that’s going to make you lose.

“I think Brandon can contribute. For some reason, it seems like every town picks a guy. It just seems to be one of the things that happens, and it seems like they’ve targeted him. I can’t figure some of it out, but I do think it’s overexagerated. I think we have more with the Tigers to talk about than that situation.”

Leyland also believes it’s too soon to make an adjustment on Inge, now 2-for-20 since coming off the disabled list a week and a half ago.

“I do agree with this: Up here it’s about production,” Leyland said. “But I think it’s a little early to say that somebody’s not going to produce something or enough to help you. If it comes to that point with any player, you do something about it. …

“I don’t think you can set a timetable for that. I just think you use your expertise and how long you’ve been around. You use the expertise of your coaches. You use the expertise of your general manager. And you just kind of go about your business.

“I don’t think Inge has swung as bad as the average shows and I don’t think [Ryan] Raburn has either. But people are all hyped up and they should be. We’re not perfect. We all know that. And we all know that this is not going to be easy, but everybody’s hyped up. But sometimes people don’t see the forest through the trees. They just focus on one thing.”


inge has no business pretending to be a baseball player. cut, cut, cut, cut cut brandon (aka: strikeout) inge.

Fans, I understand your concerns regarding Brandon Inge. That being said, sometimes it is best to pay the highest paid players instead of the best players we have. So what if Brandon should not have made the team out of spring training, and so what if we only have small window to win the world series. We clearly don’t care if you boo us for playing him. For a long time, we have said here that winning is not everything. The fact is, that I spend my money how I want and I am thinking about adding another long 1st baseman because Scott Boras knows more about my team than I do. My staff will continue to dodge Inge questions about metrics and reason and will refer to a sample size of one at bat instead of a respectable population to support my decision to play Inge as they answer to me.

I disagree wholeheartedly that the tigers woes are not due to Brandon Inge. He has been pretty much all media outlets have talked about all year. Everyone is focused on Brandon not the pitching, not hitting, not defense, just BI. Having to constantly hear about a player that by all rights should not have made the team out of the spring is weighing on the whole club. Get rid of the guy so this circus can be over and we all can focus on a team playing baseball as opposed to what one dimming star is failing to do at the plate or on the field.

are really suggesting that because the fans/media talk about brandon – instead of the pitching or hitting – the team’s coaches are not going to work on the pitching or hitting? Lol I hope not – because that is not the case at all.

I think the focus by BI’s shortcomIngs is weighing on the whole teams psyche they all have to be tired of hearing Brandon this Brandon that. I’m sick of it myself and I believe that until he becomes a non issue the juju or mojo of this team will stay what It is now. Right now they’re not playing to expectations let alone very well at all. Defense is poor and looks confused. Pitching is leaving plenty to be desired. Hitting is sparse and non powerful. Baseball rolls in cycles but it’s a shame to see the whole team go wonky at once for great stretches every year since Leyland’s been there.

just don’t see how BI being a constant topic (not the main topic but A topic) has much to do with the rest of the team’s psyche

Seriously? So by those standards, Raburn shouldn’t have made the team either. He’s struggling (as expected) every bit as much as Inge yet I don’t hear the fans booing him and I don’t hear the outrage from anyone that he’s on the team. Honestly, how can you blame the woes of the team on one player (or even 2)? The team is still losing games when Inge isn’t playing and they still win games when he does play.

i’ve said this many times before….but brandon is going to get 90ABs b4 being cut for lack of production. Don’t be a yankee’s fan and go out there and boo one of our players – booing our own players is for the birds.
with that said I really with JL would not put Inge and Raburn in the same lineups….just because we need some offense.

Actually while I’m not sure he should be on this team, there are LOTS of problems on this team and Inge s only 1/25 of it.

