Leyland on Rodney: “We were quietly interested”

The Tigers weren’t linked to many relief candidates besides Octavio Dotel when they were in the market to bolster their bullpen this past offseason. Luis Ayala had come up as a name, but supposedly nothing was close. Another name that apparently came up: Fernando Rodney.

Yes, that Fernando Rodney.

“He’s a guy that, actually, I think we were quietly interested in, but he didn’t sign,” manager Jim Leyland offered up during his pregame session with reporters Thursday at Comerica Park.

Rodney said he wasn’t aware of any interest on the Tigers’ part, so it was very quiet. The only interest Rodney knew about besides the Rays, he said, was early interest from the Twins and Cardinals. He signed a one-year, $2 million deal with the Rays in January for the chance to win.

Rodney’s save Wednesday after the Rays’ ninth-inning comeback was his first at Comerica Park since he left as a free agent after the 2009 season. He signed a two-year, $11 million deal with the Angels that winter. The Tigers were not believed to be in serious pursuit at that point, supposedly training any efforts on retaining Brandon Lyon before he signed a three-year deal with the Astros.

The Tigers agreed to terms with Dotel on a one-year deal with an option at the winter meetings in December. Rodney signed a one-year, $2 million contract with the Rays in early January to set up for former Tigers teammate Kyle Farnsworth.

“Next year, too, I’m a free agent,” Rodney said. “You never know. This is my first team to give me the opportunity to play baseball. You never say no. Just keep playing.”


If I had to choose between Rodney and a couple of guys in our BP it wouldn’t be rocket science. His crooked hat doesn’t bother me.

Rodney has matured, he’s a warrior.

I’m a F_Bomb fan! Incredible change up.

Nice game today guys, Dirks had a really nice game. I kept track on the computer, I was not sure the logic of Valverde but am guessing he was warmed up since it was a save situation before they scored in the 8th. He did his job today – good to see. Nice series win guys –

Yup, Valverde was warm so they brought him in after tacking on 2 runs in the 8th. This lineup can really wear out good pitching. Dirks had solid at bats all afternoon and Boesch took advantage of the fastballs he will see all year hitting in front of MCab. He let the game come to him. Nice win, now let’s put a hurtin on the Pale Hose.

I still haven’t gotten over yesterday’s game. Again, a non-win for our starter. Our starters have not won a game yet this year. Time to change that and let’s hope we get the Mad Max on Friday not the Bad Max.
Missed the game today but nice to see our young (and Fielder might meet that criteria too) LHB do their job so well today. Avila has been great so far. Boesch is warming it up and I fully expect he wil be leading this team in Homers at some point, at least for awhile.
Why did they take Smyly out? Looks like he was probably doin’ OK?

Smyly had thrown a lot of pitches and they were smart to pull him. The kid looked good, but the walks in the 1st due to nerves drove up his pitch count. Balester pitched well.

Raburn is not just not hitting, he is hitting into DPSa dn striking out and leaving men stranded on 3rd. He is making a personal invitation to Brandon to play 2nd.

If Smyly and Wilks will remain plus Coke and Below all LHP , there is a chance for Villareal to keep his post? There is no place for Schlereth with so many LHPs there.
Another question. Henning said that yesterday hit by lLongoria was a DP for another 3b. Was he right? It was the same today? We dont have games in tv on thursdays here

Henning was wrong. Both hits by Longoria were solid hits. Trying to shift the blame for yesterday’s loss to Cabrera’s defense is poor journalism. The problem yesterday is that Verlander pitched 8 masterful innings, and then lost concentration in the 9th. Don’t take my word for it, Verlander said it himself.

