Sunday: Tigers at White Sox

Brandon Inge is the DH today, Jim Leyland explained, because Ryan Raburn is in right field to give Brennan Boesch a day off and get another right-handed bat in the lineup against lefty Chris Sale. He’s not going to DH Ryan Raburn or Delmon Young, because all the outfielders on the bench are left-handed hitters. He’s not going to DH Ramon Santiago because he wants the flexibility to shift Santiago somewhere around the infield in case of an injury.

If it’s really that big of a deal to you, look at it this way: If the White Sox go to a right-handed reliever in the late innings, having Inge at DH gives Detroit more flexibility to pinch-hit for him.

For the record, Inge had one other start at DH in his career. That was April 30, 2002, and the opposing pitcher was former Royals lefty Chris George. Inge batted eighth and went 3-for-5 with a run scored and an RBI.

The Tigers bullpen is pretty close to full strength today. Collin Balester isn’t available because he filled innings after Adam Wilk’s injury Saturday. Also shelved is Daniel Schlereth, who pitched in each of the first two games of the series.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Ramon Santiago, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 3B
  4. Prince Fielder, 1B
  5. Delmon Young, LF
  6. Ryan Raburn, RF
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Brandon Inge, DH
  9. Gerald Laird, C

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Alejandro De Aza, CF
  2. Brent Morel, 3B
  3. Adam Dunn, 1B
  4. Paul Konerko, DH
  5. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  6. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  7. Kosuke Fukudome, RF
  8. Dayan Viciedo, LF
  9. Eduardo Escobar, 2B

P: Chris Sale


The loopy and unnecessary Days off already beginning I see…..we’re not even ten games in.

Not really days off so much as loading up on right-handed hitters against the lefty pitcher.

there are so many reasons why this lineup is for the birds.

I can see Avila getting the day off. Boesch doesn’t need the day off IMO–seems to me he hits lefties pretty darn decently.
Inge as DH, seems to be a contradiction in terms.
Would be nice to see the offense click today.

Danny Worth in the MudHen lineup today…………in left field!!!

It’s okay with me, other than giving Boesch a day off. He’s just started to hit, to get into his groove. Also, doesn’t it seem that the only people who know Boesch hits lefties better than righties are the fans and the media? Managers in both dugouts don’t seem to grasp that fact. Seems to me. That aside, the “days off” are actually JL getting his bench into games. I think he chooses the wrong guy to sit sometimes, but those other guys do need to get some PT.

Boesch hits 60 points higher against Lefthanders! This is going to be a long afternoon.

If JL wants to get this RHB lineup why not play Inge at 2nd (where it is proffered he plays well), Ramon at short and DH Jhonny?
The whole “buy into Inge program” allegedly revolves around his defensive skills,
Sometimes JL makes my head spin.

What about the “buy into Raburn program”? He’s what, 2 for 25 or so now and is still in the lineup. Why? His defensive skills are only marginally better than his offensive skills. I’d much rather have Inge at 2B and Raburn on the bench (or preferably in Toledo). Their bats are a wash, at this point, but Inge’s defense is much better.

Todays game is MLBtv free game of the day.

Yikes, Sale is pounding the strike zone.
Fly balls to RF might be an adventure for Tiger fans today.
BTW, Clete is playing RF for the Twins today.
I hope the guy is able to make a career out of baseball.

No DPs please!!

I don’t like the runners going on 3-2 with Peralta and a strikeout type pitcher.

Oh great our 1st scoring chance inge up and a strikeout shock!

Managers just can’t help themselves can they. Dan Dickerson just said RHB are hitting .176 against sale.
Waste of a double. Can’t afford to let starters off the hook.

Better at the plate this series laird > cabrera


But for 2011 , Miguel always has been unable to hit against Chicago.
Fielder must begin hitting too.
Supposedly, Laird has one good year at the plate then one bad. Do they , finally, get the good year?

