Wilk to take Fister’s spot in rotation

And the winner of the latest rotation competition is Adam Wilk, whose five innings of one-hit ball with six strikeouts last Friday stands as the best pitching performance so far for Triple-A Toledo.

Wilk will take injured Doug Fister’s rotation spot and start Saturday at the White Sox. Max Scherzer, who had been scheduled to start Saturday, will move up to Friday, which is the White Sox home opener.

The news came out of a Tuesday morning meeting between manager Jim Leyland and team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski in Leyland’s office.

The Tigers spent the last couple days watching Andy Oliver and Casey Crosby start for the Mud Hens. Both struggled.

In other news, Brandon Inge is being out on a rehab assignment for Toledo beginning tonight. He’ll DH for the Hens tonight, then play second base the next couple days. He’s eligible to be activated from the 15-day DL on Saturday.


Have the snowflakes hit Detroit yet?

i saw some in Ypsilanti.

sad about santiago – was hoping to see him play.
Huge series – huge.

Like Wilk, as a reliever. Hope he does well. I fear that his deceptive delivery works well the first time thru a lineup, but then good hitters, especially righties will hit him. Give us 5 strong Adam and that will be good.

So Smyly starts Thursday, Scherzer on Friday, Wilk on Saturday, and Below stays in the pen?

I agree Rich I am not sure why Below isn’t getting the start?? Hopefully it isn’t more than a few starts without Fister, we could be in trouble if it lingers too long. They are being pretty tighted lipped regarding a time table.

Wilk as a starter – jesus christ what the fudge.

Below and Ballester are both bullpen “longmen”. MAYBE 2 longmen is more valuable to the team with two (wilk, smyly) probably inept starters in the rotation!

I’m sorry – make that three. Scherzer looks awful.

Let’s not get pessimistic this early in the season. This whole week looks like a challenge. The Rays’ pitching has always been good so the Tigers need good efforts from Porcello and Verlander and continued hitting. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be a real test of just how deep this pitching really will be. I believe this will be the first starts for Smyly and Wilk. Scherzer needs to come back with a better effort. When the 2 lefties are brought on the roster, someone needs to be optioned? This would be a bad time to bring Inge back from the DL.

…s’what i was saying about max b4 he sh** the bed sunday

I wanted to see Below get a start too, but maybe they think it’s safer to keep him in the pen to eat up a couple of innings in case someone gets bounced out before the 5th is over. Might end up being a good decision? I know the Rays have good pitching, but you know what, we have great hitting and serviceable arms. We can win this series. Plus, it’s snowing, soooo even though this is a disadvantage all the way around, hopefully if anything it’s more of a disadvantage to TB.😀 lol


Will be nice to see Delmon, BB and RR start thitting the ball with the penache they were in ST. Delmon not hammering the ball (but finding some hits), Brennan is off a bit (but coming around) and Ryan seems to be struggling with not having a position.
Tough game today, RP is going to have to be on top of those LHB

It’s not like we haven’t had our chances.

Anyone care to claim that fan down the LF line who interfered with Molina’s hit and gave the lumbering catcher a ground rule double? That led to their second run. What do we have to do, administer written exams to people sitting along the fences? Sure glad Austin tied it with his homer. Bet that fan is too.

Austin sure is seeing that ball nowadays. We got ourselves a bonified lead-off man.

Lot of folks are wild about Coke. As I have always said—I ama Pepsi man.
I don’t trust him and I don’t think he is as reliable against LHB as suggested.

My thoughts exactly Rich—as Jim Price says ” you gotta qualify the runner”. Ichiro hits that and the fan doesn’t look so stupid.

“Hey Honey, I’m gonna have that drink now. Can you make that a Rum & COKE please!
Gotta give credit where it’s due. He did a pretty clever job there in the 8th.
Again, no “W” for a starter again. Go figure.

Coke is very important to this club. He pitched a very nice 8th inning. Do not underestimate his ability to go multiple innings late in games. What I have noticed about Coke is when he is “off” he has trouble getting back on track (thus Leyland needs a short leash with him) .

some folks on gametracker are saying Miguel was holding his wrist after his hit – anyone watching or listening to the game that can shed some light? He stayed in and scored so hopefully it is nothing.
Nice job by Coke, and a good outing for Rick and AJax is on again! Let’s hold this small lead!

He definitely hurt. He was wincing. I kept thinking: are they gonna let him hit with possibly a broken bone in his hand? Well, they did. Maybe he sprained his wrist. idn. He was sitting on the bench talking with the other guys so maybe he’s OK. I hope so.

another possibility – he fouled off a 97mph fastball off the end of the bat. Playing HS baseball in Michigan I can attest, that is not comfortable (and I was fouling off 77 mph fastballs).

clete in for young was a good call.

atta’boy G $!

Great hitting and coaching in the 8th!

That was a good job of in-game managing by JL there in the 8th, true. What strikes me most about this lineup is the number of professional hitters in it. Like that Peralta sac fly in the 8th. Good win.

I did not watch the third inning. But for that, outstanding pitching by Rick”Dont call me kid anymore” Porcello. I liked how after the bad call in the 5th he repeated the pitch and ended with the SO
Babip and OPS by A(ll star) Jackson are insane.
The running in the 8th was risky, in 2006 the same play ended with Guillen hiiting into tripleplay). But it paid. Doing it against a sinker pitcher helped( Know thy rival)
There were more people under the snow than at Tropicana
Cabrera must be the most feared hitter in MLB, rather Fielder with bases loaded than him.
Good work by Jhonny , he threw with Molina but kept it when there was no chance of getting the out and a great chance of sending the ball into the stands.

Unreal start to the season in so many ways. By far the nicest surprise for me is Ajax.
I can understand the difficulty chosing another starter with Below not being stretched unlikely to go more than 4-5IP and Max’s rocky recent outings tipping the balance to saving him as starter insurance. I hope though he doesn’t become the Ramon Santiago of pitchers.
I wwonder when Turner is ready for his first outing. It would be nice though to see our rookies coming up with some experience holding runners. It seems they only get exposed to this facing seasoned heads at AAA.

Let’s give Brandon a chance to get a few hits in Toledo before he comes off the DL.
No reason to bring him back against the White Sox or Royals on the road trip. Chris Sale will start for Chicago on Sunday. Danny Duffy and Bruce Chen (Brandon is 1 for 23 lifetime against him) could start for KC against us. Raburn has hit home runs off all three of these pitchers. Santiago has only two at bats against each of these pitchers but does have one hit off of the two KC pitchers.. When we comeback home to play Texas we could face Matt Harrison and Brandon is 3 for 7 lifetime against him.

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