After further review, Delmon Young gets error from Friday

As Hawk Harrelson might say, you can take it off the board of Daniel Schlereth’s pitching line from Friday. After a review from MLB executive VP of baseball operations Joe Torre, Alejandro De Aza’s eighth-inning triple from Friday’s game has been changed to a three-base error charged to Delmon Young. The announcement came in Tuesday’s White Sox game notes and was also reported by Chicago Tribune reporter Mark Gonzales.

The scoring change means the two runs previously charged to Schlereth are now unearned. His ERA, which was 9.00 entering today, is now 4.50.

The process of appealing scoring decisions changed under the new collective bargaining agreement. Teams and players no longer ask the official scorer to reconsider a decision. It now goes through Major League Baseball.


how was it not an error in the first place?

If the ball wasn’t touched, the fielder will usually get the benefit of the doubt. That’s not a rule, though, and a scorer has the discretion to charge an error if he believes it’s obvious enough without contact. When it’s a windy day, as Friday was, the fielder also gets some leeway.

hey those are good points – it just looked like an awful defensive performance if it is the play I am thinking about.

If I recall correctly, the ball was never touched, plus it was a hometown scoring decision. It should be an error, windblown or not. This is the big leagues. On the other hand, Leyland honoring Delmon’s request not to DH is a good example of why they like playing for him. That said, I doubt Young finishes the season playing LF for Detroit.

Well if Victor comes back mid september – you’ll probably be seeing plenty Young in LF.

He got a glove on it.

Now if we could just get them to look one more time at ‘mando’s perfecto….

I think the mishandling of the ball by Gallarraga was an error. A no hit is better than nothing

The mishandling?? Good grief. Jim Joyce can go to you know where. It’s never too late to right a wrong.

So why is Raburn playing tonight against a LHP? I thought Leyland said he was going to play Inge against lefties. Typical for Jim, Inge hits the game winning HR last night and sits today, while Raburn is mired in a 2 for 31 start and plays everyday.

Inge is 1 for 15 off Chen, Raburn Has 2HRs off him.

Asked last night . Marichal 227 pitches. Spahn 201 . 16 innngs 1-0
But Norris, 1980: 22-9 . 24 completes games. 284 innings. Denied a well deserved Cy Young. 1981 12-9. Carrer ended by 1983.
Captain Hook used a four man rotation in April and September . But used Wilie Hernandez and Aurelio Lopez in half of the games.
He did different in 1987 and..

Whew. Nice going, MC.

Mechanical man, Inge is 1 for 23 against Chen during his career while RR is 5 for 20 with two homeruns against him. Dirks was 1 for 2 against Chen last year.

Tigers offense has pretty much disappeared!

Cy Chen……..Tiger killer. I just don’t get it. The tigers are baffled by these types of pitchers.

They have been unable to bat lefties.

Who will enter? Ballester?

I mean Below or Coke?

Outstanding job. Lack of run support and one mistake.

Ok Im lost. Ph for Dirks and not for Raburn?

Dirks limped off the field after he scored.

Thanks .

We had Atlanta- NY today so I followed it by gameday. What happened to him?

Kelly hit a homer off this pitcher last year.

Kelly is ok but the pitcher was a RHP and he phitted for the LHB

Dirks pulled something scoring that run, so Kelly hit for him.

Chen pitched very well, but Smyly matched him. I like the way Drew stays in the strike zone.
Raburn is playing because he’s one of the starters. It’s only been eleven games and it’s too early to drop the hammer on him. He got a double that led to our first run. It’s sometimes frustrating to watch him, but if you say a guy is going to start, you have to stand by that for longer than eleven games.
You can sit Santiago on the bench seemingly forever and he still comes out and plays good ball. He’s the Man.

“he’s the man”…reminded me of a mark knopfler song i haven’t heard in awhile. thanks for that.

Which begs the question, why is Raburn a starter in the first place? I can’t say I’d even start him at Toledo.

8-3/10-1. It is OK for me

We’ve won every game that teams have started a lefty against us. In the last three games, Laird had key hits Sunday, Inge on Monday, and Dirks started the rally tonight.

Don Kelly seems to be the lost guy this year…. …….

The inability of the lineup to damage to oposing starters is starting to get old.
Nice to see MCab get a hit or two. Nice to see Smyly stick it out and pitch effectively.

Drew impressed me last night, I did not see his first start but he had great composure, especially after getting drilled in the back. The bullpen also was fantastic, Papa got his groove back last night. We have been fortunate to get just enough offense lately, we are supposed to be scoring at will based on our lineup, but good times will win the games when the power is short and that is what we are doing, getting help from all parts of the lineup.

I hope Dirks is ok, he has been doing a great job.

