Listing the feats of Sunday’s crazy win

Sure, it’s safe to say Sunday’s Tigers win over the Red Sox was a rarity, from the 13-12 final to Alex Avila’s walkoff homer to even Duane Below’s second relief win in as many days. But how rare? Here’s a partial list, courtesy of research on unless otherwise noted:

  • According to Elias Sports Bureau, the Tigers overcame multi-run deficits in both the ninth inning and extra innings to win for just the second time in team history. They pulled out an 11-10 win over the White Sox that way on Sept. 18, 1929 at Navin Field. (first reported by ESPN)
  • The Tigers gave up 12 earned runs in a game and won for just the third time since 1939 and the eighth time since 1918.
  • The Tigers’ three-game winning streak to open the season is their longest since 2006, the last year they went to the World Series.
  • Avila’s shot was the first time in Comerica Park history that a Tiger hit a walkoff home run in extra innings that powered the Tigers ahead from a deficit. Damion Easley was the last to do it on Sept. 19, 1998, hitting a two-run, 10th-inning homer to left field at Tiger Stadium off Twins closer Rick Aguilera, sending Detroit to an 8-7 victory. Avila’s shot is just the seventh such homer for the Tigers since 1950. Credit ESPN for first finding it to be the first since ’98.
  • When’s the last time a Tiger did all that with two outs in the inning? According to, it was April 17, 1968, when Willie Horton hit a two-run homer off Cleveland’s Eddie Fisher to score Al Kaline and pull out a 4-3 win.
  • Miguel Cabrera’s game-tying three-run homer in the ninth inning is the third for the Tigers in the last four seasons. Ryan Raburn hit one off then-White Sox reliever Bobby Jenks on Aug. 5, 2010. Aubrey Huff did it Sept. 24, 2009 with a three-run shot off then-Blue Jay Jason Frasor.
  • Duane Below became the first Tigers reliever since Paul Gibson in 1991, and just the third since at least 1918, to pick up relief wins in two of the Tigers’ first three games in a season. Tom Morgan was the third, doing so in 1960.


I didn’t get to start watching the game until the bottom of the 6th inning. While driving home around 3:30 I was just hoping to catch the last 1 or 2 innings. But I told my wife that I thought it would be a high scoring game today. I thought the Red Sox hitters would finally get it going against Max. And I figured this high powered Tiger offense we’re going to enjoy watching regularly would continue hitting. Erasing the 3 run deficit was amazing but after they failed to finish it, who would have thunk they would come back again from two down? I can’t say I did.
One thing that puzzled me was JL not pinch running for Prince with Alex hitting. Is Prince faster than I think he is? Or was it because he only represented the tying run? Seemed like a logical call.

Why Thomas was not in the LF instead of Raburn? After Worth hit for Dirks

great point

Yesterday was the first game I got to see this season, kept me occupied prepping Easter dinner, then almost delayed our meal due to extra innings, good thing we ate while we watched, you would have thought we won the world series, the whole house erupted when AA went deep. What a crazy game – I have no concerns for our offense for now, just our pitching. If AJax produces like he has been we will be very, very dangerous at the plate.

Thanks for the entertainment!

So now what is the deal with Max? Is he going to have another 5 games like this – then be amazing for the rest of the year? Has the skipper said anything about it? Jeff Jones got any comments?

(reference to the 8 terrible games Max had last year – which started after being whompt by the Redsox)

Don’t it make my brown eyes blue?

I thought Don Kelly would run for Prince in the 11th. I guess the feeling is that if the game gets tied, keep the big boys in the game.

As for Clete, I am getting the feeling his days are numbered. With Dirks getting starts as DH and in LF I don’t see how Clete stays on the 25 man roster much longer.

More trouble in the pitching front – Oliver walked 5 in 3 and 2/3 innings yesterday. That does not bode well. I get a sneaky suspicion we might see Casey Crosby in Detroit. He is on the 40 man roster, unlike Smyly.

Any word on how they get Smyly on the 40 man roster? My guess would be to move Al ABQ to the 60 day DL, unless he is closer to returning than I thought.

If Avila singles there, I can see the point in preferring Prince over Kelly in a play at the plate. Saltalamacchia is a big guy himself and both sides would be going all out on the play. That move of Raburn to LF is, I think, going to be a standard move this season. I suppose we could question it everytime but that’s the way it’s going to work. My one concern is Leyland staying too long with a pitcher like Scherzer. I talked about this over the winter and was disappointed in how that was handled yesterday. Other than that, I don’t want to dissect every move Jim makes or doesn’t make. What I’d really like is to hear his thinking on the Scherzer situation, in case there’s something we’re not considering. Address it before it festers. There are a lot of comments on this out there.

I did get a kick out of how easily Prince beat Valentine’s shift. Bobby been in Japan too long?

But until thursday they have Thomas there . Why not use him?
He could be the one openning a spot for Smyly

Last year , the run support for Scherzer gave him a 4 -0 3.82 but 1.51 whip for april. At mlive people was asking who was the Ace because Verlander was” struggling”, with 1.00 whip he was 2-3.From then one one went all the way down and the other…

Scherzer was send down to fix his rhythm last time he failed. But Jones is now in Detroit so he could work it out if possible. Detroit got him because DBacks suspected his mechanics would eventually break his arm while DD likes flamethrowers

I would have pinch run for Prince. Anyone would have been faster in any hit situation. Play for the tie first.

well….victor martinez is a bit slower than prince. but we get what you are saying.

One game last year Leyland pinch ran for Vmart, they didn’t score and he was lost for rest of the game. I would never run for Miggy or Prince in a close game, unless they were on 3rd with less than 2 outs and you are going to squeeze them in.

My take on Austin Jackson: he’s swinging it now the way he was swinging it in spring training, that is, early and often. Besides his well known leg kick issue, it appears that somebody (or somebodies) convinced him to forget about being a leadoff hitter and to just go up there and hit. Forget about looking at pitches, trying to work walks, etc. Just mash. It’s working for him and he’s building a ton of confidence. It’s been half mechanical and half mental. I hope he continues with this approach.

Fielder runs well enough. Unless you have a specialist at stealing bases and getting home on a sacFly like Herb Washington–you may as well leave him in. I do agree though that if you had to PR for him you could slide Cabby over to 1st and plug Inge in at 3rd for much needed defense. I guess I am accepting the fact Inge is maybe gonna stay. IMO, he’s not WORTH (it).

any update on the walking wounded? Fister, Marte, Laird, Inge? Might Laird get a start against the lefty tomorrow?

Leyland mentioned Laird will be the catcher tomorrow and Avila was almost begging for rest after yesterday

AAA is sorting out the men from the boy pitchers.
It aint there for nothing.

Crosby 4 inns, 5 h, 4 unearned runs, 6 SO ,2 walks. Did he pass?

4 earned runs plus two unearned. at this point – it’s all bad options.

I missread the Mud Hens tweet then

JL will not likely be too happy with another rookie who has trouble with throwing strikes. My guess is he would prefer to opt for Wilk.

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