He may not be the sole reason we are losing – we have tons of reasons we are losing, but the fact is he isn’t helping either, and playing 2 guys with a batting average under .100 back to back is just plain silly. The team is one big frustration right now – we did get some power last night which was great to see, hoping the swings are coming back. I missed the first 4 runs so can’t comment on what happened there, but do know that our defense has to tighten up. Miggy twice last night had some issues that I saw, but I expect that he is going to have a while before being an all star at third. At least he will hit enough to make up for his errors there.

I am tiring though of the stat of how Prince is hitting after Miggy hits – geez, more pressure on Miguel saying if he doesn’t hit Prince won’t? I only like that stat if we are winning and everyone is clicking.

Time to turn things around guys…

I have been stunned by Fielders lack of power so far. He has not contributed how I thought he would. AJ has shown more power than him?

Leyland’s right — it’s not all about Inge. But here’s what he’s not saying: The real problem is the front office. We did virtually nothing to improve this team in the off-season. We had a 100-rbi guy get hurt, so we replaced him with a 120-rbi guy. Big whoop. We went into the offseason with huge, glaring needs: 2B, 3B, and 1 or 2 starting pitchers. Guess what? We didn’t fill any of those roles (yeah, filled 3B, but that left us without a DH, so zero net gain). And our corner outfielders are not elite players either — really just average players. It’s no wonder Texas got 3 of 4 from us, and nearly 4 of 4. They improved, we stood still. The reason Inge is still on the team is because management didn’t go out and get a legit 3B or 2B when they should have. (Really, the best move would have been to pickup Jose Reyes and move Peralta back to 3B — we’d have gotten a legit leadoff hitter and improved our infield defense).

except that Peralta performed miserably at 3B with Cleveland leading to his trade to Detroit. He is a SS. And Jose Reyes is not the answer in my opinion, overpaid and hurt often.
We are missing Dirks right now, who I think is an important piece.
Lastly on Inge, and I said this last week, he should have replaced Worth on the roster and in terms of playing time. I do not see him being better than Santiago or Raburn, so if he gets Worth’s spot, he should get the same amount of time Worth was getting. But for some reason, he has been starting??? Why? If it is about production, start Ramon!

Reyes led the NL in hitting and stole 39 bases! And you think he’s overpaid?

I think the “Peralta struggled at 3B” thing is a myth. He has below average range, but a great arm and accurate throws — that’s perfect for 3B, especially if you have a SS with good range like Reyes playing next to him.

Peralta’s hitting was affected by playing 3B, it was nto a good fit. If it was a “myth” why did Cleveland trade him to a division rival for pretty much nothing?
And yes, I do think Miami overpaid for Reyes. How much do you want to pay a middle infielder with a history of hamstring problems that relies on speed? Miami and others were going to pay for that, I think Detroit was wise in not overpaying for a middle infielder. Put that money into pitching and Cabrera.

As a TEAM the Detroit Tigers are striking out at an alarming rate and not drawing
enough walks. Our seven players with the most at bats are all on pace to strikeout over one hundred times. None of these players have the initials RR or BI so let’s say our team is in a hitting slump. Actually the league as a whole is striking out at what must be a record setting pace..

The Detroit Tigers have NEVER had a World Series contending team without having
good pitching. I’m somewhat concerned about the pitch counts of three or four of our relievers (too high) and wonder why others seem too low. We need twelve guys pulling together for the pitching staff to click. Before the season is over we will have more than twenty different guys pitch for us. Let’s hope they are successful in bringing a title to Detroit.

Everything Leyland says here is true. All of it. There’s a Brandon Inge in nearly every big league city. In Philadelphia it was Pat Burrell. If you look around, you’ll see more of them.
Leaving all that Inge stuff aside, the fact is that our team was somewhat overhyped coming into the season. I tried to point that out in my opening day prediction. We’re a very good club, but the games still have to be played. It comes as no surprise that here on April 25, Cleveland is actually in first place and we’re tied with Chicago. You don’t jump out to a 10 game lead in April very often.
The last six days (yes, only six days) has seen the Tigers in a bad period. Every team has them and we will have more here before the season ends. Granted, there are some disturbing trends but they can be addressed over the course of the year, just like last season when we really didn’t begin to click until August.
I also think that much of the doom and gloom being heard is actually fans discussing that day’s game. When the team hasn’t played well that night, it’s difficult to say many positive things.
Since it came up, one individual note. I think Prince Fielder will hit more homers after he’s seen more of the pitchers. It’s hard for a power guy to load up and go for the seats if he doesn’t have any idea what pitch he’s going to see. As it is, he’s hitting very well without the power.

