Batters box delay in Tigers-White Sox

The Tigers brought their lineup to U.S. Cellular Field on Friday ready to take their swings at the fences. Three batters into the White Sox home opener, they realized they were swinging a little closer than usual.

Miguel Cabrera stepped to the plate with two outs in the top of the first inning and immediately pointed to the batters box, arguing that it didn’t extend far enough back. As it turned out, out he was right. Home-plate umpire Adrian Johnson confirmed that the box was drawn too far forward and stopped the game for the grounds crew to rechalk the lines.

According to diagrams in the Major League Baseball rulebook, the batters box must be four feet wide and six feet deep, extending three feet each way from the midpoint of home plate. The batter must stay in that box when he’s hitting, though the back line usually gets blurred by hitters’ back foot soon after the game starts.

The box appeared to be the right dimensions, but it was centered too far forward. Neither Austin Jackson nor Brennan Boesch noticed it in their at-bats before Cabrera came up, but either Cabrera or someone in the Tigers dugout did.

It’s a rare miscue. Major League grounds crews have wooden frames made out to the batters box dimensions so that they can chalk the lines quickly and exactly. It can make a big difference for a hitter who wants to stay as far back as possible to get an extra split-second to react to the pitch.

The game was delayed for about five minutes while the grounds crew swept off the chalk of the old box and redrew it. Cabrera, meanwhile, drew a heavy amount of boos from the U.S. Cellular Field crowd, which has made him a favorite target in his four-plus seasons with the rival Tigers.

Once they finally had it right, Cabrera stepped to the plate and flew out to right on the first pitch.


listening to the white sox announcers on is horrible. how are these guys even allowed to broadcast. ‘He Gone’ after a tigers strikeout? ugh…

Hawk? He’s a classic and annoying at times. Total hick. Wait till he calls a homer!

Well he must be in full form today!
Max looked like he might cruise thru the 5th then BAM!
Hopefully our hitters start to show up here the 3rd thime throu the lineup.
They should be getting more done against Peavy.

you were right about the homer GK. sounded like nails on a chalkboard. totally absurd. are these the guys that refer to the sox as ‘the good guys’ and everyone else ‘the bad guys?’ or is that a different set of crappy chicago announcers?

Can they protest the game? 17 SO? really? do they fix the wrong drawing?

nevermind, he just answered my question. same set of clowns.

I hope I am wrong but this one feels like we are gaoing to come up short. Bats are bad today so far.

Let’s something going here. 1 hit and 1 walk in a hitter’s ballbark?
Peavy is good but should be having his way with the kind of hitters we have.

Well, comeback is in force. Dirks up and Raburn on deck. Glad to see them pitching to Dirks as I have little faith in RR at this time. C’mon Andy.

Another starter that won’t get a win.

Yet another starter who fails to get a winning decision. Weird.

Raburn up—against the RHP–I’d seriously think Kelly here.

No Raburn. I don’t get it.
Holy cow. The Chisox seem to play great ball against the Tigers. They often seem to get breaks but good ball tends to get you those breaks.
Hard to believe their defense stole at least 3 runs in the 7th and 8th.
Boesch continues still to deliver against lefties and in the clutch.
Schlereth in–no confidence inhim at all.
Ouch–Delmon blows it big time. Dirks catches that ball, maybe even Raburn.

Man–Schlereth is the round peg in the square hole that JL is intent on making fit this year.

Villareal, who did his job, will go to AAA to make space for Wilk while Schlereth will remain in the team . 5 LHP in the team .


Villareal and Worth to AAA, inge and Wilk added to the active roster

The ChiSox have the worst announcer in baseball. The guy is a total d/bag. Yeah, the Sox always play like all stars against Detroit. It’s been that way for years. Tigers need to suck it up and get some wins from this ball club now.

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