Well–how long can you reasonably wait for Raburn to hit? Maybe play him only against LHP for now. Kelly and Santiago are being wasted on the bench against RHP.

They have been waiting for him since 2008. Inge will go first than him

Can this be the day our SP gets a victory? A bit early to be thinking that but it would be nice.

The most improbable ever …

Now , Babe will go for the fences.

Ouch–sacks packed and nobody out and nothing. Looks like the Jones kid was throwing some heat.
That inning could actually be a pick-me-up for the Sox.
Hang in there Ricky.

Thomas , HR, in his second at bat

Clete smoked a 2 run HR today in his 1st game as a Twin.

Lo siento, didn’t see your post!

Dont worry

Great play at third. If you cant contribute with your bat , you do it with your glove. Saved a run

Time to call the bullpen.

OK Mrs. Benoit and Valverde. Let’s get a save for your starter. Benoit has been a bit shaky as well as Papa.

That was supposed to read “Misters”. And sure enough Benoit comes out and promptly makes a problem worse.

Rodney did the job, I mean Benoit .

Nice comeback from Benoit especially after not getting the call on the 0-2 pitch.
Still unhappy with our offense. Not a whole lot of RBIs to be bragging about.

Pitty they are not a CoPa. It is the only park where Laird could hit the cycle

Funny Gerald Laird story. Joe Mauer has only 2 homers at Target field, so does Gerald Laird!

BTW—Worth actually played short today, not LF like in the initial boxscore.
We sure need Cabby to get it going again.
In to KC tomorrow and the Royals are due. There starters have been clobbered by the Indians this weekend.

2 LHB coming up—maybe JL will use Schlereth!!!!!!!
Just kidding.

Ryan foe the nice defensive plays you made yesterday, today two miscues!??

Who was it on here that posted that Raburn is a better than average OF?

Whoever it was must have been high.

Come on Papa

Outstanding job by Rick”dont call me kid anymore” Porcello.
Of course he has to take Laird to dinner

Cabrera gets another week before I get concerned. Probably come alive in KC. Raburn now, the windblown fly was one thing but the one that bothered me was the bobble on the Dunn double. Can the man not pick up a ball cleanly? That’s all mental. He’s so focused on the throw to be made that he came skidding in there like an out of control NASCAR car, then bobbled the pick up. Practice won’t help that.
I hope this is the real Porcello. Good to get that one win on this weekend.

What I find very encouraging is the fact that Rick is able to mix in a much firmer fastball this year so far.
Has there been any word on Fister?
Cabby is making the plays. His arm is very dependable. Better than Brandon’s, don’t know if he has thrown a ball in the dirt yet.
KC hitters will be very aggressive after the Cleveland series. Careful Justin.

Mayo—it was probably Jim Leyland that said that!

Great day for Rick, and why is Valverde making things so dicey for the team these days? Something is off, but am glad he was able to button it up in the end. I must admit, I was criticizing the lineup that included Raburn, Inge and Laird all on the same day, and 5 minutes later Laird blasts one over the fence – good for him for shutting me up. Raburn however did not prove me wrong, although he did get a few walks so credit to him on that I suppose.

Glad we did not get swept – hoping our big boys find their bats again soon.

This is what we can expect from Leyland. Mr. nice guy. Oh, and Floyd had a good curve ball but why did all the Tigers swing at every one of them? They were mostly balls. Rich, did Miggy really go ofer in the Chicago series?

Same reason hitters swing at sliders in the dirt. Looks good coming in then darts away. The ones that didn’t look good bent in for called strikes. Floyd was snappin’ those suckers off. Plus the guys collectively had a bad day at the plate. It happens. Yeah, Cabrera went 0 for Chicago, quite a rarity even in that ballpark.
G$ might be a frustrating starter, but he’s a darned good backup catcher. Glad he came back, and has accepted the role. Without looking it up, I seem to remember him hitting like .266 with some homers a few years ago in Texas when he was part of a catching rotation they had going.

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