I don’t comment very often, but I do enjoy your insight Rich, you are always the voice of reason. It’s just April and although the last few games have been disappointing (I was at the park this past Saturday for both games). I believe that things will turn around. I believe if you look at last April’s comments they are quite similar.🙂 Go Tigers!

Is it time to bring Brad Eldridge up to DH?

You need to read the article that just came out about him. He is the hottest topic in the minor leagues. He sounds like someone who has put things together and knows what he is doing. The only two guys we have at Detroit who we are sure about right now are Cabby and Fielder.

By power, yes I suppose I mean homers, but doubles too. But to me he isn’t knocking anybody in very few rbi’s.

Ok, so Leyland is old school. If you are old school do you change the line up every day? Not knowing if you are going to play and where. Try playing the same players for 5 straight days. We need a healthy Fister. We also need some warm weather. Go Tigers!

Good point. We have six games left in April and he will not have a chance to play the same nine players five games in a row. Today it’s rest AJ and Sunday we face CC. I wonder how many lefties we will see against KC?? Teams like to see him putting Inge, Laird, Raburn, and Santiago in the lineup. The only one with a career average over .260 is Raburn. Yes, that’s why I think he should start. The best lineup for us is the one he used the second game of the season and we won 10-0. He used it again the next and we won 13-12. Third time he used it we beat the Rays 7-2. Those are our three high run totals of the season. Their down fall was against the White Sox our best lineup lost two in a row. The last game against Chicago he managed to win with Laird, Inge, Raburn, and Santiago starting BECAUSE Porcello was nearly unhittable. And since then the tinkering has only escalated. The only defense I can offer is the injury to Andy Dirks has forced him to use his bench even more. My question about Dirks is do we have any evidence that he can not hit lefties?? I say let him play even against CC and whatever KC
brings at us.

Dirks 2011 against Lefties:.323.548.871
against RHP:239.292.383

Oh,boy, Jim. Now,Brandon has made you delusional. You dumped him last year because he wasn’t good enough, but this year, in your eyes, he can still contribute?
What has changed since last year? Is he better? Keep Inge, Jim, and watch the rest of the team dragged down with him. Get ready to see lots of empty seats at Comerica. Inge will get you for taking his precious 3rd base position away from him.
.And, Inge has ALWAYS made it about himself. Down and down we go, round and round we go, in a spin…………
No one in their right mind would still have him on the roster. He can’t be traded and even teams don’t want him on the waiver wire. Absolute insanity.

I think your hatred for Brandon Inge is affecting your judgement. Do you really believe that one player’s poor performance can drag down an entire team? Seriously? If so, why don’t you rant about Ryan Raburn? Oh, and why don’t you ask the folks at C.S. Mott Children’s hospital if Inge ALWAYS makes it about himself.

you tell it Mech Man – I agree with you.

We all know about Brandon’t charitable work for C.S. Mott for years. It’s been written abourt for years.

I donate to the united way on a weekly basis does that mean I’m qualified to be the Tiger’s second baseman? I don’t question Inge’s character as a man or a compliment to the community but I do believe way too much has been focused on him to begin the season. I see the focus as a distraction for the team if it wasn’t a serious issue this thread would not have over 60 replies already. Put yourself in anyone else’s shoes on the team how would you feel if you were constantly hearing about an underperformer as opposed to how well you pitched or the majestic homer you hit. It’s weighing on all on our minds you know it weighs on them much more.

but you are right Kathy – Inge is not better he’s worse since last year. He’s on the team until 90abs and his batting average is below the Inge line (.180).

