Clete Thomas designated for assignment

All along, the roster question surrounding Drew Smyly’s eventual call-up for his big-league debut seemed to be whether Clete Thomas or Andy Dirks would go to make room. It was Thomas, whom the Tigers announced will have his contract designated for assignment on Thursday morning.

Thomas has been a part of the organization ever since the Tigers drafted him in 2005. He played in 102 games for Detroit in 2009, which is more than Marcus Thames or Ramon Santiago played that year. But once he lost his 2010 season to microfracture knee surgery, and Brennan Boesch and Andy Dirks emerged over the last two years, Thomas was in a tough spot.

It’s possible a team will claim him on waivers and add him to their 40-man roster to provide a left-handed bat in the outfield. If this move had happened near the end of Spring Training, it would have seemed very possible. It seems like a tougher fit now that teams have set their rosters.

If he goes unclaimed, he’ll be outrighted to Toledo, and the Tigers will still have his bat available if they want or need to make changes or injury fill-ins later on.


Best wishes Clete, from the first week of baseball I have seen, there is no way he gets through waivers. I hope he gets in the right situation. This says a lot about Dirks and how much the Tigers think about him.

good luck Clete, thanks for your work ethic

Yes im fairly confident some team will claim an agile outfielder with a powerfull lefthanded bat.

In 2009 at the Metrodome, Clete glided along the wall and went up and robbed a homer so effortlessly that it hardly caused a stir. It was really a great play. I’ll miss his glove. I’d think an NL club would claim him if no one else does.

Are they intending to move Victor back from the 60 day disabled list as I make a roster at 40 including Smyly and Clete. It seems to me a strategic decision as never a better chance for Clete to clear waivers so soon into the season and no real need for him at Detroit with the others in form.

A gamble on Clete or a possible free agent signing in the wind?

Best of luck, Clete. Clete has a great arm. I hope a team picks him up if that is his wish.

I think he will clear if he’s not traded first. I don’t think the asking price is going to be much, and if there is any interest at all, DD will take what he can get.

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