Worth, Villarreal optioned to make room for Inge, Wilk

The expected Tigers roster moves came after Friday’s game. Brayan Villarreal, who took Doug Fister’s roster spot when Fister went on the 15-day DL Sunday, was optioned to Triple-A Toledo along the Danny Worth, who made the Opening Day roster as an extra infielder.

The moves make room for Adam Wilk to be recalled from Toledo in time for his scheduled start in Fister’s place Saturday, and for Brandon Inge to be recalled from the 15-day DL. Jim Leyland said that Inge will start Sunday, when the White Sox will have lefty Chris Sale starting.



My comment, surprise, has nothing to do with Inge. It does have to do with Duane Below. Now he’s the forgotten man?
Delmon sure played that flyball like any good DH would, I have to say. Reminded me of when I coached kids baseball.
In the past, we’ve gotten to Peavy in the middle innings. Today it wasn’t until the late innings. We’re going to see a lot of him, so let’s not have another Carl Pavano here.

You said it Rich, regarding Peavy. He was really good. Don’t understand sending down Villareal instead of Schlereth.

GK, I too was surprised that Schlereth was saved and Villarreal optioned down to the Minors. Schlereth has been terrible while Villarreal average or better. I wonder how long Inge will survive with his sub .200 BA.

Rich do you think regarding below they were holding off on him to see if Wilke needs him tomorrow?

That’s a possibility. I guess I’m wondering why Below wasn’t just given the start tomorrow. Obviously I have a higher opinion of his abilities than management does.

Now hold on – Daniel pitched ~45 innings last year of decent ball (3.5 ERA, 1.35 WHIP) and he can actually pitch to righties (unlike Coke) with some decency. He had a good spring (11.2IP,1.54ERA, 0.94WHIP) too. He is going to work through this at the MLB level – just as Raburn is too.

Timing is everything. Wilk threw five innings of one hit ball the day before Fister went down. Also, he has the best control of all the candidates. Hopefully he can give us 15 to 17 innings over three starts and then Fister will be ready to return.
If Wilk puts up good numbers and someone else has some bad outings he might stay in Detroit as a long reliever.

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seems odd that Wilk gets start over Below. assumed that battle for 5th slot came down to Smyly and Below, loser essentially the 6th starter. so either that reporting was inaccurate or management changed its mind since camp broke. Below certainly has had enough rest since his last relief appearance to make this start.
have a sense that this start by Wilk is likely to be either very good or very bad. not a mediocre 5 IP, 3 R outing.

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