Like one woman expressed so eloquently on the Detroit News forum: Brandon is like the character in the movie “The Cooler.” William H. Macy played that role(casino cooler) and Alec Baldwin was nominated for an award. Not a big box office, but still a very good movie. Whenever the character William H. Macy was around the tables, everything cooled off. She said (the writer in the paper} that Brandon was our cooler. I just totally agree.
And, to those who say I hate him, you’re wrong. He’s been known to ruffle a few feathers by sticking his foot in his mouth for years. Plus, we have other players who could run circles around him.

not really interested in the topic posted. how is andy dirks doing? could he be in the lineup as DH vs “The King” tonight? he’s been out for about a week. is it decision time…either back in the lineup or DL?

I heard Leyland say on the pregame show (on radio) last night that he could be available if needed last night. I guess that means he could DH any time now.

is it possible that King Andy has not been put on the DL (with subsequent replacement) because the absence gives RR and BI more abs? I mean, BI bats against lefties and RR backs up in the OF…..so King Andy’s absence has given JL an excuse to slot them in for many more situations.

While I do love conspiracy theories in general, I do remember Dirks pulling up lame in KC. Hamstrings only heal with rest, so I don’t think Inge/Raburn have anything to do with Dirks not playing. The obvious beneficiary to Dirks being on the DL would be Donnie Kelly (LHB, OF) but I have not seen much of him (unfortunately).

? 9abs since thursday

I said it earlier in the year that Dirks would have a great season. Thanks DOK. Put the best line up in every day. Why do you need to rest AJ. Avila I can understand because he is in on every pitch. AJ is standing in CF watching the ball hit off of Alex’s mask🙂

I don’t believe a word that comes out of Leyland’s mouth after he lied about Inge needing to hit to make the team. End of Story. The man is a liar.

Sample size matters, people! Some of you are talking about Dirks like he’s the Messiah. Dirks has a .256 career average over the course of his whopping 242 major league at-bats. And some of you are in love with Eldred before he’s ever made it to the majors — did you not notice that we never even heard his name in spring training? So he hits 3 HR’s in one game, and now he’s suddenly a better prospect than all the guys who just barely missed making the team? And the comments about Peralta not being able to hit while playing 3B for the Tribe — you’re talking about a sample size of 105 games — that’s little over half a season.

The problem with this team is that championship teams have a top-5 player at nearly every position, and we don’t. Out of the 15 total slots (8 fielders, 1 DH, top 4 starters, setup man and reliever), we have the sum total of 7 top-5 players. And one is injured. This is not a championship-caliber team. This is a “we can probably win a weak division” team.

I’m not sure any team in the AL has a top-5 player at every position, even the Rangers. I wouldn’t put Mitch Moreland, David Murphy or Joe Nathan top 5 at their spots, and I doubt I would include Colby Lewis in that group among No. 2 starters. I don’t think those teams exist anymore in the game. St. Louis definitely didn’t fit that category in most positions last year.

Right, Jason — but you’re proving my point. I said “nearly” every position. The fact that you could only identify 3 or 4 Rangers that aren’t Top-5 means they have 11 or 12 out of 15 who are. And they’re merely giving Nathan time to regain his Top-5 form — if they wanted a Top-5’er right now, they could put Neftali back in the bullpen. So the Rangers have 12, maybe 13, and we have 7. That’s a huge difference. As for the Cardinals last year, you and I both know that no one picked them to win it all. It was clearly an anomaly.

DHawk – outside of Pujols, name one otther St. Louis Cardinal that is top 5. Remember, they won the world series. I bet most people couldn’t name 5 of their regulars from last year.

We must have been posting at the same time. As I said to Jason, they were clearly an anomaly. They won without being a team that anyone considered championship-caliber. They were just well-managed and got hot at the right time.

I’d like a definition of what makes a top 5 player.

