Injury updates from Dirks and Fister

I’m back on the beat after a few off-days for the KC series, so I checked with Andy Dirks and Doug Fister on their injuries before batting practice.

Dirks, who left Tuesday’s win over the Royals when his left hamstring tightened rounding third base, said he’s doing rehab work and hopes to progress to on-field work on Friday.

“It’s kind of just day-to-day right now,” Dirks said, “but I should be able to do things soon.”

As for Fister, his said they’re back to working out the soreness from his left rib cage area after he aggravated it throwing off the mound on Tuesday. He also sounded like they’re going to proceed cautiously from here, though he didn’t necessarily believe he was pushing it by throwing earlier this week.

“It’s always frustrating,” Fister said, “but I’ve just got to take it in stride.”


Thanks Jason!!!! What about Drew Smyly I heard he is now Day-To-Day?

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oh wow cabby blew that grounder from kinsler to start the game off!

prince follows up with his own gaffe – men on the corners due to questionable defense

wilk gets 2 KOs and then cabby another weak play and it’s 0-1 texas in the first

well not as weak as i thought but def. could have been caught by dk, worth, inge

I was thinking that a couple of those should of been gotten .

i’m glad that HR ball was thrown back

Could bea long weekend……….and a long night…..

Wilk isn’t fooling anybody.

don kelly’s excellent DEFENSE saved us a run right there.

AJ was fooled on that just enough to miss it. not really blaming him tho but it’s true he ran backwards at first

Wilk will not survive 4 innings today. We’re going to have to endure a game where Balester, Below and yes, Schlereth, will come into play.
I would suspect Dotel or Coke would close today.
What we really need to see today is the BATS. They have to come to life. Lineup wide inconsistency has to improve. Actually hitting the ball well against opposing strarters is a must.

agreed. Look at the bright side, Below and Schlereth need the work!

What an ugly inning…. A walk an error, a wild pitch and another error. If your not going to hit boys, you had better figure out pitching and fielding your positions!…..
Like I said, long night, it’s going to be a long weekend……….tigers are embarrassing themselves tonight.

This supposed offense of the Tigers better start doing hat they are getting paid for.

Where is Perry? In AAA

What would happens if the slump is caused by the move to third?

It’s not just Cabrera, it’s Boesch, it’s Raburn, (it’s anybody who plays second) Avila has been bad. I know that we have been facing some pretty tough pitching and a lot of front line starters, but my god with the exception of a couple games what are we averaging 3 or 4 runs? I don’t by any means think we are gong to put up 6-10 runs every night, but you’d think we’d do it every once in a while.

Yup, the bats are cold except for maybe Laird’s and Prince. You can go right down the lineup and they are just not hitting. We’ve had some lousy breaks tonight. Still could win if they’d start hitting.

Boesch ?did not end the last season.It is normal for him to begin slowly until he gets his rhythm.
Avila? Overworked last year. He began with a very low average last year.
Raburn? he is Raburn and wont ignite for a while.
Young? he was seen by Twins´fans as their Raburn a slow starter( Not backed by the numbers).
Fielder?He is adapting to the new league
I mentioned Cabrera because everyone around is talking about his errors and the grounders that anyone must have fielded . And the offense in the end is based on him.

I hope this is our poorest played game of the year because I’d hate to have to see one worse.

Yikes! The old “Gee I can’t find the ball” trick.

I’m not talking about his errors. Only the very best of 3rd basemen would get to some of those. Miguel will be fine, just like Jhonny, if he doesn’t try and do too much, but he has to hit. Geez, where have we heard that before? Just make the ones he can get to and make good throws and start hitting lousy singles, doubles and homeruns.

Watching the Rangers makes the Tigers look like a bunch of snails. Base stealing sure adds some excitement to the game. Miggy will be ok, never doubt the big guy.

Daniel Schlereth…..that’s all I’ve got to say.

Texas is a powerhouse and we look weak tonight.

Delmon trying for third on that wild pitch with TWO OUT is what made this officially a ridiculous game. What was he thinking?

Well, the Tigers are getting schooled tonight. They have alot of work to do.

Avila finally draws a walk. He does have a beef with those low strikes Darvish is getting. Alex looks almost annoyed with his pitchers tonight……Error Kinsler. Here we maybe go.

I thought that too Marty – he did look frustrated in general

Ya I think Darvis is getting a lot of generous calls. A LOT!!! However the sloppy mental errors in his game is what bothers me. Even Hugh I know it’s not tue it lost looks like y rew in the towel before it started.

I hate spell correct. Thats “even though

This umpire is terrible. He’s all up in our at bats. Taking the hitter right out of the count.

Umps are horrible. But. Schlereth is worse. There is no way in heck he should be on a major league roster. He’s aweful!

JL can say that Schlereth needs work but let’s be real here.

Dan and Jim agree with you, Rich.

