Inge completes rehab assignment in Toledo

It appears that Brandon Inge will be activated from the disabled list when he’s eligible on Saturday. With the Mud Hens going on the road for the next eight days, Inge started at second base and went 0-for-3 before confirming to John Wagner of the Toledo Blade that he’ll rejoin the Tigers in Chicago.

Wagner’s full recap on Inge’s night, including a pair of difficult plays at second base, is available here.

“I had a couple of plays running both ways,” Inge told The Blade. “Once I covered those, there really wasn’t anything else [to test]. I had a couple plays backwards, and I’m happy where I am right now.”

At the plate, Inge went 0-for-3 with two walks on the night, and 1-for-9 over his three-game stint.

“The timing will come back,” Inge told The Blade. “I’m not worried about the results right now. When you’re going through a rehab, getting timing, seeing the pitches and drawing walks is important. I really didn’t get many good pitches to hit. They weren’t throwing me much — which was kind of funny.”

Inge will physically rejoin the Tigers in Chicago on Friday ahead of their Saturday afternoon game, which starts at 4 p.m. ET. Once the Tigers activate Inge, he’s expected to assume a platoon role at second base, starting against some but not all left-handed pitchers.


OMG…bring on the hater comments. I wish him well, and hope he can contribute.

no hate just facts: Inge finished 1-for-9 (.111) in his three-day rehab assignment with the Hens.

And Raburn is now 2 for 19 (.105) through 6 games. They’re a wash offensively, but Inge is a much better defensive player. I don’t understand why so many people prefer Ryan over Brandon at 2B. RR’s lack of concentration in the field will cost this team a win at some point. I admit he had a nice spring offensively, but he’s back to his same old self at the plate now that the season has started.

Rabum isn’t the answer either! Let Santiago and Worth platoon! Then if Raburn gets hot throw him in for a while. If it was me I’d aim for Santago 92 games Worth 40 Raburn 30. Both Worth and Santiago are better than both Inge and Raburn. And Raburn didn’t have a nice spring. He hit well at the beginning then did nothing once pitchers warmed up and he had to start facing MLB pitchers instead of AA pitchers.

He actually said that we wasn’t getting good pitches to hit! The things that come out of this guy’s mouth is unreal.
I truly believe this is a Mr I move and not a JL or DD move. I just hope they stick with what they said before. “He has to hit”.
At some point this weekend (maybe on Sunday), we will have flashbacks to 2009 when both Inge and Laird are in the bottom 3 in the order. The only one missing is Everett to complete the vortex. I was hoping we would never see that again.
All kidding aside, it has been a solid start and now the defense of the division begins with the divisional games.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

The Oakland A’s won three World championships in the early 70’s with many players platooning through at second base. Can we do something similiar this year?? Time will tell. This is really our third year after PP and the platoon will be here again this season. If JL looks at the numbers and matchups, using Brandon against certain lefty relievers late in the game is a possibility. But can he be primarily a pinch hitter?? He will find a few places to start him against leftys but not as many as you would think. Let’s just hope he can get one of those dramatic hits of his soon so he can contribute to the team.

The A’s had so many secondbasemen that owner Finley fired one (Mike Andrews) right in the middle of the postseason, which nearly caused a mutiny. The good ol’ days.

Inge will, I presume, take Worth’s spot in the roster. As long as he replaces Worth in terms of *spot* starts and pinch running then OK. If he starts taking time from Raburn and Santiago then it could get dicey.

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