Fair question. I just mean “One of the Top 5 all-around players in the league at their position.” So for us, that’s AL only, not top 5 in all of MLB. What it really equates to is “above average” — if you ranked all players at each position (i.e., one player for each of 14 teams), the top 5 would be above average, the middle 4 would be average, and the bottom 5 would be below average. It’s really no more complex than that. As for my beloved Tigers, I’d say we have Alex, Prince, Miggy, and JP; JV & Fister; and Papa Grande. At 2B and DH, we’re clearly below average. The others are average.

You are right about sample size with Peralta at 3B in Cleveland. If we step outside of the statistics classroom, we see another story. Peralta stated that he did not like playing there and is happy in Detroit at SS. Cleveland traded him because he was so miserable there. I thought it was a bad trade for Detroit, and I was very wrong. But why move him when he is playing so well??? Unlike MCab, he does not want to play 3B.
As for Eldred, he has MLB experience, was a top prospect. He is 32, so he would not be considered a prospect. But he has hit the cover off the ball this month…. As a DH/ pinch hitter he might be valauable.

Port, I don’t care what Peralta wants. I care what will win ball games. How is it that if Inge says he wants to play a certain position, people complain that he makes it all about himself, but if Peralta does it, that’s OK? He’s better suited to 3B, whether he likes it or not. Cabby was willing to play any position, and let the new guy make more coin than he does, if it meant improving the team — that’s the attitude JP should have. As for Eldred, I can’t believe you’re correcting me, but I’ll play along. Yes, I’m wrong, you’re right. He has “amassed” 24 MLB at-bats in the past 4+ seasons. I CLEARLY stand corrected!

tonight’s game is one where tigers really need for prince and avila to deliver. tough righty for seattle, a guy who has pretty much owned the tigers over the last few seasons. need those lefty bats to do some damage. it’ll be interesting to see who leyland slots in leadoff if jackson does get day off. probably whoever plays CF, assume Kelly. on the opposite side, probably see Wells in the lineup vs lefty Wilk.

STATS says King Felix has won 8 straight decisions vs Tigers. most since Dennis Lamp who won 11 straight in the 80s.

they just posted the lineup. Jackson is hitting leadoff. Kelly in LF hitting 9th. Delmon DH. Dirks on bench…must not be ready yet.

DHawk, we were making the same point about Eldred. I don’t know why you seem so upset about it. Eldred does have MLB experience (not much, and not that great). He is not considered a prospect anymore because he is in his early 30s. I do not think he would have 12 HRs if he was in Detroit, but, well, he might be worth a look if Inge/Raburn stay below .200.
On Peralta – we didn’t sign Reyes, we have a 3B that is the best hitter in baseball. Our argument is moot. Peralta is our SS for now.
AS for the Cardinals being an anomoly, I would argue that. Name the top position guys from San Francisco the year before… (as I remember they won with a rookie catcher (Posey), Juan Uribe! and Aubrey Huff). You cannot have a fantasy team in the majors, just doesn’t work. What the Tigers need is Fister to come back healthy, Scherzer to find the strike zone more frequently and the bats to start clicking. October is a long ways away, and I would suspect a trade or 2 in July.
Cheers and GO Tigers.

Understood, Port. Let me try to put my comments in context. I’m mostly reacting to all the excessive hype the Tigers got as soon as we signed Prince — people wanted to start printing WS tix. I’m just saying that we don’t have a WS caliber team on paper, so people shouldn’t act like we do. We had other options for improving the team in the offseason, and the front office chose to stand pat, so we shouldn’t expect the team to be any better than it was last year. This thread is about Inge, and I’m just saying that to blame Inge (& Rayburn) for our problems is to ignore the fact that the front office didn’t replace them. That’s the root problem. And to suggest Eldred (Chris Shelton redux?) or Dirks could make a significant difference is just short-sighted. Those aren’t long-term, proven solutions — just short-term patches with no proven track record. If we really want to be a WS team, we need realistic, proven solutions. Yes, anyone can win the WS any given year — it’s really not rare for a sub-par team (on paper) to win it all. But my context here is expectations. Many posters act like we’re expected to be a WS team on paper, and I’m saying that the facts don’t support that. Hopefully that makes sense.

