Twins claim Clete Thomas off waivers

Clete Thomas is leaving the Tigers organization, but Detroit might still see him quite a bit if things work out for him. He’s headed to the Twins, who claimed him off waivers from the Tigers on Saturday.

Detroit designated Thomas’ contract for assignment on Wednesday to make room for Drew Smyly on the 25-man roster. There was some hope he would sneak through waivers unclaimed with teams having set their rosters just over a week ago, but enough teams have a need for outfield help and left-handed hitters, the Twins among them.

“I’m happy for him,” Jim Leyland told a pool reporter. “I’m not surprised it’s the Twins, because Gardy’s always loved him.”


Well good for him! Won’t get to hear his walk up song again which has a line “sweet potato pie and shut your mouth”. Always made me laugh.

He should get a hefty role with the Twins. We’ll probably wish we weren’t seeing him at some point this season.

A couple of days ago, on this web site, I mentioned the Twins and Indians as likely suitors for Clete. The Twins are still looking for some return on the Delmon Young giveaway.

Good point, Rich. He should get his chance. The Twins have a host of platoon-type outfielders. Add Clete to the mix. Based on his comments after getting designated for assignment, Thomas seems irked with the Tigers. That’ll provide plenty of fuel for the competitive fire this season.

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Well the RedSox could sure use him with Ellsbury gone for likely 2 months.

I looked for something on line Za what did Clete say to make you think he was irked? I’m sure he was disappointed, but……..

“Everything happens for a reason,” Thomas said. “There’s 29 other teams out there that have a shot at me now. I can contribute to any team that wants to have me.”

“You can’t get down on yourself,” he said. “I know I’m a major-league player and we’ll see what happens.”

Anyway , it was him DFA or Dirks to AAA.He had his opportunity and he did not take it. Of course, the injury made things worse for him.
There are only 13 spot for field players.Who else could have been send down? Raburn? He is not as good in the field but even him has a better bat than Thomas
Kelly?They will need him out of the pen if Fister does not comeback soon

baahahahahahahahah so true – kelly can do it!

The Tigers had little choice. They could withdraw (rescind) the waiver and put him back on the 40 man roster. They will likely feel that the twins are not a threat and will just let him go. This way the Twins absorb his contract and pay the waiver fee. However, I believe (for example) if say the Red Sox really wanted him they could rescind the waiver and make a deal with the Sox. At least that is my understanding of it but I must admit it ( the process itself) doesn’t seem to make much sense.
I think another option is that they have a couple of days to actualy make a deal with the Twins. Again–I’m not sure of that but I do think I have heard this before.

The danger in rescinding the waiver request is that if you put him on waivers later they become irrevocable–essentially that would mean the Tigers could lose him on a subsequent waaiver claim and get NOTHING in return. This might a point of clarification for someone (Jason) closer to the process.
I wish Clete the very best and have always thought him to be a very promising, talented, and interesting ballplayer.

If they rescind the waiver he has to go back on the 25 man roster.

As long as I know, the Twins get him because they had the worst record on the AL last year. They have two days to make a deal , to rescind it( they cant , they do not have a spot on the roster for him) or allow the Twins to take him with the same contract.
Had nobody claimed him, he could have been sent to AAA or released uncondtionally.

I think Clete’s self-assessment is accurate. If he can stay healthy, he should be a solid, if unspectacular, fourth outfielder. The Tigers did the right thing for themselves (keeping the younger and more offensively talented Dirks) and for Thomas. Good luck, Clete … when you’re not playing the Tigers.

Mayo–technically yes he would have to go back on the 25 (and the 40) roster.
Otherwise he would be going throu again on irrevocable waivers.
Best thing for us is a deal with the twins. Will that happen. Well I would say the ball is squarely in the hands of the Twins.
One thing in my mind, philosopically, is that Clete is worth something and to not get anything in return is not thing for DD to be pleased about.

Bases loaded with a struggling Floyd. Can Raburn actually do something here?

Well–that is par for the course in April.

El Tigre, they may not have a spot but they could demote Dirks (and I am screaming here NO!), or someone else.
Meanwhile we have a new player on our roster—none other than the illustrious, Brandon Inge.

