No ACL reconstruction for VMart

After further examination from Dr. Richard Steadman, Victor Martinez will not need reconstructive surgery on his left knee. He did undergo a smaller surgery to help further the healing.

What this means about his chances of playing this season: There’s at least a chance now. He’ll get examined in July to determine it.

“If everything looks favorable from the healing standpoint, that would allow him to begin functional activity to try to get back,” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Wednesday morning.

If he did come back, it would be at the end of the season, no sooner than late August.


If we can put him on the expanded roster in september that would be great

That’s fantastic news. Never saw that coming. Even if he can’t play this season, it’s still good news. Okay Victor.

Thats awesome news, can you imagine it if he can get in the lineup late this season? Read something on espn regarding the type of injury Fister has, that we can expect him to be out at least a month? That’s not good news!

this is peculiar…MRI shows ACL tear but knee scope does not? or is there an incomplete tear and Victor has decided to opt for the rehab route? MRI and scope don’t always correlate, but usually do.

It’s a very nice and fascinating news. Undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery is a major operation. It is elective surgery; meaning that the patient, in consultation with the surgeon, decides whether or not to proceed with the operation. As with any other surgery there are risks and benefits visit

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