I hear you DHawk, one thing we need to acknowledge is Mr. I and his desire to get Prince. That surely became the offseason plan after VMart went down. I don’t think we were ever interested in any free agents with the exception of Cespedes. Dotel was a good signing. The front office felt the team we have was good enough to compete for the championship. I hoep they are right, and I thank Mr. I for investing in our beloved Tigers.
The Eldred – Shelton comparison is spot on. However, I think Dirks does have potential. I think Dirks is a solid player, clutch, with room for improvement. And (how bout this) I think if you are bemoaning players not moving for the good of the team (Peralta), I think it is more amplified with Delmon Young, who in a perfect world, would be our full time DH with Dirks in LF.

That’s funny, but true. I still wonder, also, if we should put Delmon back in front of Miggy. He seemed to flourish there.

I don’t think Brandon Inge is responsible for the Tigers’ struggles. I simply think he should be released or sent down if he agrees, as he is not good enough to play in the major leagues. The cries about Raburn happened often over the past few seasons until it became clear that he can hit the daylights out of the ball in the second half. Why he gets so many starts in the first half, I have no clue. Why he gets put in as a defensive replacement in the OF, I have no clue. He should be in the minors during the 1st half or at best the last man on the bench early in the season. You can’t tell me Brad Eldred’s hot streak couldn’t translate to at least Raburn’s numbers in the majors…Eldred has played in the bigs before, hittinh 12HR in under 200 ABs as a rookie. So, are Inge and Raburn responsible for the Tigers’ issues? No. Would replacing them in the lineup be an improvement? Yes. Jim Leyland gets too defensive and is an all-or-nothing thinker. Too bad.

Eldred hit another HR today, so he is at .388 with 13HR and 35 RBI. That is a pretty amazing month.

Also of note from the minors – Worth is hitting better than .300 and Castellanos is tearing up the Florida League, hitting better than .400.

Easiest way for me to state my opinion on this season is to re-post what I wrote on opening day, just three short weeks ago:
If I’ve learned nothing else over my years of baseball watching, it’s that a season takes many twists and turns. Just look at last year when we were locked in a tight race then, due to a couple of transactions and a change in the lineup by JL, we blew the entire division away over the last two months. This makes it a real crap shoot to predict how a season will go.
I suspect we may be somewhat overrated in some quarters because of the Prince Fielder acquisition. People seem to forget that Prince is really just replacing Victor Martinez, so I see that as neither a gain nor a loss. The rotation is the same as last year (with the exception of Fister for an entire season, a definite gain). Scherzer and/or Porcello would have to make strides to add another gain there. The bullpen should be improved. The defense as it stands now is not as good as last year. I think Cabrera will do okay at 3rdbase but we may be a little disappointed in Fielder’s work at 1stbase. Miggy was really good over there, better than many think. The team culture is excellent. Nothing seems to get these guys down, and that’s a tribute to Jim Leyland and staff, along with the team leaders in the clubhouse and on the field.
There will be another Central Division club that plays well. Which one is anybody’s guess. This won’t be a walk in the park by any means, especially in the early months. It’s still imperative to win the division games, something we did extremely well last year. That’s the difference between a runaway and a dogfight.
I’m going to pick the Tigers to win the Central with 95 wins. Again.

Rich — that’s exactly what I’m trying to say also. I totally agree with you. Where’s the Like button? 🙂

I recognized that, Hawk. That’s kind of why I re-posted it.

Detroit have 2 of the top five MLB playes. 3th and 4th:Cabrera and Verlander.
Detroit – Texas:
Catcher: Avila
1b: Fielder
2b Kinsler
3b Cabrera
SS:Andrus for defense
OF: Hamilton
Starters: Verlander, Fister their 3 first starters
Bullpen: 7 to 9 , Detroit by far

I pick THAT team to win the world series!

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