Before Schlereth the tying run was the batter in the box

Some problems were highlighted tonight—but nothing more screamingly obvious than our hitters not taking command at the beginning of any game. It’s not an excuse to say we have faced tough pitching, this lineup is capable of doing what the Rangers did to us tonight.
The one beef I have always had with McLendon (and I do agree it may not be justified), is that we have hitters that go into “team” wide slumps. I’m really having difficulty understanding how that can happen at this level of ball. Until we get this sorted out we will (as fans) always be a bit tentative. It happened last year too.
As to Wilk–I just don’t see him being able to sustain a MLB career, Schlereth? Good stuff at times but not overpowering and his command will likely never be quite good enough. Balester–sorry, I don’t see anything than a very ordinary pitcher, at best. Below? I think the guy has a chance.
Oliver: lost our chance to trade him this year.
Crosby? Will Ledezma.
The guy to watch is Weber right now and keep your fingers crossed for Turner.
Smyly? He’s going to make it.
Raburn? Why on earth haven’t the Tigers started this guy out at Toledo at the beginning of each season. I believe he still has an option left even now. What’s the point of carrrying him? It’s not like he can justify his offense with his glove or the mental part of the game. Does not have a well rounded skill set or understanding of the game. I like him and I think he can hit, but not here.
Inge? Let’s not even go there.
Avila–due for setback year. last year was a one of a kind offensively. And I say this with the fact that he is my favourite Tiger.
Young? Should have gone after Cespedes. You can’t have a one-dimensional guy in your lineup everyday. That being said–he actually has the ability to carry a team for a while.
Boesch? He will get better and he will get better this year.
Peralta? Go to work, keep your mouth shut and do your job. hopefully he finds some offensive success again this year. I do not see him as our shortstop next year but that is becasue this team needs to get faster on D and on O, not because he does anything wrong–he rarely does. Though his baserunning is a little bizarre.
AJ-will be an All Star, eventually.
Porcello, Fister and Verlander will have a great deal to say about how this year pans out for us. Scherzer is a .500 pitcher who will excite us with his arm every now and then.
We need “Q” back.

Sorry—it doe feel good to vent though.

what did peralta say, anyhow? the question is: does schlerth have any minor league options left?

Pretty ugly night all the way around

What I mean is that is one of his attributes. He doesn’t create any kind of fuss whatsoever and can be counted on to go to work and do his job. I do ho pe he is able to experieince offensive success this year though. We actually need him to whack the ball a bit.
Tiger killers continue to be killers. Butler/Michael Young. Man these guys kill us.

On a night when Granderson hit three homers, that trade looks a little worse for wear, hey? Sorry to mention it.
We’ll be in much better shape when Fister returns, as it will make the difference in us being a more formidable club. Nothing against either Smyly or Wilk, but we can’t have them both in the rotation at the same time. There are some guys on the current team who will need to be replaced, but that happens every spring.
With tonight’s pitching matchup, the outcome was no surprise. I knew we wouldn’t hit Darvish and Wilk is not ready to face a lineup like Texas has. We’ll want to at least split this series. It would have been better for everyone in the AL if Texas had won the WS because now they’re still hungry. They have the best club but that doesn’t guarantee anything in the postseason.

tonight showed me a) jim was a genius at placing kelly in the 6th hole and b) the 6th hole is going to be important this year!

We have a DH at Toledo named Brad Eldred who has 8 doubles, 8 homers, 20 rbis, and a .351 BA. How long before we consider bringing him up?? Any news on when Luis Marte returns??

Eldred would not have those numbers against MLB pitching. Look at his career. I would rather see Strieby than Eldred. That said, neither will probably get to the D until Sept.

Eldred is unlikely to be brought up. JL is far too infatuated with Inge and Raburn.
Funny you mention that though–as I was just looing up his stats and thinking of making the same comment!
Eldred could only DH here which removes the flexibility that JL is enjoying with Raburn, Dirks and Young.
I would imagine that Eldred would find it diffcult in the bigs to reproduce what he is doing on the farm—but, it is true, we aren’t hitting much.

Wow – the Rangers like to push the envelope on the basepaths, and as mentioned earlier – they make us look even slower, if that is even possible. They take chances, they get thrown out, but they also make some of them.

Is it just me or have we picked off or caught a guy stealing from the pitchers mound a lot this season?

Rough game all around, hopefully they all take some extra BP tonight because we need to start scoring again.

Some good points by Slowbyrne. I have heartburn with no dedicated LF or 2nd base player. Musical chairs every game is a crap shoot. Last night the Tigers got a reminder as to how good the Rangers play the game.

Can’t complain about a 9-4 record, but the lack off offense has been caused mainly by Cabrera hitting .250 while Fielder, who has proven himself to be a smart and unselfish hitter, still only has the two homers from game 2. As far as the team being better than last year, right now it’s not. No Martinez and no Fister is the reason for that. Still a good club, but not better here in April. It will get better when some of the current experiments end. If Victor returns, I like our chances against anyone, including Texas.

We may not get Fister back for awhile and that sure hurts. Boesch has looked awful in RF several games and I miss Don Kelly getting less and less playing time. Really, the only good OFer we have is Jackson except when Donnie plays out there or Dirks. It’s still early. We’ve lost an extraordinary starting pitcher and ever since Inge came back no one is hitting. Maybe Miggy is thinking too much about defense. Just hit the ball, big fella.
Porcello has been terrific so far. Maybe we’ll get a win tonight.

JL has many good options to throw at Matt Harrison tonight as these are all current lifetime averages against him. Hopefully, Fielder maybe saw him in the Cactus League in past years.

Jackson .500
Raburn .667
Cabrera .400
Avila 1.000
Inge .429

First off, Texas is very good. Second, they started a pitcher they paid over $100 million for against our #5 or 6 starter. Wilk, like many other guys, will have trouble against Texas lineup. Darvish was at an advantage because we have never seen him before, has good stuff. I liked how he competed.
Now, Porcello and Verlander pitch for us, I like our chances.
Long season everyone, yesterday was one of those games. Don’t get too down about it. The only thing that bothered me was Schlereth not being able to pitch the last 2 innings. His pitches were up, or balls. Not good.

why hello again, zach miner!

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