One risky call, two insurance runs

Lost amid Rick Porcello’s strong outing, Austin Jackson’s game-tying homer and the back-to-back hits Cabrera and Fielder put together for the go-ahead run was the call from Jim Leyland to put runners in motion on a full-count pitch to Ryan Raburn.

With runners at first and second and nobody out, it could have literally killed the rally and left closer Jose Valverde to protect a one-run lead. Instead, with Clete Thomas beating Sean Rodriguez to second base and spoiling what would’ve otherwise been a double play, it extended the inning for two more runs.

Raburn went hitless on the day, but he put the ball in play four times. His last, a ground ball to Rays shortstop Reid Brignac, came with Prince Fielder on second and Clete Thomas pinch-running at first. Both took off on the 3-2 delivery from former Tigers prospect Burke Badenhop.

That was Leyland’s call, though he was trying not to take credit.

“You’re taking a chance,” Leyland said. “If he hits a line drive to somebody, it’s a triple play, and you look like a fool. If he strikes out and they throw Prince out at third, you look like a fool. I just took my chance that you’ve got a sinkerball pitcher and I thought Raburn could put it in play. I thought he might hit it on the ground, so I sent them. It worked out.”

If it’s a double play grounder, Jhonny Peralta’s fly ball is the third out instead of a sac fly. And Gerald Laird never gets to the plate for his flare hit for an RBI single.


Was Scherzer already with the flu like symptoms when he pitched?

yes, jim indicated as much.

So we’re saying that JL not only left Scherzer out there to give up seven runs, but left him out there sick? This is the stuff I don’t understand.

mmm touche sir

Some pitching comparisons showing minor league IP totals along with base stats for highest level attained:
Below – 603 IP with 115 IP @ AAA for 3.13 ERA;
Wilk – 348 IP with 102.2 IP @ AAA for 3.24 ERA;
Oliver – 281 IP with 203.2 IP @ AAA for 4.33 ERA;
Crosby – 257 IP with 131.2 IP @ AA for 4.1 ERA;
Turner – 246 IP with 17.1 @ AAA for 3.12 ERA;
Smyly – 127 IP with 80.1 IP @ AA for 1.18 ERA;
Matt Moore – 497 IP with 52.2 IP @ AAA for 1.37 ERA.
Porcello- 125 IP all at Lakeland for 2.66 ERA. Rick has subsequently gone 515 IP at Detroit for a 38-30 with a 4.54 ERA.

delmon youngs BA is higher than his OBP right now. Sac flies are the reason.

As someone pointed in another post and I have said too before, for some reason Below is like Santiago. We dont know why they ( really)dont fit in the team according to DD and JL.
But going with Wilk seems to be based only on this week perfomance. He was the only one to put good numbers in the single game at AAA each one pitched.

Well you can add Weber to that now. Threw a great game today. Forgotten man who throws with the “wrong” arm I guess.

If they put Below into the rotation in the absence of Fister, they might just discover their 5th starter. I don’t think it’s sensible to keep Duane in the pen just so he can relieve a melted down starter. I’ll take his two good big league games this year over Wilk’s one good AAA game.
Even though we’re picked by many to win everything but the Ryder Cup, we still have to win division series. This weekend’s series in Chicago is one of those, you know?

After the hole in one by Miguel with the Buba like Hr in the game against Boston perhaps the Ryder is at reach

tampa series is a must win as well – they will likely be in the playoffs – and the way the new postseason seeding rules are we do not have to play the winners of the al east (assuming we do not win the al). but yes this weekend is just as big if not bigger.

“You’re taking a chance,” Leyland said. “If he hits a line drive to somebody, it’s a triple play, and you look like a fool.” …..

I say u already look pretty foolish by taking the bunt off on the 3-0 count! Why why why let Rayburn get two strikes with the bat on his shoulders! U need a run. JL got very lucky.

I don’t get to watch the games live right now but I am able to watch the game the next day–I watch the condensed version and it gives you a pretty good idea of how guys are going. I had mentioned in another post that it would be great to see guys who were hot in ST start hitting like they were. Boesch, Delmon and Raburn tore things up in Florida. I am not worried about the first two as they are at least getting good swings and making contact but Raburn looks dreadful. Perhaps he simply is not a cold weather player. Also, unless it is just that he is generally not going well, he does not seem suited much as a DH.
I think we will be seeing a bit more of Inge at 2nd next week.

I’d actually be surprised if Raburn got the start at 2nd today against Shields. If Ramon is healthy they should give him a go. Kelly is due for a game. Donny hit the ball well in Florida. Be nice to have him in LF maybe today though I presume JL still needs to see how Dirks and Thomas play before the cut is made.

exactly correct sir!
Jackson CF, Boesch RF, Cabrera 3B, Fielder 1B, Peralta SS, Avila C, Dirks DH, Santiago 2B, Kelly LF, (Verlander P)

interesting JL put peralta in the 5 hole today

johnny has hit james pretty well in the past – including a HR, a double and a walk.

Delmon and Raburn riding the pine today!

maybe sickness is still affecting the scorecards

3 RHB in that lineup. Hope the subs can give Shields a tough time today.
Evan, where did you get the lineup?

always has it up 1st as far as i can tell…

Nice site! Thanks

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