The teams we are playing are not realizing how good we are!
I am very upset with the fact that our club has been unable to provide their starters (for most of the games), with solid mid-game leads. Our hitters should be able to provide this.

Yep! 3 innings grounded into 1 doubleplay, nearly a second. And for some reason Miguel didn’t protect Boesch on that strike em out throw em out! Wasted opportunities

Yet another double play??…. One of these days you are going to have to make them pay for hittng Delmon!

So far the DP situation has been extremely negative for us. We have had numverous DP’s performed by our offense and not so many by our defense. Crucial part of the game that needs to be improved upon.

I know Raburn has good numbers against Flyod and in this park. I know Leland is probably trying to get him going. But how can you not have Santiago in there today, unless he is one of the guys that is really sick?

With Miguel, Fielder and Damon this could be a remake of Deer, Fielder Sr(in his MVP like season), Incaviglia in matter of DP

But for last year, the Tigers , including Miguel an Verlander ,have hard times against WSox in recent years.
The cooling of Fielder after his star on 8 pistons is worrisome

Time to coach visit to the mound delay

He needs to go there an calm him down.

Let’s hope the hitters decide to show up.??? Yesterday I think Peavy was just good today it’s lazy ab’s in my opinion. Floyd isn’t tht good.

A( ll Star) Jackson did, again

Intentional walk( in disguise) with the tying run?

Almost every pitch was out of the zone

Just lousy at bats by the guys who should be capable of better. We have been dealing with a club that can rake the ball but goes into horrendous team-wide inefficiency—and I don’t mean this year. It seems to be problematic. and the finger will always get pointe at Lloyd.
Tigers have to support their strarters better than they do the opposition.
Wilk threw pretty well. then freak injury (welcome to White Sox baseball), IMO Balester should be given as much time as he needs due to the injury to Wilk—I’m sure the rule must say that this proviso must be when in the field.
Alex has been disappointing in clutch situations. Team wide offensive slump now.
A couple of decisions DD should contemplate—either trade Raburn or send him to Toledo at the beginning of the season. He’s basically useless at the plate and this year he will be out of options the next.

Good job by Wilk, hope he ok. Getting tired of the way the Tigers are playing. They are better than this. Pathetic.

Game over–actually was over before this Balester inning. Not impressed with Balester over Perry. Just don’t see the magic in what he has to offer.

And, more accurately, very good pitching by Floyd.

Ya really think so?

Actually I think Balester has been ok. Whats bad are the fools going up to the plate. Besides Jackson they are letting a bad pitcher off the hook. They look pathetic.

Maybe the Tigers should just forfeit the game, slowbyme. Get a grip. The other 29 teams have major-league players also. Floyd has dominated the Tigers throughout his career, and he has been exceptionally good today. Give credit where it is due.

Don’t agree he hadn’t been good. Lazy at bats have let him off the hook.

We have an expression for thta here:” they are making him pitcher” swinging at all those bad pitches

A dilletante’s observation. His breaking ball had tremendous bite today. The homer’s lament: It’s always about us.

Actually yesterday I thought it was all about Peavy and some great defensive plays. Today I think it’s poor at bats. But that’s just my observation.

Sorry Pastiche, I failed to recognize your understanding and genius of the game.

Where’s our mojo? I’m going to lay down.

This is the ideal time to bring in Schlereth. No point in wasting Below.
The idea of assembling an offensive juggernaut is to mitigate good pitching and exploit average or mediocre pitching. Floyd is a good pitcher, should he be shutting out this assemblage of MLB hitter? No friggin’ way.


Seriously are Schlereth and Balester the only relievers we have?

Schlereth is the white flag. It is up to Porcello to recover the first place

The starters have been doing their job, they kept the last two games at reach.

Yep, the pitching has been ok. It’s do I say the hitters?

Yes they have. Almost every game..
We always hear about pitching is everything but in reality you have to score runs to win a game and the DD/Illitch philosophy has been to to create a team that can bash it’s way to the finish line. That’s fine but you can’t have a team that goes to sleep offensively when the 3 and 4 hitters don’t produce. There seems to be a mentality that if they don’t hit then we can’t either. That is a problem and the imperative must be to realize how potent the rest of the offense is apart from awesome 3/4 combination of Fielder and Cabrera.

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