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Exactamente. Cabby has played a very fine 3rd base so far. I am impressed and even think he has a better (stronger and more accurate) arm than Inge. Inge made a living aout of overachieving IMO. His forte at 3rd was gained, to a large degree, with his spectacular play in foul territory as much as in fair. This is one area where Miguel will never be able to match Inge. Miguel wasn’t very good at pop fouls at 1st and I expect he will have some trouble with them at 3rd.
Inge also had problems when he had to make a play that he had to “think” about. Miguel won’t make many of those kinds of mistakes.
I have long suggested that we would be better off with Miggy at 3rd. This fortifies our offense while getting a chance to install a power hitter at 1st (where they are more available). Thankfully Illitch saw it that way too.
Cabby will be the All-Star 3rd baseman this year and he will get more votes than people expect when it come to the Gold Glove award.

Inge threw 94 on the mound, cabrera’s arm is weaker but not bad. Inge is far quicker with better range too. He’s just old now.

El Tigre–can you watch the replay of the game at MLB.com?

I did watch the replay from yesterday. It looked like a solid hit but since it not the best of camera takes to know if he could have go for it

I mean they show only the highlights

Raburn is not a good bunter so why not ph Santiago and then he is the defensive replacement? With Smyly only allowing 1 run, it was the right time to pull him. He was throwing too many first pitch fastballs. JV threw a low outside fastball to Jennings after 2 curve balls. He needs that fastball to be at the belt. After that, there is no way I let JV pitch to Pena. Great clutch hitting today. Happy Birthday Brennan!

I see the kid threw a lot of pitches. But it is encouraging to see he can ket a K or two when he needs to. That sometimes takes a bit of a learning curve. From what I can “see” in the box and summary—I’m impressed.

Oh Yeah–I saw the replay on Dirk’s triple. Wow. The talked about him rounding the bag at 2nd and not looking at Lamont, probably a good thing, because I think Lamont had his arms up!
Anyway, what was far more impressive to me (even more than his reckless head-first dive), was the way he was in full flight as soon as he stroked the ball. He didn’t watch it at all, not like Avila does, or Cabby, or really most guys. He was off. I like the guy, he knows how to get dirty.

Henning needs to get over his man love for Inge. No way that was anything other than a clean single to left. I don’t want to hear this “Inge would have had it” garbage all year. If Lynn thinks it will be a season long discussion, it’s only because he’s making it one. Sorry Lynn, no story here. Let it alone.
I also wondered why not have Santiago PH, bunt, and take over at 2ndbase. Seemed like a no-brainer.
Raburn is off to his usual horrific start. I play him all three games in Chicago, where’s he’s alway been an exceptional hitter, then see where we stand. Chicago just might be what the doctor ordered for ol’ Rugburn.
Smyly had both positives and negatives today. We’ll have to see how he does against a better hitting club. Those Tampa boys sure can pitch, though. We have four games in Tampa end of June.
5 of 6 from two of the beasts from the east is a darned good start. Nice hitting, Mr. Boesch. Good job by Balester, Coke, Villarreal and Benoit. Easy one for Valverde.

That was my main reason to wonder because Henning has said more than once that Worth is worth more than Inge and almost said farewell to him

That’s one of the things I’m worried about Rich, That Valverde will get the easy ones but the jury will be out on the other ones. It’s early and he might come on strong, same with Benoit, they are absolutely essential in order for this club to go all the way.

As to JL’s interpretation of how Inge is going to be used—well I just don’t buy into that program. He apparently is going to play 2nd against lefties. The implication is that Brandon has some problems hitting RHP!! Well sub .250 against LHP is no great feat either. That’s what he hit last year and for at least the last 3 years (against LHP).
Let’s not try to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes here JL.

The best part of it, two RHBs platooning

Correct. So Raburn gets mostly RH pitchers? That’s not right, and it’s not good strategy. The fact that there’s really no place on the club for Inge can’t be explained away. It is what it is. Like him or not.
Speaking of closers, Joe Nathan is not getting it done so far in Texas. KC’s Jonathan Broxton blew a game by hitting two consective batters with the bases loaded. Don’t see that very often.

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