Fister scheduled to throw side session Thursday

Finally, there are signs on progress again in Doug Fister’s injury situation. The Tigers right-hander, sidelined since the first weekend of the season with a strained left rib cage muscle, played catch on Wednesday is now scheduled to have a mound session Thursday morning.

It’ll be the first time Fister has thrown off a mound since last week in Kansas City, where he felt pain again in that left side while throwing another side session. Since then, the Tigers have been relatively cautious about his progress, though manager Jim Leyland sounded upbeat after Fister underwent treatment on Monday.


I wonder what sort of treatment he’s receiving for that type of injury.

I really hate that Comerica is so darn big. Spoils so many homers.

Bad at bat for Avila. Young of all the batters took a walk and he go and swing at the first pitch. But the worse part was not running fast

But Leyland will stick to Below in the bullpen

Fasten your seat belts, looks like we’re in for another bumpy ride. Crap!!!!!!!

Just checkedin with the score looks lik one of the worst teams iin baseball is going to kick the crap out of us agaiin

Wilk is definitely not THAT guy. I needs me some Fister back. The lowest scoring team in the AL has a 4 run lead. Can we even get 4 runs. This is hard to watch the worm needs to turn.

Great catch by Miguel but Fielder mishandled it. They practice that kind of bound with a coach but for nothing…
Liddi? He has played here and batted below the Inge´s line. A fastball of 87 milles in the middle?

Don’t be surprised to see Wilk sent down after this abhorrant showing tonight. Nothing’s going right at this point.

A litle patient from batters will pay too

That was out . Fielder failed again.

Fielder is a DH. He needs to extend his body . It was his fault again

Bad throw by Ramon too. to soft

too soft

Jim Price just said “discombobulated” again. They’re just not together, he says.

unwriten rules anyone?
210$ DH

Jim Price is correct, they just aren’t together right now. It will happen and all will be forgiven. Once Prince & Miggy get going I think the rest of the team will follow.

He just said it again: “discombobulated in all facets.”

I want my money back, and I wasn’t even there. Our best chance tonight would have been a rainout.
We’ve passed on three opportunities to have Below start and the better he pitches, the more irritating it gets. Was he really considered for a starting job in ST?
We’re looking really bad out there, in all facets. I don’t know what else to say but the obvious.

These guys are letting us down. And so is our manger.
When you see the fish is fried take it out of the pan. I’m talking Inge, Raburn, Wilk,here, specifically. All of us here know Wilk does not have the stuff needed to m aster MLB hitters. It is perfectly obvious. JL has his mind made up that Below is what he wants in the pen. How obtuse is that thinking?
The lack of runs by this powerhouse offense is at a stage where it absolutely needs to be worried about.
Another game I’m glad I missed.

Wilk and Weber were the best in Toledo early in the season. But it’s Below who deserves a shot at it. If you go back to our series with Seattle last year at the end of April, and compare it to this year it’s all deja vu. Our team average is within two points of being exactly the same as last year. In the last game of the series last year , Leyland started two guys hitting.200 and three guys hitting BELOW.200. I don’t think that can happen tomorrow. Ramon is hitting .200 so he should certainly be a starter. One more two hit game and he could be our starter for a while. Come on Ramon get a mean streak. Naw that won’t happen.

Blaming Inge for the Tigers’ poor performance is absurd. As is his position on the roster.
There are many problems but the biggest is the total evaporation of team hitting. It hapens every year. Who does one blame? Lloyd? Leyland? Team culture?
I don’t know–but I do know it is Leyland’s job to make this club work. Period. If JL spent more time seriously contemplating the proper use of the roster rather than huffing and puffing about fans and the press and who doesn’t “understand” baseball, we’d all be better off.
And I am not blaming just him. Someone needs to kick this team in the butt. Cabby should not be the guy to have to do that–this is wehre VMart is missed. But I also see a guy like Avila needing to to assert himself as well..
The hitting—well I will say I have never cared for McLendon. I think ther is a problem there. just don’t ask me to explain it or focus the blame on him either!

Below deserves to start, Wilk is gone to AAA, Scherzer should only get 1 more start before he gets sent down to work out his annual kinks and they need to bring back Worth and package out RR & BI! Hopefully Fister comes back as he was in 2011 very soon and Porcello finds his sinkerball again, that gives them 4 starters w/JV, Fister, Porcello, Below and possibly the surprise, Smyly!

This is definitely where Victor is missed, yes.
So Wilk is back to Toledo and no plans announced for the next turn in the rotation. Maybe JL expects Fister back, I don’t know. I hope they plan to have Below ready for that turn. He’s pounding the zone, changing hitters’ eye level and coming tough inside on RHers. What more do you want from a pitcher? If JL wants him in the pen, at least don’t use him in mop up duty all the time. Jim can be such a tool at times, you know?
This weekend’s trip to NY might just be the thing to get the club’s attention. We match up well with them (usually) and it’s no place to sleepwalk. Beyond that, I’m somewhat concerned with next week’s KC series. We may catch them on the rebound from that just ended 12-game losing streak.
You folks who were on the Cespedes bandwagon this winter can gloat some, at least for now. He’s tearing it up pretty good. Let’s see how he adjusts to the adjustments.

I will stick to my opinion on Cespedes:5 hrs on fastballs in the middle 17 SO. I dont think he will be anything beyond Rob Deer

He helped us out today. That had to be a devastating loss for the White Sox.

One of the biggest problems with De’Angelos was always trying to buy a team. The development of farm talent has taken a back seat to free agency. I still curse the Curt Flood case. We are currently fielding an overhyped, extremely slow, poor defensive, weak hitting ball club. But I have the answer. Cut all ties with Inge, and we’re on our way. Again, I love Fielder, but he slows down and weakens an already weakened defense. This club currently has 5 -7 payers who could DH for a lot of clubs. I keep hoping, because hitting can hide a multitude of sins.

Hopefully it’s not a left-side session. Try to get Fister on the rightmost mound.

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