Why Max Scherzer wore Justin Verlander’s glove

I didn’t have a close-up look from the press box at U.S. Cellular Field, since the televisions in the booths weren’t working, but the sight of Justin Verlander’s name on Max Scherzer’s glove apparently hit social media fairly quickly.

Scherzer confirmed he had Verlander’s glove. Basically, it was best-fitting glove he could find once he realized just before he took the field to warm up that he had forgotten to pack his own glove yesterday at Comerica Park.

That was a first for him. He described it as panic attack, trying on teammates’ gloves from Collin Balester to Rick Porcello to others.

“I was panicking, like, ‘Whose glove am I going to use,'” Scherzer said. “Verlander’s was the closest to mine. Even then, it wasn’t even comfortable pitching today.”

Don’t let the results make you believe he’s going to try it again. Scherzer said his glove is on its way from Detroit and is expected in Chicago on Saturday.


Funny. It worked for him, he pitched well today.

should wear it next game too

Perhaps he should (grin). But I can understand him wanting his own glove in the end. A glove becomes a very personal thing. There was a book written on gloves called Glove Affairs by Noah Liberman, and part of what it has is how some players have to have their gloves just right, because they spend horrendous amounts of time with their hand stuck in the thing. They sometimes resist getting a new glove for as long as they can, with the result that the thing can start looking like it’s been through the Boer War (and maybe a few wars since). I remember (roughly) one line he used in the book, about some gloves that are so old that they could veto a trade.

Nice to see Max have a good outing. I like the guy and hope he does well this year. Need our big boys to hit some bombs tomorrow. Not happy seeing Daniel stay, the old coot’s silly logic has started already.

Reminds me of Lou Whitaker in the 80’s forgot his jersey, and had to wear a souvenier one during that game. They had to use a marker to put the #1 on the back of it. I was pretty young when this happened, but that’s the way i remember it, anyway!

Sweet Lou had to do it at the 85 all-star game. He bought a mesh adjustable hat and marked his own #1 on the back of a souvenir jersey. The mock up now lives in the smithsonian

Cool, thanks for clearing it up, I knew I remembered something like that, lol.

wonder what the word on doug fister is…..

I hope they are cautious (and I’m sure they will be) with him. He brings the “f” into foridable, as in the front of a rotation. Without him the rotation becomes much more manageable for any series. Scherzer is up and down and Porcello is not quite a premier pitcher—though I think he can be. I actually think Porcello will show some JV type qualities with an improving fastball in time.
Today’s game will be a difficult one for the Tigers and Porcello’s start tomorrow will be a very important outing for him and his team.

That should be “formidable”!!!

Maybe Delmon could use Dirk’s glove while Andy is the Dh. Better yet, maybe Delmon could DH while Dirks uses his own glove.

They dont want to upset Young who does not like DH and does not want to lose market value.Of course his claim could be legit, some players never adjusted to DH.
There have been extremely bad defender with great bats unable to hit once they became DH. From Kingman to Dunn. Even Cabrera have low numbers at DH.
The worrisome of all this: Now there are 5 LHP, 3 roookies and one AAAA , in the team with a huge LF covered by a weak defender waiting for RHB loaded teams.

I would imagine they will be getting Tommy Brookens out there with the fungo bat today. Delmon is not a good fielder, but a play like that can happen to a player once in a while. I’m not saying it won’t happen more often than we like to see with DY but I think he won’t be that bad all year.
Dirks would be a much better bet out there and if Delmon costs his team too many games it will happen regardless of the feeling of keeping him happy with his role.
Now the Nats just lost a big bopper (Morse) and they are relying on some journeymen to fill the role for about 6 weeks. How about Delmon for Lannon AND Espinosa!!!

Oh yeah-I guess you could thow in Inge and pay 80% of his salary!

Delmon walks after this season and any team that acquires him during the season gets zero compensation in free agency, according to the new rules. Nats have the top OF prospect in the high minors. they’d go to him before making a trade for OF.
interesting question though of Tiger most likely to be traded. I’ll say Raburn. Now that Thomas is gone, Tiger most likely to be released? Hmmm.

You know……by the trade deadline, we should have the word on Victor. If he’s going to be returning this year, you do start looking at dealing one of our hitters. Long way to go before that, of course.

Anybody notice that rocket relay by Raburn yesterday on the play at the plate with Konerko? That is an important function of the 2ndbase position, and Ryan has a gun for an arm. Polanco used to be good at the execution of the relay, while Raburn has the arm.

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