Leyland: Fister likely won’t be ready until May

The good news from the Tigers on Doug Fister is that he was feeling better Friday morning than he did Thursday afternoon, a sign that the pain is going away in his left side. If he feels better this weekend, the Tigers will likely have him start playing catch again.

The bad news? He’ll be on a slow progression from there. At this point after his pain last week, he has missed enough time that they’re not going to try to fast-track him and risk a full-blown aggravation that could sideline him long-term.

When asked if Fister’s return is getting pushed back into May, Leyland said, “It certainly looks that way. That’ll all be down the road now.”


We’re not hitting, and we’ve had some injuries and pitching issues. We’re still in first by a comfortable margin. They are right to keep Fister out until he’s 100%, for the long haul.

If Fister’s injury keeps him out for an extended period of time, would we go after someone on the trade market, stick with Smyly, or call up someone like Jacob Turner?

Smyly’s not the guy who replaced Fister. Wilk is.

Still, which way would the Tigers go?

I’d prefer they go the trade route, Smyly has earned his position for now, but if you could package Schlerth in a deal for another major league starter, you could use Below out of the bullpen, and have another arm for the rotation until Fister comes back.

I’d give Wilk another start. The Rangers didn’t exactly knock him around. That came later in the game. I like Adam’s maturity. He’ll do okay against Seattle next week.

never a good time for injury, but fister being dl’d gives the team a chance to evaluate their fringe big league pitchers to see which of them can really get big league hitters out. some tough matchups in april…the way certain guys respond to these challenges can help the organization decide how to further shape the roster.

I think Wilk definitely has some upside. Just a little more fine-tuning and he’s great at fielding his position..
The weather has been awful all afternoon. Thundershowers and now it’s getting quite cool. Miserable weather.

Going to the game tomorrow was excited to see Verlander pitch but now I get Porcello instead. Don’t get me wrong I like Porcello but who wouldn’t rather see the reigning Cy Young/MVP pitch.

Hey, I’d take Porcello in a NY minute. Last year, I was supposed to see Verlander and got Oliver instead…..sad face.

Don’t get that Laura. Seems to me if your ticket was for tomorro’s game it would be the 2nd game tthat that applies too. Too late for you to do?

My ticket is for the day game tomorrow and they posted that Porcello will pitch, with tonight’s posteponed game moved to tomorrow night with Verlander moved back to pitch that game.

Still excited to go just hope the bats wake up tomorrow. My boss is from Texas and when they win, he likes to gloat.🙂

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