Smyly looked great. His pitches have a lot of late movement and he pounds the strike zone. I saw him getting a high five from Porcello after an inning and realized, he is OLDER than Porcello. Sometime we forget how young Porcello is. Teams will adjust to Smyly, but I see him keeping the 5th starter role for the time being. He just has it, knows how to pitch.
Any word on Dirks. To me it looked like a hammy, which would be bad news.

“Tight” hamstring, he said, and he’s had this before. It would be a prime example of Murphy’s Law, wouldn’t it, to lose Dirks days after losing Thomas.

Thought the exact same thing Rich. I would guess Worth would replace him with Kelly/Raburn taking over backup OF spots.

Tigers vs Royals and J. Sanchez

Jackson CF
Raburn DH
Cabrera 3B
Fielder 1B
Young LF
Boesch RF
Peralta SS
Inge 2B
Laird C

Scherzer P

Let’s see what JL has in mind.

Did anyone see what Granderson did last night for the VA. Tech victim? I will always be a Curtis Granderson fan, no matter what uniform he has on. Plays the game right on the field, lives life right (it seems) off the field. Kudos Curtis!

I had not, glad you pointed it out. He is a class act all around.

Scherzer’s era will go from over 10 to around 8, please check your numbers before you post your blogs.

Who????? Please check your post before you post your post.

Jason is talking about Schlereth, not Scherzer, so based on that his facts are right on…

It’s Schlereth not Scherzer, learn to read before you post.

Getting from Scherzer to Schlereth would be quite a schlep.


Todays lineup: Jackson CF, Boesch RF, Cabrera 3B, Fielder 1B, Young DH, Raburn LF, Peralta SS, Inge 2B, Laird C, (Scherzer P)

I’m waiting to see Brandon “terrorize” the ball to the tune of less strikeouts than hits. Inge sounds like a madman anymore delusional like he has ever been anything but a dead PULL hitter. Sure squirrels find nuts on occasion but they don’t usually stop what they doing to brag about it.

isthisthecorrect lineup? thanks MATT HOLTROP IN MUSKEGON MI.

“I felt like doing the same thing,” Raburn said of calling for the ball. “I felt kind of out of place because I hadn’t been out there in so long.” At least he does not fool himself.
Keeping him there waiting to hit could end with him in a hole so deep that he will not be able to leave

Bases loaded nobody out: Peralta needs to lift one in the air because I don’t see much happenaing with the bottom of the order coming up after him right now.

So much for that!

yes, I am fully aware of the important HRs laird and Inge have hit when the big boys have been slumbering, but please JL—Please, don’t bat them back to back.

Who does not score , allows runs

Finally ,they are getting in synch again

Don’t you think we’re about due to put up a 4-spot on somebody?

Wow! Had a bit of excitement there for a minute. I love Prince. He sure likes to win.

Ned Yost takes out his fireballer Herrera in favor of the lefty Mijares to pitch to Boesch. Mistake. Then he puts on a shift for Prince and gets burned. These managers, man. They should quit managing so actively and let ’em play.

Benoit having a hard time growing strikes……even though some of them are very very close.

Mercy me!!!!!

That was a really good play by Cabrera. So, can he play 3rdbase?

What I liked tonight was that Scherzer, without his best stuff, was able to battle through it. That’s much better than the “Mad Max/Bad Max” schizophrenia. If he can do that it will be a big help, especially while Fister is out.
Does anyone get the feeling the Tigers will be totally stymied by Yu Darvish?

I think they will be totally stymied by Darvish. Could be a long weekend.

Glad we got the sweep with some tough games coming up. At least Valverde helps me stay awake at the end of the games. fortunate play at the end, right to Cabby with a nice glove and easy throw to first, he does have a good arm for that position.

The stolen base by Fielder was priceless, and his reaction last night on a few occasions made it look like they were in a playoff game, nice to see he wants to win every day. Of course they all do but he wears it on his sleever which I enjoy seeing.

Rod is having fun having G$$$ back in the lineup, and it is true, right now he is grooving so might as well go with it when he is playing, it is nice to have a dependable backup for Alex to stay strong for the whole season.

Go bless Pudge!


I think the hitters are taking too many pitches especially fastballs. It does not have to be a strike to hit the ball that finds some grass. Then they are behind and swing at crazy curve balls. C’mon Tigs, let’s score some runs! Go Tigers!

Darvish is right handed and until now has been more lucky than good. No control ,easaily hittable.They do have a chance since they will have their luxury roster.
The Texas rotation was changed to avoid having two lefties one after another . They were supposed to face Harrison today and 5 LHP in a row.

I know that about Darvish but I just suspect we’ll have trouble with him. If Dirks is out, hopefully we’ll get Santiago at 2ndbase.

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