Tuesday: Tigers vs. Mariners

Lefty Jason Vargas’ start for Seattle means a return to the righty-loaded lineup for the Tigers. Brandon Inge starts at second. Ryan Raburn starts in left field, with Delmon Young at DH.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF (6-for-9, 2 doubles off Vargas)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, DH (4-for-9 off Vargas)
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Ryan Raburn, LF
  9. Brandon Inge, 2B (1-for-6, 2 RBI single off Vargas)

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Chone Figgins, LF
  2. Dustin Ackley, 2B
  3. Ichiro Suzuki, RF
  4. Miguel Jesus Montero, DH
  5. Kyle Seager, 3B
  6. Alex Liddi, 1B
  7. Michael Saunders, CF
  8. Miguel Olivo, C
  9. Munenori Kawasaki, SS

P: Jason Vargas


I have a feeling that the wind is going to effect the balls tonight. I sure hope the bats come alive!

Anyone care to bet whether Brandon’s OBP is over 0.50 after the game?

Inge is late on 80 mph. See his terrorizing poopups to 1st base. Clete had a long swing and good D and he’s gone. Inge has an abhorrantly long swing and Ok D but he stays. Money isn’t the issue here, they got rid of Nater and Sheffield who were owed loads m

Inge is late on 80 mph. See his terrorizing poopups to 1st base. Clete had a long swing and good D and he’s gone. Inge has an abhorrantly long swing and Ok D but he stays. Money isn’t the issue here, they got rid of Nater and Sheffield who were owed loads mOre monies. Somebody fill me in why the guy that showed up after our hot bats crammed the BoSox can’t hit but can still take the time to talk himself up. At least Raburn isn’t running his jaws while his bat stays dead till June.

You meant that to read .050 ??

This is insane………..Inge & Rayburn????????

They are 4 for 59 combined. The one that I don’t understand is Raburn at 3 for 41. I mean, I don’t know why he doesn’t hit and then when he hits I don’t know why he’s hitting. It’s not the weather because he had big hits in the postseason. Does he need a certain number of ABs? I wonder if we shouldn’t use that last option to get him down to Toledo to work with Bull. This is crazy.

There must be a better word than “loaded” to describe this lineup.

Who do you thnk is the best fielding 2nd baseman on the Tigers?

Santiago by a long shot!

Agreed he’s played the position for almost 10 yrs

Inge seems to have problems with the catcher’s deliveries at 2nd. Ramon has been playing 2nd fiddle for many yrs he is our best option right now.

Neither should be playing right now. Inge has been having a gay ol time talking himself up only to look foolish in every at bat. Raburn isn’t striking out at his record pace of last year, BUT neither are hitting at all. Btw the mudhens are striking the ball like champs right now.

I am tired of hearing that Leyland is not worried since it’s early in the year. I guess he forgot game 163 against the Twins. Every game does matter. I know the Tigers can win despite Inge & Rayburn. But, why waste all that time on them. He is never this patient with other guys that deserve a chance. Come on Max, get a win.

Agree, one more game in april and there was no game 163

Max drives me crazy, he is in no position to field anything. And here in the first inning it costs him. Seattle can’t hit, he’s got o do better than this. I know it’s early in the game nd year, but it’s been frustrating for me to wach ths team. I know how crazy it is to say that ths early in the season. But every gme counts.

That potent tigers offense on display tonight????? NOT! Gotta stop giving pitchers too much credit, they are not ll the second coming of Cy Young! Geez no pitcher would fear this lineup right now. Nobody.

He threw him out at 1st. Clear as day. Joyce can’t see.

Joyce may just missed another one at 1st. I think it looked like scherzer may of picked him off. And sorry I think that should of been an error on Inge.

Seattle , second to last in average…third to last in RBIs in AL

Guess we know which Max we are getting tonight! The sucky one! The crappy pitching the crappy fielding and the crappy hitting!

It never gets old seeing Miggy hit home runs. What a beautiful swing he has. Way to go Big Mig.

Great job Max……they get ya a few runs back and you give 1 right back! What’s your problem, you can’t continue to use the excuse that they are a great hitting team!

He is back

Bad throw by Miggy, but Fielder didn’t do much to try to get to that either. Jump 1 inch Andre ball is probably caught. Maybe not out, but not at second either!

Dan and Jim agree with your assesment. Brandon just makes his 2nd error.


Balester = Perry (tall, lanky and no control)
This guy is going kill Avila with all these balls in the dirt.
And Binge is not a 2nd basemen!!!!
— Bob

I just don’t know what to make of this team…………. Is it e or have they just been frustrating as heck to watch??? Like, (but not as bad) you just know there is more their and they are just falling way short on every level!

I hear you GK … Like a car with only 3 wheels. Something is missing.
— Bob

He better have Ramon in there as a defensive replacement.

We could get swept by Seattle. I’m going to bed.

Mariners pitching > Tigers pitching
mariners hitting > Tigers hitting
mariners fielding > tigers fielding
Pretty ticked off right now incase you couldn’t tell. Sick of the excuses…. Faced great pitching, facing great hitters.. Whatever lots of excuses for underperforming.

Ps. The home plate ump was horrible tonight! Jim Joyce screwed up a few too at first, but that’s not shocking is it.?

Well, tomorrow the King. He is known for tha lack of run support and for the failure of their bullpen to hold and save games he leave winning in the 8th.. As an espn bradcaster put it, for him and Santana wins are kind of a lucky thing. A Ingeless, Raburnless with Dirks would be appreciated

It is official. Jim Joyce cannot get a call right at first base in Copa. He cant decide. He was ready to call Ajax safe and then changed his mind and again he was wrong. Oh poor Jim Joyce. Save it. It was a crock then and it is crock now.
Regardless, the boys are not in sync. Rich, you may get that 12-10 start yet🙂
Tomorrows pitching matchup is a mismatch. Which means we will probably win.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

That 12-10 is looking very likely, Bob, and I think you’re right about tomorrow night’s outcome.

Certainly a bad stretch here. We’ve gotten some good individual relief appearances and Verlander, but everything else is pretty bad. Hitting, pitching, fielding, not good. By the way, if the Hawk was doing tonight’s game he’d be screaming at Jim Joyce to retire.
Scherzer is not showing any improvement over when he first arrived in Detroit, and I’m wondering if he ever will. If this is the total sum of his efforts, do you keep him around? He turns in a good start now and then but most big league starters do.
It’s hard to believe but Inge might be worse at 2ndbase than Raburn. Seriously. Makes the athletic plays but not the tricky ones. Just like Raburn.
We’re also getting chewed up in small bits by all these infield singles and other non-hard hit balls.
It’s good to know this will all turn around at some point.

Meanwhile down in Columbus Brad Eldred (DH) had three homers and seven rbis tonight for Toledo. That gives him 12 homers and 34 rbis in 18 or 19 games. Also, Danny Worth hit his third homer. We have seven guys on our team who have DHed so far in 17 games. Does anyone know what the career average is for these guys when DHing?? Most of the veteran players on our team want to play over 155 games at their primary position if they are healthy. Who or what is our best option at DH?? I think I know someone who would volunteer to be a full-time DH.

Sure enough if they called either guy up they would flounder on our team.
Eldred’s stats are nothing short of amazing. One does have to wonder how long they can keep him down.. Worth too.
I am traveling back home to Canada and missed all the games (visually) so far. I feel I have missed the worst.
I can certainly get a sense of how our team is playing by listening or even watching GameDay–but I get a real sense of how things are simply by reading the posts of the fans here. We have a mixture of knowledeable fans, rabid fans and “homers” here, but the blend of all make this a very informative place to guage my Tigers.

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