Tigers-Rangers rained out, doubleheader Saturday

The Tigers will have to wait a day to resume their American League Championship Series rematch with the Rangers. A line of showers passing through Michigan slowed over Detroit Friday night, washing out the second game of this four-game set.

The game will be made up in a day-night doubleheader Saturday at Comerica Park. The first game will be at 1:05 p.m. ET, with the nightcap coming at 7:05. Tickets and parking passes for Friday’s game will be honor for the Saturday night game. No ticket exchange is necessary.

Both games will be telecast on Fox Sports Detroit.

The pitching matchups will be remain the same. Rick Porcello and Matt Harrison, Friday’s scheduled starters, will pitch the day game on Saturday. Justin Verlander and Neftali Feliz will be pushed back to the nightcap.

The Tigers and Rangers took batting practice in 70-degree weather, albeit under cloudy skies. The skies opened up about an hour before game time and didn’t let up before the game was called at 7:30 p.m. ET, 25 minutes after the scheduled start time.

The weather system looked like a thin line of showers extending south and west, but it wasn’t moving west to east very quickly. Moreover, the line of storms seemed to thicken as the day went on. If the teams had waited, they would’ve been left with a late-night game before a day game on Saturday.

Given the alternative, they opted for the doubleheader under forecasted clear skies Saturday. This is the Rangers’ only scheduled series at Comerica Park, so they would’ve otherwise had to find a common off-day for Texas to travel back to Detroit later in the season.


just left the park, raining hard so kinda glad postponed would of been cold wet and miserable. Looking at the forecast for tomorrow and it is just going to be really really cold!

Jason, in the article on Miggy, you have George Kell as an All-star for Detroit in 1957. The Tigers traded him to the White Sox in 1952. He was an All-star many times for Detroit but also with the Sox and maybe with the Orioles.

I don’t like the idea of having to play this team 2 games in one day. Who knows what will happen? My furnace is on and going full blast. Maybe we can freeze the Rangers right out of town.

Any advantage we had with Porcello and Verlander in the middle two games is somewhat neutralized by the difficulty of sweeping a DH. If you assume both clubs will be in the postseason, we’re playing for possible homefield advantage. Of course, we’ll make two trips to Texas, giving them 6 home games to our 4. I really wish they’d balance out the schedules. This is too much like the NFL.

Doubleheaders aren’t difficult to sweep. Historically, and surprisingly more doubleheaders are won than split.

I looked it up and I stand corrected–
In a paper in American Statistician, Michael Goodman makes the claim that double-headers are swept more often than they are split.[2] The Elias Sports Bureau, however, found that double headers are swept only 26.2% of the time.[citation neede

So then about 74% are split? Wow Dean, that’s even more than I would have thought.
I think back to the final week of 2009 when Minnesota came to town, and we needed 3 of 4 to clinch. The first one was rained out and we split the DH, lessening our chances of taking 3 games. I still think that without the rainout, we clinch while the Twins are in town and game 163 never happens. Neither does the Figuro game.

Didn’t we play Chicago that weekend? All I remember is Peavy kicked our butt and Miggy had trouble partying with Ozzie that weekend. I could be wrong but I dont think so.

Never mind Rich I see ou said final week not weekend.

It was not with Ozzie but supposedly, allegedly, with an exTiger

Alot of things went down in that final month of 2009 that should have made Game 163 never happen.
Going 1-5 against the Royals.
Splitting a 4 games series at home with the Jays.
Going 2-4 against the White Sox
Going 11-15 overall.
But I am not dwelling🙂
If they had clinched against the Twins that week; we may still have seen the Figura game, but it would have been to set up the playoff rotation; not to win a division.
Here’s to a sweep today.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Have to work today, so the DVR will be on. I like our chances with Rick. Just hope both starters can go deep into the games. Hate to see the BP lose either one of them. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

fun DH facts: last DH sweep at home was 2002, Brian Hunter once went 0-13 in a DH, Charlie Maxwell/Rocky Colavito hit 4 HR in DH, longest was over 9 hours going 28 innings.
thought i read somewhere that the new agreement between owners and players permits a team to add a 26th player to the roster for a day-night DH. is that true? any news that Tigers might recall a 3rd C for this day?

César Gutiérrez , SS, playing for Detroit hit 7 for 7 in the second game of a DH

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