Saturday afternoon: Tigers vs. Rangers

Pretty similar lineup to what would’ve been the lineup last night, except that Gerald Laird is catching. That’s the adjustment to the doubleheader. If you’re going to have Laird catch one of these games, this is it, with the left-hander on the mound for Texas. Coincidentally, it also works out that Laird catches Rick Porcello for the third time in as many starts so far this season. Alex Avila would’ve caught him last night if not for the rainout.

Look for some more adjustments as the weekend unfolds. Miguel Cabrera is expected to be the DH for the second game, and Prince Fielder might do the same Sunday afternoon.

Andy Dirks is not available today. Under warmer conditions, he might have been available to pinch-hit, Jim Leyland said. Cold weather today took that out of the equation.



  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, DH
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Ryan Raburn, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Brandon Inge, 2B
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Ian Kinsler, DH
  2. Elvis Andrus, SS
  3. Josh Hamilton, CF
  4. Adrian Beltre, 3B
  5. Michael Young, 2B
  6. Nelson Cruz, RF
  7. David Murphy, LF
  8. Mike Napoli, C
  9. Mitch Moreland, 1B

P: Matt Harrison


All they have to do is hit. The bottom of our lineup has the capacity for coming up pretty empty (though in fact Laird has been solid so far). I would sure like to see Jhonny P finally pop one.
Raburn plays his way out of the lineup if his stuff continues.

Cabrera would be Dh in the second game so Boesch will rest with Don Kelly in the OF then?

No team is as good as its looks when is winning, not that bad as its looks when is losing

Nobody out yet and Napoli up — this one is over as far as I am concerned. Hopefully I have enough “love” in my heart to tune in tonight.


The game must be 3-0 instead of 8-0. Even is the runs are earned

I just looked in on the game. What the —-? 8-0? How discouraging. If the Rangers play anywhere near this well the rest of the season and into the play-offs, we can all forget about any Tiger appearance in the World Series. They pounded the Red Sox because I thought maybe Boston’s pitching was in a funk and Fenway Park is much smaller then Comerica. But 10-3 and 8-0 doesn’t make the Tigers look any better.

Just got home for lunch. You have got to be kidding me. OMG!!! Yuck.

Duane Below should get a “team save” for what he has done for the bullpen today.
Dotel and Coke to follow??

Below should be the Tiger player of the game. After one inning I thought it was just the Rangers’ aggressive hitting. Now I think maybe something was wrong with Porcello. Below has shut the scoring down. I doubt the Texas hitters just decided not to hit any more today. They are beginning to prove that theory now that Schlereth has replace Below. Well well he got out of that inning.

So this Below lost the bid for starter and reliever? Why bad players get one chance after another while good ones are ignored by the Tigers?

Meanwhile the Tiger hitting has been anemic. Harrison was 0-4 with a 7.43 ERA against the Tigers. A HR from Cabrera. How long has it been? Isn’t 4 runs the maximum for the Tigers in how many games now?

1.Austin Jackson, CF
2.Don Kelly 3B
3.Miguel Cabrera, DH
4.Prince Fielder, 1B
5.Delmon Young, LF
6.Alex Avila, C
7.Jhonny Peralta, SS
8.Ryan Raburn RF
9.Ramon Santiago 2b
Will they go as planned with Miguel at DH and Boesch rested ?

If Dirks can’t play and rumor Miggy has to be DH is true, then this should be our lineup.
Jackson CF
Boesch RF
Cabrera DH
Fielder 1B
Young LF
Avila C
Peralta SS
Kelly 3B
Santiago 2B

It often seems you are right about certain players. Why on Earth does JL keep using Raburn and Inge? Why was Below overlooked not just as a starter but as a forgotten man in the bullpen for so long? We’ll have to hope Verlander is hot tonight. On Sunday Wilk will be challenged for sure with no Below available, only Balester, Dotel and Coke. I missed most of the first inning. Was Porcello really that bad today?

We need to establish a starter at second base or a two man platoon. Our manager has three currently on the roster who have started games and one more who could, Don Kelly. Ramon should get the start tonight and if he gets a couple hits at least give him another game Sunday.
Raburn would appear to be the player most likely to hit over .260 with at least fifteen homers.
The key with Inge is how many at bats do you give him?? He wants 500 or more. What would we get 5 hrs 30 rbis ..200 or 20 hrs 70 rbis .250??? That’s the question.

Smyly pitches on Sunday.

Leyland just a minute ago made it very clear that Below is going to stay in the role of mop up duty. He doesn’t think much of Below. I do.
We have bad hitting and atrocious defense right now. Inge looked like a converted 3rdbaseman out there today. He botched three plays early, which ended any chance we had of staying in the game. Combine that with his total lack of offense and I again have to say he has no place on this roster. As with Below, however, JL will do just the opposite. I thought I heard him just say that tomorrow Santiago will play third and Inge second. I hope I heard wrong.
Texas is on a streak where everything they do turns to gold. That won’t last. They’re a very good club, but not that good. We still have a chance to split this series.
I don’t recall seeing Thad Weber in ST.

Retraction: I just re-listened to JL and he mumbled Donnie Kelly, not Santiago, at third, and talking about tonight. Sorry.

We can debate Inge (especially Inge) and Raburn forever but one thing is abundantly clear: these 2 guys are not going to SOLVE any problem areas for the Tigers. Each may do OK for a while but they are not problem solvers in terms of a starting lineup.

I would be exhilarated to split this series with the status as it is right now.

Help friends, I did not see the game, were the balls bleeders or was he getting hit hard? Was it bad infield defense. I forgot to dvr the gamesome I can’t check it out myself. Appearently Leyland thinks Below is crap. As far as I’m concerned he’s the most consistent pitcher this year.

Porcello was hit hard. The defense (inge especially) did him no favors. Hamilton launched a long HR off Rick and he never regrouped. Below pitched great. Saved the bullpen for tonight if needed. The numbers that kind of lie are Schlereth. Got dp in the 8th but his pitches were UP and he was falling behind guys. He still looks lost.
Hard to blame hitters when it is 8-0 before the 1st swing, but Inge and Raburn need to start producing.

Playing a team like the Rangers points out your weaknesses—it did last October too.
Our team is built on power–we’re not getting enough of that.
Boesch-Avila, Fielder, Young, Peralta need to be hitting more dingers. Even MCab to a degree has been more quiet than you want.
Below at least deserves a chance to show he can start. JL’s problem is he is fixated on the lefty in the bullpen and knows he can’t remove Below because the only reliable lefty he would have is Coke. Below has pitched so well he has pitched himself into being a JL role player. Those kinds of jobs can go on a long long time.

There were also some grounders that went for hits. Texas is having luck combined with their talent right now. It’s how you win 8 in a row.
One thing that intrigues me is these pitchers trying to stop a ball with their bare hand, as Porcello did to start today’s game. I played ball for decades and it never once occurred to me to not use my glove. Where do they pick up this instinct? On a basketball court?

Better we see the weaknesses early and have them exposed. Schlereth sent to Toledo already. Am going to watch the 1st inning on the DVR. Fans in the seats must have made some noise on that mess. Again, something is not clicking on this team. They are out of sorts and we have seen this before. They started off good but look out of sync now. Boesch has been awful at the plate and even in the field. Something just isn’t right with this team.
Victor, we need you.

With his pitch count, JV will need a very quick sixth or he will be done.

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